Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting has always been the most popular means for Southeast and Far East Asian markets to place bets on football. Handicapping is a process used by Asian handicap bookies to make a sporting event more equitable in order to present better options to bettors. In betting, this is accomplished by handing a lead to the lesser team, also known as the underdog.

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What exactly is Asian handicap betting?

Each side has about equal probability of victory in asian handicap betting. This is because the draw is technically removed from the equation, resulting in the formation of a competitive market. So, instead of choosing between three possible outcomes (Home victory, Draw, and Away win), you just choose whether the biggest side will outperform the handicap or if the underdog will profit from the lead. This method of betting provides more value to the punter and is significantly less dangerous than standard european handicap or three-way betting.

Asian handicap betting has its origins in Asia, but it has grown in popularity in Europe in recent years. It may appear to be a bit intimidating at first, as you must become acclimated to all of the different symbols used by Asian handicap bookies to denote the various handicaps, but it is well worth your effort. As the outcome of a draw is removed, you have a 50 percent chance of winning, which is obviously an improvement above the 33 percent on standard three-way betting. You can even win if your team draws or loses the match by making asian bets. Meanwhile, by using our Bet Calculators, you may save time while making more precise judgments.

The larger the strength differential between the two teams, the greater the goal difference placed on the favorite. In comparison to the favorite, the underdog will be given a head start, a handicap (of 0,5 goal, 1 goal, or even 0.25 goal).

In order to win, the favorite must outperform the specified handicap. For example, if Team A is given a -1.5 goal handicap, they must win by two goals or more to be proclaimed winners. The handicap, on the other hand, will be added to the final score of the underdog. This means that if you bet on Team B with a +1.5 goal advantage, you’ll win if they win, tie, or lose by no more than one goal. The favorite’s handicap is shown by a minus (-) symbol, whereas the underdog’s handicap is indicated by a plus (+) symbol. Bet365 and Pinnacle offer the finest Asian betting odds.

AH Classifications

Draw No Bet or AH 0.0

This form of handicap, as the name implies, frequently arises when the chances of either team winning the match are nearly equal. You are essentially betting without the possibility of a tie, as your stakes will be returned in the event of a tie. You will win if your chosen team wins the game.

Alternative asian handicap symbols include dnb, level 0, asian -0, asian 0:0, asian handicap 0, and simply 0

AH -0.25/+1.25

If you place a wager on a team that has a -0,25 handicap, you will win regardless of the score. In the event of a tie, you lose half of your stake and the other half is refunded to your account. If you choose to back the opposition with a +0,25 AH, you will win again if the team wins the match, but if the match is a draw, half of your stakes will be returned, while the other half will be regarded a winning bet at the specified odds.

Alternative Asian handicap symbols include: -1/4 +1/4 or -0&-0,5 +0&+0,5 or 0,25:0 0:0,25.

AH -0.05/+0.05

This is possibly the most straightforward Asian Handicap, as the favorite must overcome a half-goal deficit. If you bet on a -0,5 AH, you will win if your team wins. Placing a wager on the underdog with a +0,5 handicap is the same as betting on a “draw or away win” double chance. In terms of odds, there may be a little variation between the AH +0,5 and the Double Chance. This is because Asian handicap bookies employ a bigger overround on traditional three-way bets in order to cover a greater range of outcomes.

-1/2 +1/2 or 0,5:0 0:0,5 are other Asian handicap symbols.

AH -0.75/+1.75

If you choose this option, you technically divide your stake and place two equal bets on your team to overcome both the -0,5 and -1 handicaps. If your team wins by two or more goals, you win both of these bets. If it wins by a single goal, half your stake will be returned (since the -1 handicap is regarded worthless) and the other half will be won at the odds offered. The same thing happens if you choose the underdog, as half your money is placed on the +0.5 bet and the other half on the +1 bet. You’ll win if your side wins or draws the game, and you’ll lose half your bet if they lose by no more than one goal.

