Betting Exchange Sites – The Best Sites in 2024

Betting Exchange Sites is a website that allows clients to wager on the outcomes of certain athletic, entertainment, and political events. Unlike betting on a sportsbook, where clients gamble against the bookmaker’s preset odds, an exchange allows users to wager against one another.

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Betting Exchange Sites - the best sites with best bonuses

We’ll go through the finest betting exchange sites, offer some ideas and methods, and compare betting exchanges and sportsbooks in this post.

Top Sites in 2024

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Sports Welcome Bonus will be credited to your account immediately after your first deposit. Then you should activate the bonus manually. (You should activate the bonus first and then place the bet, otherwise you will not get the bonus).

The minimum required deposit to get the Bonus is 20 €/$ max deposit is 1 500 €/$

You need to wager 15 times the capital and bonus amount On accumulators only with a minimum of 3 items

Each item must have a minimum of 1.3 odds

The max bet amount is 1 000 €/$

If the wagering requirements for the bonus have not been met within 30 days following the acceptance of the bonus, then the bonus amount and its derived winnings will be nullified.

This Bonus cannot be combined with any other promotions. Only one bonus can be active at any one time. This means that you may not have any funds on your bonus balance when claiming a new bonus.

Rolletto reserves the right to alter, terminate or withdraw the promotion at any time at its own discretion.

This promotion is valid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Rolletto.

If an unfair/fraudulent action on the part of the user is recorded, the user will automatically be suspended from the promotion without prior notice.


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What Is a Betting Exchange Sites and How Does It Work?

Betting exchanges are gaining popularity among gamblers. You wager against other punters, not a bookmaker, on a betting exchange. Exchanges earn money by collecting a percentage of the punter’s gains, which may appear to be a disadvantage at first. You can see that, despite the commission, utilising a betting exchange rather from a conventional bookmaker has distinct advantages (Sportsbook). On a betting exchange, you may place a wager at your desired odds while waiting for another consumer to put a wager at the opposite odds. You will be repaid if no one places the opposite wager.

As a result, a betting exchange requires a large population to operate without too many refunds and unsuccessful bets.

A betting exchange allows you to back and lay bets on the result of certain athletic, entertainment, and political events. By using matched betting, you may reduce your chance of losing money. While Betfair is the most well-known betting exchange in the UK, numerous other prospective betting exchanges have grown in popularity over time.

The odds on offer for a given bet are determined by the number of clients supporting and laying on a betting exchange. The more liquid a certain betting market is, the more competitive the odds become. Customers can construct and build betting markets on betting exchanges, which charge a fee on winning bets.

So, how do you go about backing and laying? What is matched betting, and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know:


A back bet is when you predict that a specific event will result in a victory. For example, if you bet on Liverpool to win versus Arsenal in an English Premier League match, your wager will be matched by another client who is betting for Liverpool to lose.

A betting exchange platform may match your Backed Bet against numerous opposing parties if a Back Bet market is very popular. Unlike traditional sports betting, the odds on offer for a Back Bet are determined by the market’s betting volume. You’re not betting against a bookmaker; instead, you’re betting against other people.


On a betting market, lay betting entails punters acting as their own bookmaker, offering odds to sell on a bet that they would like clients to back rather than back a bet. In a word, lay betting sites entail punters placing a wager on the outcome of which they hope does not come true during a contest. In this case, you may bet against Liverpool in a Premier League battle versus Arsenal. Depending on the odds offered, laying a wager rather than backing a bet may provide higher value. It’s all about making a decision.

Betting that is matched

Using Free Bet bonuses and bookmaker incentives, matched betting entails placing numerous bets to cover all possible outcomes of a match and offer a risk-free strategy. A matched bet is one in which you make a Back Bet on Liverpool to win a match using a Free Bet and a Lay Bet on Liverpool to lose a match while betting enough money to guarantee that you do not lose. You must be a member of at least two betting exchanges.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Betting Exchange Sites

The most obvious benefit of betting exchanges is that they give an infinite number of options. For example, you may put a match outcome wager with absurd odds, and depending on the event, you could win or lose if someone else places the opposite wager. Our argument is that regardless of the bet type or market, as long as there is a player willing to place a bet with the opposite odds, you will be able to bet successfully on the platform.

