A Premier League captain got into a fight with 6 people at once in the street! The pictures hit the internet

Jamaal Lascelles (29) found himself in the middle of a violent public confrontation a day after Newcastle lost 1-0 to Manchester City in the second round of the English Championship.

Jamaal Lascelles (right)/ Photo: Twitter

The Newcastle captain was in a nightclub with his younger brother and a friend when a group of at least six people approached them with the intention of causing a disturbance.

Jamaal Lascelles got into a fight with six people at once in the street

According to British media, Lascelles’ brother was punched in the face, at which point the footballer intervened and shoved the attacker.

Someone else then threw a bottle of vodka in the direction of the quarterback, who passed within inches of him, only for everyone in the rowdy group to attack him at the same time.

Lascelles took several punches and was even threatened with a gun, and one of the aggressors managed to hit him quite seriously. The moment they realized the authorities were on their way, they fled the location.

A passerby managed to capture part of the incident, and the images were shared on Twitter. Lascelles is the one wearing the black t-shirt and khaki vest.

Jamaal Lascelles is still injured

The Englishman escaped relatively unscathed, as his younger brother suffered a fairly serious injury to his face, and the friend who was with them was unconscious for about 15 minutes after also being hit by the attackers.

The incident happened on 20 August, but the images only emerged earlier this week in the British press and Newcastle launched an internal investigation.

Lascelles, who has been injured since before the new season started, also missed last Sunday’s 1-2 draw with Liverpool.


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