Alternative Asian handicap symbols include -3/4 +3/4 or -0,5.

-1 +0,5,+1 or 0:0,75:0,75

AH –1/–1

This form of handicap is quite simple to grasp. If you choose the -1 handicap, your team must win by a margin of at least two goals. If your team only wins by one goal, your bet is returned. If you pick the team with a one-goal lead (+1), you win if they escape defeat. If your team loses by a single goal, your bet is reimbursed. It provides a secure option to wager on underdogs because you will not lose if they restrict their defeat to one goal.

Alternative Asian handicap symbols: 0:1 0:0 0:1 0:1 0:1 0:1 0:1 0

AH = -1.25/+1.25

Your stake has been divided into two bets. Half of it is wagered as a -1,5 AH bet, while the other half is wagered as a -1 AH bet. The premise is the same as in AH -0,25/+0,25, but with an additional target from the default. You win a -1,25 bet if your team wins by at least two goals. If they win by one point, you will lose half of your bet. You earn the full stake if you place a +1,25 bet and your side avoids defeat. In the event of a one-goal defeat, half of your stake is returned, and the other half is considered a successful bet at the set odds.

1,25:0 0:1,25 or -1.0,-1.5 +1.0,+1.5 are some other Asian handicap symbols.

AH -1.5/+1.5

If you wager on a team with a -1.5 handicap, you win if they win by two or more goals. You will forfeit your stake if you win by a single goal. By taking a +1,5 handicap, you profit not just if they win or tie, but also if they lose by one goal.

Other asian handicap symbols: 1,5:0 0:1,5

AH = -1.75/+1.75

This is similar to the AH -0,75/+0,75 but with an additional target. Half of your bet is placed as a -1,5 AH, and the other half is placed as a -2 AH. If the favorite wins by at least three goals, you will receive your entire stake. In the event of a two-goal differential, you will receive half of your money refunded, and the other half will be considered a winning bet at the odds chosen. If you choose a +1,75 bet, you will receive your full stakes if your chosen team avoids a two-goal defeat. If your chosen team loses by exactly two goals, you will receive a refund of half your stake. If your team loses by more than two goals, you lose your whole bet.

Alternative asian handicap symbols: 1,75:0 0:1,75 or -1.5,-2.0  +1.5,+2.0

These are the most often used Asian Handicap symbols. In some circumstances (e.g., matches between National Teams with a large disparity in strength, or Cup matches involving elite clubs playing against lower league opponents), handicaps can be even higher. You may encounter a -2,25 handicap, as well as -2,75 and -3 handicaps. The premise is the same with the -0,25, -0,75, or -1 handicaps; the only difference is the amount of goals given.

There are five distinct sorts of payouts in Asian Handicap betting:

If you win, you will receive your entire wager multiplied by the odds.

Half-win: you win half your bet multiplied by the odds, and half your bet is returned.

Push: your stake is refunded as if you had never placed the wager.

Half-loss: you lose half of your bet, but the other half is restored to you.

If you lose, you lose your whole stake.

What Is the Appeal of Asian Handicap Betting?

There are many one-sided football matches these days, and the Asian handicap’s appeal is that it balances out the perceived advantage that the better team has, resulting in a more equal match – and, critically, more competitive odds.

Another advantage of Asian handicap betting is that there are only two outcomes, as opposed to the standard 1×2 market, which offers three.

Bookmakers take far less bets on the draw outcome than on either the home or away side, and Asian handicap eliminates the draw, removing much of the uncertainty gamblers experience when placing their bets. A draw is a conceivable outcome on the full goal Asian handicap, but it results in your stake being returned, therefore it is not a losing outcome like it is in 1×2 betting.

Asian handicap betting is also popular among punters due to the variety of possibilities offered, including half goal Asian handicaps, full goal Asian handicaps, and quarter goal Asian handicaps. Half goal handicaps are riskier but more rewarding, full goal handicaps are less risky because you may receive your money returned, and quarter goal Asian handicaps are the perfect balance of risk and reward for many gamblers.