Another big advantage is that because betting exchanges do not participate in them, they give higher odds, therefore the odds you see on an exchange are almost always better than those you find on a bookie page. One of the risks, or drawbacks, of putting unrealistic wagers is that your bet is less likely to be matched by another individual.

One disadvantage of betting exchanges that we can think of is that they are difficult to understand, especially for new customers, when compared to Sportsbooks, which have a more open concept.

Pro and cons

What are sports betting exchanges and how do they work?

Betting Exchange Sites work by bringing together bettors on a single platform. The exchange then charges a premium on net market earnings exclusively, with some traders receiving a branch-low 2% commission and others receiving a 0% commission.

When you wager on an exchange, you have the right to return and judge the outcome. This provides a level of flexibility that a bookmaker cannot match.

A wager exchange works by bringing together bettors with differing perspectives on the likelihood of a particular outcome and allowing them to agree on stakes and odds so that they can bet money without having to go to a bookmaker.

You’re missing out on a lot of fun if you haven’t joined the greatest betting exchange. It’s a fun and lucrative pastime that allows you to put bets and earn money. If you chose to utilise your abilities to handicap a team or gamble on a sporting event, you may even make some money.

Because you are not betting against the bookie, these provide by far the greatest odds. You’re competing with other players. You can also wager on something that will not happen, such as if you believe the favourite has no chance of winning. Let’s take the case of Brazil as an example. On Betfair, they are now 4.2, which means that if you “Back” them to win with £10, you would gain £32 (£104.2 = £42 less your £10 deposit = £32). You don’t have to bet on every other team if you think they’ll lose; simply “lay bet” them. You effectively take on the role of bookie, accepting a £10 wager at 4.2 from another player. This implies that if you “lay bet” them £10 to win and they don’t, you’ll collect the £10 that was put on the bet by someone else. However, because the odds are 4.2, if you lose, you’ll have to pay the person who bet against you £42 (£32 win liability plus the £10 deposit). As a result, you stand to profit £10 while losing £32.

Finding the best odds is the key to succeeding on betting markets. For example, you could want to discover how to participate in various online betting promotions, thus our top list will show you the highest odds in that sector of the site.

We’ve included the three most popular betting exchanges below. Once you’ve made a deposit, each of them will give you a welcome bonus. It’s usually a good idea to create accounts with all three and fund them with a small amount of money to receive the welcome bonus. As part of their aim to expand revenue, betting exchanges provide new clients additional money to wager with in the hopes that you would return for more following your initial bet. This is reasonable and a smart strategy to boost your betting bankroll.

Betting on losers and winning

Even better than the improved odds, the nicest part about betting exchanges is that you may wager against a losing outcome. This may be a horse that fails to win or a football match that fails to score enough goals. This is accomplished by placing bets on the finest betting exchange, effectively acting as a bookie accepting bets from individuals.

Financial and regulatory security

Of course, as a bookie, you can’t lay bets since you’re required to be regulated, but a betting exchange is designed as a lay bet, allowing you to profit from your losses. The largest betting exchanges are all governed by the applicable gaming commission rates and are well-funded. You should never place or lay bets on an unregulated or financially supported exchange.

A wide selection of markets and specialised bets

Online betting exchanges have one of the most diverse selections of markets to wager on. From big athletic events to reality television, you can wager on almost everything that has a market.

Betting in non-traditional markets is only conceivable if market makers and those willing to place bets are in high demand. Because the exchange takes no chances with the greatest, it may give a platform for people to match their interests.

Commission Rates of Betting Exchange Sites are Compared

The lowest commission rates for UK betting exchanges are mentioned in the table below, however each commission rate works differently than the others.

To assist us better grasp these rates before we decide to register a new betting exchange account, we’ve included more complete explanations of betting exchange commission rates in the following sections.


Market Liquidity on Betting Exchange Sites

Betting exchanges are also commended for having lower commissions than traditional internet sportsbooks.

Furthermore, if there is no option to bet at a higher price, this is a false situation, and the sportsbook is the safest location to wager.

We evaluate the following pricing comparison and liquidity comparison results using the Nations League Semi-Final between the Netherlands and England as an example, and specifically looking at the price to bet on the Netherlands.


