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Cash out betting (or simply ‘cashing out’) is a feature featured on almost all major betting platforms that allows you to settle your bets early. Our specialists have produced a list of the absolute best cash out betting sites in the UK in this guide, so you can easily collect your early payout! Below are the top bookies based on which stand out for their Cash Out feature, as well as any other extra bonuses that allow the bookie to compete with the best of the best.

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Top Cash Out Betting Sites

100% Welcome Bonus up to $1000

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350% WELCOME PACKAGE Boost your deposits with 350% in Bonuses and 200 Free Spins!

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Bet £10 and Get £30 FREE BET

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Up to 1000 Euro + 200 Free Spins. Plus a Secret Bonus!

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1000 Euro + 150 Free Spins Wager Free

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100% up to €200 / Bonus code: WELCOME

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Welcome Bonus 5BTC + 100 FS

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Welcome Bonus 250% up to 1.000€ + 150 Free Spins

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150% first deposit sports bonus up to 1 500 €/$

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Sports Welcome Bonus will be credited to your account immediately after your first deposit. Then you should activate the bonus manually. (You should activate the bonus first and then place the bet, otherwise you will not get the bonus).

The minimum required deposit to get the Bonus is 20 €/$ max deposit is 1 500 €/$

You need to wager 15 times the capital and bonus amount On accumulators only with a minimum of 3 items

Each item must have a minimum of 1.3 odds

The max bet amount is 1 000 €/$

If the wagering requirements for the bonus have not been met within 30 days following the acceptance of the bonus, then the bonus amount and its derived winnings will be nullified.

This Bonus cannot be combined with any other promotions. Only one bonus can be active at any one time. This means that you may not have any funds on your bonus balance when claiming a new bonus.

Rolletto reserves the right to alter, terminate or withdraw the promotion at any time at its own discretion.

This promotion is valid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Rolletto.

If an unfair/fraudulent action on the part of the user is recorded, the user will automatically be suspended from the promotion without prior notice.


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Terms & conditions apply
Terms and Conditions apply! Read them here:

How Sports Betting Cash Out Works 

Some of you may have arrived at this page wondering how cash out works in sports betting. The principle is simple; you put bets as you normally would.

The key difference is that you don’t have to wait until the sporting event is over to resolve it. Cash out betting sites allow you to settle a wager and get a refund before the final outcome is revealed. You can cash out bets before an event begins or while it is in progress. The amount you withdraw is determined by the circumstances. If everything goes your way, you can make a profit, but you can also lose your bet.

If you want more information on the amount to expect, the following section can help.

How Is Cash Out Determined? 

The fundamental methods used by cashout sports gambling apps and sites are remarkably similar to how they compute their original odds. They calculate the probability of the event you’ve chosen, add their margin, and then present you with the final result.

Let us look at a basic example. Assume you bet $100 on the San Antonio Spurs to defeat the Indiana Pacers in the NBA.

The pricing is -110 before the game begins, indicating that the bookmaker believes this will be a close game, and your potential return is $191 if you do not utilize cashout and the Spurs win.

Here are three different scenarios at halftime, along with your cashout options in each.

  • The Game Is Tied — The bookmaker predicted a close game before the game began, and that hasn’t changed. Because the traders estimate the Spurs have a 50% probability of winning, the value of your gamble is 50% of the possible return, or $95.5. Instead, they add a tiny margin and offer you $90.7.
  • The Spurs Are Leading by 20 – Your team is considerably ahead and the bookmaker reckons that the possibility of a Spurs win is 90 percent . At this point, the value of your bet is 0.9*$191, or $171.9. They will pay you $163.3 if you cash it out.
  • The Spurs are 20 points behind — In this case, your club has only a 10% probability of winning, according to the bookmaker. After the margin is applied, your bet is worth $19.1, and the bookie provides you $18.1.

The specific figures may alter slightly between cashout sports betting sites, but the method is essentially the same. You’ve probably observed that bookies are attempting to sell you a wager at an advantageous price for them. That’s one of the issues with the feature, which we’ll go through later.

Let’s start with some cash out options that you can locate online.

Partial Cash Out

Some of the top cash out betting sites allow you to settle only a portion of your bet. The procedure is similar; go to your open wagers and select the one you want to close.

