Bookmaker Reload Bonuses and Offers [2023]

Sometimes you can lose money, and it is never fun placing a bet that didn’t go your way. But there is some good news as well, and this is where bookmakers reload bonuses come to life.

Each one of us wants an extra boost in order to play more. Betting sites will reward your activity by giving you a free bet or by topping up your next deposit. 

Not all reload bonuses and offers are created equal, so you might get confused. So you might wonder which has the best wagering requirements? Where can I find the best exclusive promotions? What is the difference between a reload bonus and a loyalty offer? Things are not always very clear and terms and conditions might confuse you.

So in this article we will present you the best exclusive reload bonuses, loyalty bonus types alongside the benefits you might have, but also the bad of this type of promotion. Of course, here you will see the difference between loyalty offers, how to claim the best reload bonus and what are the terms and conditions.

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What is a bookmaker reload bonus Bookmaker Reload Bonuses and Offers – What it means?

When you visit a bookmaker, you will come across a variety of promotions. Reload bonuses are among the most important, as they reward a player for betting activity and help the bookie to create a loyal and returning player base. The way they work is simple. Every time you enter on a bookmaker site, you will find a variety of promotions and bonuses. Reload bonuses are very important as they reward players for betting activity and help the bookie to create and have a loyal and returning base of players. The way reload bonus works is simple

  • Initial deposit is required – the bigger the deposit, the bigger the bonus 
  • On some bookmaker sites you will need to enter a code
  • Best reload bonuses will increase your money in the balance by 25%-100%
  • Now you, as a player will have a bigger balance to bet

If you are an inactive player, you can also take advantage of bookmaker reload offers if you want to get back into action. By depositing once, even if you were inactive for a long time, they can increase your deposit significantly.

Loyalty programs are different as they usually don’t require a deposit. Bookmakers offer them as a reward to players with activity. In most cases players will receive an email that the account has been credited with a certain amount of money that are available for wagering.

How to find the best sportsbook reload bonuses Bookmaker Reload Bonuses and Offers – How to find them

If you have played before, you have a little experience and you are familiar with different types of reload promotions. As we said, the most popular bookmaker reload bonus will top up your deposit by 25-100%. Another offer you might get, and which is popular is the increase on your 2nd or 3rd deposit. That applies to new players and usually it’s a great user experience, as the bookie wants to build a reliable relationship with you. Monthly and weekly promotions are among the best sportsbook reload bonuses. Reload bonuses run repeatedly and you, as a player, can know beforehand when you can get a deposit boost. The amounts are not as high as a one-off bonus but their advantage is that they run often and it is a great way to play with a bigger balance.

You can benefit from another type of offer and bonus, based on the payment method. For example, if a bookmaker added a new payment method recently, it might offer a 20% deposit boost if you use that wallet. It’s a good way to benefit from a promotion and find a good payment method.

Betting sites will offer a reload bonus on big events or for a specific market. Bookies might run a promotion on the first goalscorer in a Serie A match or the winner of a local derby. If you place a bet on one of the markets with promos, you will get a deposit boost, even if you lose.

What is the difference between a reload and a loyalty bonus Reload Bonus vs. Loyalty Bonus – What’s the difference?

Reload and loyalty offers might look the same, but they are different and it’s important to know what’s the difference there. Loyalty bonus is awarded only to long term bettors that deposit regularly. Reload offers apply to all players registered on the site. Reload bonus requires you to make a deposit, while the loyalty bonus comes in the form of money directly credited to your account or a free bet. Requirements also differ especially for reload bonus where we have strict rules so they will not be used by abusers. Players that get loyalty bonus are reliable, so the terms are more friendly. Reload bonuses will top your account with a fixed percentage, on the other hand Loyalty bonus will give you an amount of money without requiring a deposit and it is ready to be wagered.

Requirements of reload bonuses General Terms and Requirements of the Reload Bonuses

By now you have seen wagering requirements term a few times here, and it is time to answer your questions in this matter. Terms of a bookmaker reload bonus starts from rollover and deposit to max winnings and expiration date.

Rollover requirements: This determines how many times you need to play with the bonus money before you can withdraw them. The amount of times varies from bookie to bookie but the general approach is 6 to 8 times.

Minimum deposit: In order to access a reload bonus you have to make a minimum deposit, usually it’s between 5 or 10$/euros/pounds. All bookmakers have a minimum deposit.

Payment method: Due to abuses made over time, some bookmakers have restricted wallets such as Skrill and Neteller from claiming reload offers. Debit and credit cards and bank transfers are safe and bonus eligible.

Ineligible Markets: Do not qualify for bookmakers reload offers betting slips that include cashed out, void or canceled markets.

Expiration date: Reload promotions need to be rolled within a specific time. That can vary from 7 to 30 days depending on the bookmaker.

Maximum winnings: Reload offers from bookmakers have capped winnings. The range might vary from 50 to 100 euro or dollars in most cases

Which bookmakers offer the best reload & loyalty bonuses Bookmakers Reload and Loyalty bonuses – Which one should you pick

Bookmakers go to great lengths in order to offer the best bonuses due to a highly competitive industry. Some betting sites stand out due to best sportsbook reload bonuses offered. These bookmakers not only give excellent reload bonuses, but they reward long term players with generous loyalty offers. Wagering requirements are not harsh and allow bettors to have a fair shot at winning. It’s important to create a trust environment between bookie and bettor. Players know that they deposit money at a legit site with a solid reputation and provide a good betting experience.

Should you use a reload bonus?Should you use a reload bonus?

Once you check a bookmaker and know that it suits your needs, it’s normal to search for the best reload bonus and offers. You can bet with a bigger bankroll because your initial deposit is enhanced. Once you create a good and loyal relationship with the bookie, you will have better promotions due to your loyalty. It’s quite normal to get free top up in your bankroll as a thank you gesture for sticking with them.

Pay attention to terms and conditions because they might contain some absurd requirements that will make winnings almost impossible. So be sure to take a look at our table as we reviewed each bonus and checked the conditions for their promotions. 

In conclusion you might have a chance to win more because the bookmaker reload offers a great way to bet with more money. If you build a loyal relationship with a bookmaker you will have more promotions. Don’t forget to always check the terms and conditions of each offer to be sure that you will enjoy your experience.


What is a reload bonus?

It’s a bonus that will boost your next deposit. For example, if you deposit 50 euros you can get a 20% bonus. Reload bonus require a deposit, so the bigger your deposit, the bigger is the bonus

Which are the best bookmaker reload offers?

There are a lot of established brands that are trustworthy and they offer great promotions for players. Be sure to check our list.

How can I get a loyalty bonus?

You need to be a consistent depositor with a steady activity. Then the bookie will reward you for your activity with regular rewards.

Which are the terms for bookmaker reload offers?

Minimum deposit, rollover requirements, expiration date and maximum winnings. These are the important ones. You might also see some restrictions on payment methods or specific markets.

What is the difference between a reload bonus and a sign up offer?

Sign up offers are available only once, when you sign up. Reload bonus can be claimed each time you make a new deposit as long as the bookmaker runs the promotion. And it will be applied to new and existing players.


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