Best Online Odds and Multiple Bets

The main betting exchanges in the United Kingdom offer excellent liquidity and odds on straight bets, while the larger ones also offer well-placed and outside bet categories. However, if you want to place many bets, you won’t be able to do so since finding a market maker or layer willing to provide such huge odds would be difficult. You’re better off using a typical fixed odds bookmaker for many bets. Betting exchanges continue to give the finest odds for standard to win or make bets.

Live betting and in-play betting

When betting exchanges are compared to stock markets, it’s easy to see why live and in-play betting is so popular. Because of what is going on at the underlying event, the odds will most likely fluctuate with demand. Because they are driven by broad consensus rather than solid odds, they are a very excellent predictor of what is actually happening in the currency market.

Because betting on the exchange is so quick, you may wager during a race or in the last minutes of a football match. This implies you may use betting exchanges to hedge other bets, capture betting gains early, and close off a lost bet before it gets worse.

Risks and benefits

It is obvious that betting with the finest betting exchanges might yield greater results than betting with traditional bookmakers. However, bettors should be warned that betting on exchanges carries significant dangers.

If you place a bet with long odds, you might lose tens of thousands of times your amount. Always be aware of the dangers associated with laying bets, since they may be substantial.

A complete list of Betting Exchange Sites may be found here.

Yes, but it’s not a huge list; there are only five of them. Betting exchanges include Smarkets, Betfair, BetDaq, Matchbook, and Ladbrokes. The commission rates on winners vary amongst these betting exchange services, as do the added features. Smarkets, for example, is tied for the lowest commissions while also offering spread betting on their site and accepting the most nations of any of these UK Betting Exchanges.


How Do You Pick A Betting Exchange Sites?

When it comes to selecting the finest betting exchange for you, there are several factors to consider. Here are our top recommendations for selecting a betting exchange.


When it comes to betting sites, you want to be sure you’re receiving good value for your money. The greatest place to begin is by selecting the finest betting exchange with the best odds. You may assess for yourself by using an odds comparison site to compare their odds on a market of your choice or just looking at them across the board. According to our analysis, the Betfair Exchange delivers the greatest value on their odds on the football and horse racing markets that we looked into. When it comes to securing the greatest price for your wager, timing is crucial, especially when utilising an exchange where the value fluctuates.

Betfair Exchange is our recommendation.


As a new client, you want to take advantage of the finest welcome offer possible. Betting services, like the finest betting exchanges, want to attract you in with a tempting offer of free bets to use throughout their sportsbooks. During our study, we discovered that Betfair Exchange and Matchbook had similar welcome offers for new consumers. Both operators offered a £20 risk-free bet that could be reimbursed in full if your first gamble was a loser. It’s a fairly normal welcome bonus in the business, but some outperformed their competitors. If we had to choose, we’d go with Matchbook because of the strength of their entire offering and the recent enhancements to their betting exchange.



A decent betting exchange will have a good selection of markets, but the best will provide its consumers a wide choice of betting alternatives. When we place our bets, we don’t want to see easy wagering alternatives for the outcome. When utilising a typical sportsbook, you should have access to the full range of betting markets. Fortunately, the betting exchanges we’ve mentioned offer this level of flexibility when it comes to betting on a variety of sports. In terms of the extent of their betting markets, Betfair Exchange and Matchbook match all of our requirements, offering more than just outright outcomes with betting alternatives such as over/unders and handicap wagering. Because of their extensive experience, we provide Betfair Exchange the upper hand.

Recommendation from us: Exchange Betfair


For their role in allowing you to bet against another punter through their site or app, all betting exchanges will take a fee, although not all exchanges will take the same proportion. The top betting exchanges will only take a portion of your cash if your gamble is successful; if they take a cut of any stake, you should avoid betting with them. Only a little commission will be charged by the industry’s main betting exchanges.

According to our analysis, Matchbook and Smarkets were two of the best in this area, charging their consumers up to 4%, but in many cases only 2%. BETDAQ also piqued our interest by eliminating their commission on Saturdays at the time of writing, however it is unclear whether this is a permanent change. Smarkets offers a 0% commission incentive for regular clients, which stood out to us during our study, thus we strongly advise you to use their exchange if you want to maximise your profits from a winning bet.