When you identify it, a slider will appear where you may decide how much of your bet you wish to cash out. You can normally settle somewhere between 10% and 100% of the whole investment, which gives you more options.

Consider the following scenario. You bet $10 on a wild accumulator, and five of the six selections have already won.

If the last one is a success, you will receive $1,000. You may even cash out for $400, a tempting offer for a $10 stake.

Or, you could choose to settle half of your bet with partial cash out. You could take $200 right away while keeping the other half in play.

This manner, you are guaranteed a consistent profit regardless of the circumstances. The other half is still up for grabs, so a win would net you an extra $500.

Partial cashouts are a good compromise for cases where you don’t want to pay out your entire stake but yet want to secure a guaranteed return.

Automatic Cashout

Another function that is becoming increasingly popular is auto cashout. The number of sites that provide this service is presently limited, but it is expected that most online bookies who accept cash out will ultimately support it.

The basic idea behind auto pay out is that you can set a certain amount of money aside and the sportsbook will automatically stop your wager if that amount of profit is reached.

People typically use this option if they are unable to view the event on which they have wagered and do not have the option to manually cash out. It’s a basic but effective solution.

When Should I Take My Bets Off the Table?

There’s a lot more than you’d think.

Every game represents a slew of cash-out wagering chances. For the sake of brevity, we’ll use only one example.

Manchester United and Sheffield United have a 2-1 score, with the latter coming out on top. Manchester scored in the 64th minute, while Sheffield United scored in the 23rd and 74th minutes.

So, how about some examples of times when various bettors may have desired to cash out throughout that game?

Please keep in mind that this may not always result in the optimal outcome, but is intended to run through scenarios of how different people use cash out and what would be a smart strategy.

  1. When you are ahead and want to cash in your winnings

Manchester United were never in control of this game, therefore we’ll have to go with someone who supported Sheffield United.

We believe your best bet for cashing out here would have been after the first goal. There was still plenty of time left, and Sheffield were the underdogs, so the price would have been reasonable.

  1. When you’re ahead and want to cash in your winnings: losing game

For this one, we’re modifying the rules.

In this case, we’ll offer you an illustration of one of the important benefits that did not apply in the Manchester/Sheffield case.

Burnley defeated Aston Villa 3-2, with Villa scoring first but ultimately losing.

When Villa was ahead, a cash out would have meant collecting more than your deposit back, even if the bet lost in the end.

  1. When you’re falling behind and wish to avoid future losses

From Manchester United’s perspective, any form of cash out would be better to seeing this game through. Your best bets would be at the start of the game and immediately following the goal in the 64th minute.

  1. Exact sum payout strategy, either automatic or human

You would almost likely have gotten a payout depending on Sheffield United’s results if you had auto-payout set up.

This would be a brilliant strategy for approaching this game, and it would be ideal for use with our football prediction engine KickForm. While it appeared that Sheffield would not win, there was a reasonable chance that they would do well enough to get numerous substantial automatic rewards.

  1. You can use it to somewhat hedge your bets.

For this pay out bet, a partial online betting cash out may have been the best plan.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Sheffield supporters could have paid out a percentage after the first goal and let the rest ride, leaving a handsome profit but also a great backup plan if things did not go as planned.

  1. As part of a multiple-bet wager

A cash out is frequently predicated on a multi-bet strategy, whether it is a double bet or more. An automatic cash out is ideal for this because it allows you to apply this strategy without having to be on the button every time.

How exactly does that work?

In either case, proper usage of online betting cash out could be really beneficial in this situation. If you bet on Manchester, your losses would be insufficient to derail your overall approach. Sheffield, on the other hand, could have easily made a profit and set you up for total success.

When to Avoid Using Cash Out Betting

There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Knowing when not to cash out a bet is an important part of successful strategy, especially when the operator offers you poor odds. As you can see from our odds comparison, there is a different degree of quality, just like ordinary odds.

Because they are in a fast-paced setting, these betting odds might be far more difficult to understand than pre-match odds. You don’t have time to compare the overround to other best cash out betting site contenders.

So, what is the most effective tactical approach?

The best you can do is select how much money you are willing to pay and then choose the best cash out betting sites.