Importantly, Asian handicap markets have lower profit margins for bookmakers than many other football markets, which is good for punters but bad for Asian handicap bookies. That is why not every bookmaker offers Asian handicap odds – they don’t make enough money from it, despite the fact that it might be a very punter-friendly market.

The biggest issue with Asian handicap betting is that it might appear complex and intimidating to some. However, to assist you with your Asian handicap betting, we’ve explained each form of Asian handicap bet further up this post.

Asian Handicap Bookies – What Bookmaker Has the Best Asian Handicap Odds?

We evaluated the odds on different Asian handicap multiple bets for World Cup group stage matches, and bet365 and BetVictor consistently provided the best odds on the outcomes. It’s worth noting that the Asian handicap odds differed significantly, but when betting, it’s always better to get the greatest odds available on every wager in order to maximize Asian handicap profit.

BetVictor typically offers only a few distinct Asian handicap lines, with one option for full goal handicap, one option for half goal handicap, and one option for quarter goal handicap. This will not suit every punter, thus it is preferable to get the greatest odds from bet365, who not only give excellent Asian handicap odds but also a variety of Asian handicap lines that should suit practically every Asian handicap bettor.

Why aren’t Asian handicap bets available at every bookmaker?

Because of the lower profit margin, Asian handicap betting isn’t as beneficial for bookmakers as many other football markets. As a result, several well-known bookmakers that punters rely on do not provide Asian handicap odds. Some bookmakers simply refuse to accept Asian handicap bets.

Other Asian Handicap bookies give some Asian handicap odds in order not to reject customers who just want to bet on Asian handicaps, but they don’t take Asian handicap betting seriously, offering only one or a few Asian handicap lines or markets on each important football event.

As a result, you must offer credit to the bookies who provide the finest Asian handicap coverage. They provide Asian handicap punters with a fantastic service and a fantastic possibility to profit if you get to know the best Asian handicap tips and truly comprehend what an Asian handicap bet is and what you need to look out for in order to pick the best Asian handicap bets.

Strategies to Implement at Asian Handicap Bookies

Some of the best Asian handicap recommendations may be found on the OLBG tip website. OLBG has thousands of expert tippers submitting tips for major sporting events, with football being the most popular. Asian handicap tips can be submitted by OLBG tipsters on any match where Asian handicap bets are accepted.

Asian handicap tips tend to focus on Asian quarter goal handicaps with the most competitive odds.

When alternative Asian handicap markets, such as 1st half Asian handicap, are available on matches, this option is also open for OLBG tipsters, so you should be able to find a range of Asian handicap suggestions on all of the important matches on OLBG’s match sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you place a bet on Asian handicap?

You must first locate a bookmaker that offers Asian handicap betting, and then, once you’ve determined the event and handicap you want to play, choose it so that it appears in your betslip. Select a stake and place your wager. From then, it’s just sit and hope. Betting on asian handicap markets does not have to be any more complicated than betting on full-time outcomes or regular handicap markets.

What is the distinction between a handicap and an Asian handicap?

The difference between an Asian handicap and a standard handicap is that the Asian handicap removes the draw outcome from the bet, offering a push if it occurs. This is why asian handicaps are frequently reported with ‘half’ goals, to avoid the possibility of a draw.

What is the Asian handicap of +1.5?

If you place a bet on a team with a +1.5 Asian handicap, you can only lose if they lose by two goals or more. In effect, the team with +1.5 has been given a one and a half goal advantage at the start of the game.

What is the significance of the term “Asian handicap”?

When Indonesian bookmaker Joe Phan inquired for a translation of the word ‘hang Cheng betting,’ which is the moniker by which it is popularly known in Asia, Journalist Joseph Saumarez Smith supplied Asian handicap as the response.


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