  1. Bonuses for new customers

On online gaming sites, welcome bonuses come in many kinds and sizes. Those who elect to join a betting exchange will often receive a free bet incentive simply for joining up. These are sometimes referred to as no deposit welcome bonuses since they do not need you to make any deposits in order to activate the deal – all you have to do is register and confirm your account.

One thing to keep in mind is that each betting exchange offers a welcome bonus. They primarily serve to lure new players to the site and provide them with a head start when it comes to placing their initial wager. Overall, welcome incentives of any form are fantastic, as receiving a present as a new member is always a pleasant experience.

  1. Bonuses Terms and Conditions

If you’ve never claimed a welcome bonus before, we recommend reading the terms and conditions for the gift you’re about to get. Some bonuses have conditions that you should be aware of in order to have the greatest possible user experience after signing up with the top betting exchange.

  1. Promotional Offers

Many betting exchanges don’t stop rewarding their customers once they’ve used all their welcome bonus. Furthermore, every website offers an area where returning visitors may check for fresh specials. These may be almost anything, but there are a few sorts of regular promotions that stand out.

  1. Methods of Payment

To place real-money bets, you must first make a real-money deposit, which you may do by selecting an appropriate payment option. The good news is that many of these exchanges allow all of the common payment methods in the UK, so you may deposit or withdraw using credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and other methods.

Credit cards are the most prevalent means of payment since they are typically viewed as the quickest and most cost-effective. Many gamblers choose to use e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, ClickandBuy, and others. Before you sign up for an account with a betting exchange site of your choosing, be sure it accepts the payment method you want to use.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of many online gambling sites, and betting exchanges are no exception. These sites may be perplexing, particularly for novices, who sometimes want assistance after creating an account. The live chat feature, which is available on the majority of betting exchange sites, is one of the most common ways to contact customer service nowadays.

  1. Betting Exchanges for Mobile Devices

The entire world is moving to mobile devices, and online betting markets are no exception. Nowadays, a growing number of gamers choose to place wagers on their mobile devices rather than on their desktop or laptop computers. As a result, a number of betting exchanges and other comparable gaming sites have chosen to improve their game and provide mobile betting.

What Is A Betting Exchange Sites And How Do I Use It?

It’s easy to use a betting exchange and it’s just like betting at a regular sportsbook. To begin, you must first register with the betting exchange you choose to join by visiting their website and downloading their app. You will then be requested to provide your personal and financial information, which will be handled in strict confidence by the operator in question. To put money into your account, you’ll need to make a deposit. Read the terms and conditions of the sign-up offer before putting cash into your account, since a particular level may need to be met in order to qualify for the welcome bonus.

After you’ve joined up with your preferred betting exchange, you’ll be able to place your bets. The exchange odds will be shown as a decimal number, unlike most traditional betting sites. It is entirely up to you whether you put a back bet or a lay bet on the available possibilities. The principle of placing your bet is the same as it is on a traditional betting site, albeit some betting markets may have a minimum investment requirement. A price value will appear beneath the decimal odds, indicating the threshold that must be met for your bet to become active. If the stake is less than £10, any bet under that amount will be instantly sanctioned; however, if the stake is greater than £10, the betting exchange may require some time to consent to the wager. It’s a really straightforward process, and you should have no problems signing up and betting with these betting markets.

Offers from the Best Betting Exchange Sites

  • Whether you’re a new client to a betting exchange or a long-time customer, you’ll always want the finest deals and incentives from your selected operator. These can take the shape of a variety of possibilities, though they aren’t as profitable as those made by sportsbooks and casinos after you’ve joined up and played on their goods on a regular basis.
  • The finest free bet deals we’ve seen come from Betfair Exchange and Matchbook, both of which offer new clients a £20 risk-free bet on their first wager. Others, such as Smarkets and BETDAQ, provide lower welcome bonuses, which may lead you to investigate other options if you want a bigger sign-up bonus from your betting exchange.
  • While free bets are part of the package supplied by the finest betting exchanges to entice your business, there are other options, such as lowering the fee they collect from your winning bets. In terms of the percentage they will take from your winning bets, the leading operators in the business are competitive. The lowest we’ve seen is 2%, but they’ll try to get it down even more over a period of time, maybe to 0%. Matchbook, BETDAQ, and Markets have all made offers that provided this level of service.
  • There are certain disadvantages to betting exchange promos. They’re not as common as those found at traditional sportsbooks, and the possibility of a 0% fee can be a one-time deal, since the exchanges will have to take a share at some point. As a result, it’s critical that you take advantage of these deals while they’re still available.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Betting Exchange Sites in the United Kingdom