Another example is when it is incompatible with your plan. And, of course, if the answer to the query “which betting site has cash out” is not the one on which you’re betting, you’re out of options.

When the live performance isn’t up to par. The ability to respond quickly and effectively with cash outs is dependent on the quality of live betting. You may miss out on opportunities if there are slowdowns. This is quite frequent when live streaming.

When Can I Get Cash Out?

One of the factors we carefully evaluated when compiling our top ten list was the frequency with which cash out is available. There is no hard and fast rule for which markets will use this feature – it is entirely up to the betting sites providing cash out to determine.

However, there are several sports where it is more prone to appear. We chose football for a specific reason. Rest certain, though, that if you wish to attempt online betting pay out options on the finest rugby betting sites, for example, you’ll have lots of possibilities.

This is one feature that is always improving.

Cash out is often not permitted on certain horse racing pool bets, some enhanced odds, system bets such as the Lucky 15, and as part of many free bet deals.

Mobile Devices’ Importance

One of the most essential is the mix of mobile betting with cash out betting. It still astounds us that you can cash out your bets at the push of a button during live play. There is no better example of how far internet betting has progressed.

Having said that, there’s no doubt that this can push many operators to their breaking point. As a result, our top table recommendations have also been tested for technical performance on mobile.

Apps for Cash Out Betting Recommendations

In fact, we believe that cash out betting applications are so vital that simply mentioning them is insufficient. We recognize that the betting experience on desktop and mobile can be radically different, and that the best for each can likewise be separate, though there may be some overlap.

That is why we have dedicated an entire page to assisting you in finding the best cash out betting apps for anyone who prefers betting on a small screen, taking into account not only all of the factors that make a traditional betting site great for cash out, but also all of the additional challenges the operator faces in making cash out practically perfect on a small screen, whether that is a phone, tablet, or any other type of mobile device.

Why Do Bookmakers Provide Cash Out for Online Betting?

When it comes to cash out betting, we are frequently asked why betting sites with cash out bother.

Simply put, what’s the catch?

We believe that the primary driver for the introduction of cash outs is competitiveness.

It’s a popular and appealing feature, and every bookmaker is trying everything they can to be the finest pay out betting site for you.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Early Cash Out

The cash out feature was an instant hit with bettors. Many online bookmakers rushed to implement some form of the innovation, but were they simply giving their clients what they wanted?

You must keep in mind that what is excellent for the bookmakers is often terrible for the bettors – or at the very least sub-optimal.

That raises the question of whether you should utilize cashout at all. There is no straightforward answer because the feature has both merits and cons.

Let’s look at them before we give our thoughts on cashing out early.

Benefits of the Cashout Option

We’ll start with the advantages of choosing betting sites that offer early cash out. Here’s what the feature has to offer you as a bettor.

  • Reduces the role of luck – We all know that luck plays a large role in sports betting, at least in the short term. You can prepare well for a wager just to have it undone by an uncommon occurrence, such as a horrible referee error or a rare injury. Cash out gives you more control over variance because you may lock in your gains or cut your losses at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Effective for achieving large gains – If your objective is to target high odds, using cash outs to secure large hits can be extremely effective. Consider how terrible it would be to lose a large parlay because the last option failed. Such drama can be avoided by closing such a bet early.
  • It’s basic and straightforward — The pay out tool is simple to utilize, so there is no additional time or effort required to reap its rewards.

The cashout tool clearly brings a variety of benefits to the table and should be used in at least SOME instances.

Identifying the best places to cash out early is a critical component of using this tool.

When Is the Best Time to Use Early Cash Out?

Why When there is value in the return – The cashout option follows the basic principles of value betting. For example, if the bookmaker offers you 60% of your potential return and you consider your chances of winning are lower, you should close your wager.

  • When there’s a lot of money on the line — Assume you’ve put $10 on a fun parlay with odds of +20000. With one exception, all of the picks have come in, and you may cash in your bet for $1,500. If that sum of money is significant to you, you should take use of the function.
  • To put an end to a terrible streak – In sports betting, it is always possible to have a significant downturn. Assume you’ve recently lost ten bets in a row. You’re feeling concerned, and your cash is running low. It could be a good idea to cash out a winning stake only to get a victory and flip it around.
  • If You Make a Mistake — When it comes to sports betting, there are numerous mistakes that may be made. For example, you may have overlooked the fact that a crucial player for a team is absent from a game on which you have wagered. You can pay out to close the wager and get out while the going is good.

After we’ve gone over the positive instances, let’s look at the opposite side of the coin.

The Cashout Feature’s Drawbacks

The ugly reality is that even the top cashout betting sites benefit from the function. This is due in part to the fact that their customers use it far too frequently.

It is one thing to use the cash out feature at the appropriate times. Using it on a regular basis is unlikely to be optimal, and here’s why.

  • Lower profits — Each time you utilize the cash out tool, you receive less money than you would if your bet won.
  • Lower value — Worse, internet bookies that accept cash out essentially “buy” your wager at a reduced price. If they believe it is worth $10, they will offer $9.50, so cashing out is equivalent to selling them your action for less than it is worth.
  • Promotions are not applicable – The best cash out sports betting sites provide a variety of bonuses and promotions. Most of them have clauses that eliminate wagers that have been cashed out from wagering requirements. That is a disadvantage that most people overlook.

You should always exercise caution while using this option because it is designed to benefit cashout betting companies.

Here are some instances of places when you should avoid using the option.

  • When you give away too much value — Assume you bet $100 on an NBA team to win a game at a price of +100, so your potential return is $200. With 5 minutes remaining, your team is 20 points up and showing no indications of a comeback. You may cash out for $170 at the sportsbook. In this case, it’s pointless to give away some of your worth.
  • For smaller bets – There’s almost never a valid reason to cash out modest bets that won’t make a big difference in your bankroll. Cashing out is usually futile if you made a little wager for the proper reasons in the first place.
  • When clearing bonuses – If you have a limited time to clear a bonus at cash out betting sites, you should concentrate on it and ignore the feature until you’re through.

Should You Pay Off Your Bets?

We’ve gone over some of the more typical examples of excellent and unfavorable cashout places, but there will be many scenarios that are unclear.

As a general guideline, while cashing out, you should always examine what is most important – getting the highest value or minimizing risk.

If you consider that the portion of your prospective return that you are foregoing is less valuable than the reduced variance that comes with cashing out, you should use the feature.

Cashout sites and sports betting apps will frequently “lowball” you. If there’s no reason to give up any of the value and you suspect the sportsbook is trying to buy your wager cheaply, don’t cash out early.

One of our betting specialists has provided additional cash out advise in the blog post below.

Hedging Your Bets vs. Early Cashouts

Prior to the introduction of cash out, the closest thing we had to the feature was hedging.

The method is quite similar to cashing out and can be used by all sports bettors. Which is superior?

Before we respond, let us define hedging in greater depth.

Explained: Hedging in Sports Betting

At its most basic, hedging is straightforward. You bet on the polar opposite outcomes of the same event. In a soccer game, for example, you may bet on both the over and under 2.5 goals line.

That may appear to be ridiculous on the surface, but it’s all about time. You don’t put the opposing bets at the same time, but rather when there’s a strong cause to bet against your initial stake.

Some of the reasons why people utilize hedging are as follows.

  • Profit locking – If your timing is good, you can hedge to ensure a profit regardless of what happens.
  • Reducing losses – If a bet is losing, you can cut your losses by heading a losing wager.
  • Changing your mind – Hedging might help you cut your losses on a wager that you’ve changed your mind about.

Hedging is essentially the old-school method of cashing out. We have a page dedicated to the approach, which we urge you visit for more information on how it works.

What Is the Better Option?

Both the pay out feature and the hedging approach serve similar functions. Neither is superior to the other in and of itself, because the best option is determined by the circumstances.

Here are some of the benefits of using cashout sports betting sites and the automatic feature.

  • Simplicity of usage — You simply click a button and you’re done. If you employ hedging instead, you must perform some calculations to determine how much to invest. You must also find the right wager at the right odds.
  • Bookmakers love it — The betting sites where you may cash out your winnings encourage you to use the option. They aren’t usually fond of people who hedge their bets, especially if it results in an arbitrage situation.
  • Break even before an event begins – Many online betting services that allow cash out will refund your whole stake before the event begins, unless the odds have altered in the meantime. You can effectively close your bet without losing anything. That is typically far more difficult to achieve with hedging.