  • There are advantages and disadvantages to utilising betting exchanges. The finest betting exchanges make sure that their consumers get premium odds and a large selection of betting markets while minimizing the system’s drawbacks.
  • The value you may discover in your betting odds is one of the benefits of using a betting exchange. You may set your own price if you can locate a punter on the opposite side of the coin because you’re not betting against a bookmaker. If you know your odds and markets well enough, betting on the exchange can be more profitable. When utilising a betting exchange UK, knowing when to bet and which markets to target is critical to making a significant return.
  • You also have the option of laying bets, something you won’t find at a regular sportsbook. When it comes to activities like horse racing, where top candidates might have razor-thin odds to win, lining up a wager on something that won’t happen can be more helpful and profitable. Betting for their failure on the other side of the coin might boost your profit margins.
  • When gambling, there is always a risk aspect, and you must balance all of your possibilities before placing your bet. Some bets on the exchange may have a minimum stake requirement, which may influence your decision to place your wager. If your stake on a particular bet on the exchange exceeds a specified level, the site may refuse to accept your bet.
  • If you lay against a long-odds bet, you might be in line for a large payoff if the pick wins rather than loses. If you bet £1 on a 20/1 team or horse to lose and they win, you might be down up to 20 times your money. Before you join a betting exchange and start betting, you should think about these difficulties.

Trading Strategies and Tips for Betting Exchange Sites

When it comes to betting on a betting exchange, do your homework and make sure you grasp the fundamentals of backing, laying, and matched betting. Keep in mind that the commission fees on different betting exchanges vary.

Betfair is the finest betting exchange for high stake liquidity backing, whereas Smarkets is the greatest betting exchange for high stake liquidity lying.

Despite the fact that BetConnect is a relatively new betting exchange platform (it was created in 2018), it does provide commission-free laying, which makes it an intriguing proposition. Betfair provides an API system and integrated trading tools to provide in-depth data for a specific betting market and to assist you in determining how the odds are drifting or may drift.

You should choose markets with decreasing probabilities to offer a risk-free strategy. The odds on offer at a betting exchange for a certain market are changed second by second, and you should pay close attention to the changes in the odds on offer.

When the odds on offer lower, you may either back alternative outcomes or lay the one you’ve chosen, ensuring a profit. When the odds on offer for an event on a betting exchange are less than 100 percent, you may benefit by betting on all of the possible outcomes.

Sportsbooks vs. Sports Betting Exchanges

A sportsbook is a place where you may wager on interesting markets with odds set by a bookmaker. On betting variants, betting sites charge a profit margin known as the bookmaker’s margin, the popularity of which impacts the competitiveness of the quality of the odds supplied by a betting site.

The terms “backing and laying” are not used at a sportsbook. Players wager on the outcome of a sporting event via a betting site.

On the other hand, betting exchanges provide odds that are decided by the popularity of the betting market in question. The more liquid the betting markets are, the more competitive the odds available become.

Unlike Sportsbooks, which charge a margin of profit on all placed bets, betting exchanges charge a commission fee on winning bets. Sportsbooks have complete control over bets placed, whereas betting exchanges are only a venue for both backing and laying. As noted before in this tutorial, laying entails punters acting as their own bookies.

Conclusion on Betting Exchange Sites

If you came here seeking for some of the top betting exchange sites on the Internet, we hope we’ve addressed all of your burning questions!

When it comes to betting on a betting exchange in the United Kingdom, you need to be well-versed in the concepts of backing, laying, and matched betting. When you bet on a bet exchange, you may take advantage of live betting processes and perhaps reduce your chance of losing your bets. When it comes to putting an in-play wager, we recommend watching matches live as often as possible to stay up to date on the latest developments throughout a game or event.

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