Hedging, on the other hand, has only one advantage. But it’s a significant one. The strategy enables you to be far more adaptable. You can shop for the best lines by using various betting sites, which can result in a larger overall value.

If you are placing substantial bets, the time and effort required to do so may be worthwhile, so don’t dismiss this strategy.

How to Profit from Cash Out Bets

You’ve presumably decided whether or not you want to use cash out at this time. When the circumstances are favorable, it is prudent to do so.

We have a few more suggestions for making money on pay out bets that might help you fully utilize the function and reap the benefits.

Utilize Other Online Betting Options

Because of the synergy between them, cash out can be quite beneficial when combined with other new features available online. Here are a few of the more obvious instances.

  • Bet Builders – Some online sportsbooks that accept cash out also offer bet builders. This tool enables you to make all kinds of wild bets with absurd potential returns. If you’re on the verge of a big win with such a bet, cashing out may be a wise decision.
  • Live Streaming – Keeping an eye on the events you’ve bet on is usually a good idea. It can assist you in determining whether cashing out is a good idea.
  • Push Notifications – If you’re on the go and can’t watch the event, you can always use push notifications to stay up to date on significant developments that will help you decide when to pay out.

Making the most of the many features is a terrific way to increase your chances of success in online betting. Make advantage of all of the tools at your disposal.

Don’t Persuade Yourself to Cashout

Many bettors manage to persuade themselves that cashing out is the best option, even when it is not.

A well-known Benjamin Franklin phrase comes to mind.

“Those who would give up fundamental liberty in exchange for a smidgeon of transitory safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

We don’t believe Ben was a gambler, and this comment has nothing to do with gambling. However, if the word Liberty is replaced with the word value, it becomes an excellent phrase for sports bettors to consider.

The truth is that cashing out is almost always a bad idea. Don’t be swayed by the “safe” profit simply because it exists. It comes at a cost.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Cashout to Correct Your Mistakes

Even the pros make mistakes when it comes to sports betting. You may occasionally overlook a vital piece of information. In other situations, you may even misclick and bet on the wrong market or outcome.

After all, we’re all only human, therefore mistakes are unavoidable. The top cash out betting sites allow you to repair them for a minimal or even free cost.

Some people naively ignore it because they are egotistical or lazy. Don’t be a part of that group; instead, use cashouts when you think you’ve made a mistake.


Cash out betting is more than simply a great deal. It has fundamentally and irreversibly altered the way we bet. Decisions no longer have to be set in stone until everything is said and done; the entire betting process has become considerably more flexible and adjustable.

Cash out betting is a truly great tool that adds whole new levels to every punter’s experience.


What exactly is cash out?

When you cash out, you receive a refund before the bet is settled. You could finish up with less or more than your initial investment, but less than your maximum possible return. It is based on the relative chances of that forecast being correct.

When should I withdraw my money?

That is all up to you. Like any other betting strategy, it should be predicated mostly on whether you believe the return is reasonable given the possibility of your forecast coming true.

Is it possible to withdraw money from a mobile device?

Wherever cash out is available on PC, it is usually available on the finest mobile apps as well.

What if the cash out amount is null and void?

There are two options here. The first is a technical error, and the second is that betting companies that accept cash out may not want to offer you anything at that moment. This is common when the outcome is all but guaranteed.

Which Betting Sites Allow You to Cash Out?

Many online betting companies, including the suggested sportsbooks on this website, have a cash out facility. Bovada is the greatest option for US bettors. Betway is the most popular option in the majority of other nations.

Is it worthwhile to cash out your bets?

It is conditional. When you cash out a wager early, you lose value by definition. However, it’s possible that the risk mitigation provided by cashing out is more important than the money you forego by using the option.

Is it possible to cash out free bets?

Cashing out free bets is usually against the terms and conditions of betting platforms.

Do Cashed-Out Bets Count Toward Bonus Wagering?

Most cash out betting sites do not include wagers settled with the feature in the wagering requirements for their bonuses and promotions.

How Can I Tell If I Can Cashout?

You must choose one of the cash out betting sites available online and only wager on events that are identified as cashout eligible.

Is it possible to cash out any bet?

No, even the greatest cash out betting sites have limitations, so make sure to check before you place your wager if the function is available.


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