Moneyback & Cashback Bonuses – Best betting sites with Moneyback and Cashback offers [2024]

Moneyback or cashback as they are called by bettors/punters, have increased in popularity thanks to the numerous advantages they bring. Punters that appreciate and hunt the moneyback bookmakers are drawn by the chance to get a portion back of their money in case they lose in a bet. Moneyback & Cashback bonuses have different percentages and are available for all types of players, recreational punters or high rollers. So if you are looking for the best moneyback bookmaker or interested in a high quality money back betting site, you should check our page regularly as we will add new deals here.

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Moneyback & Cashback Bonuses – What is cashback/moneyback in betting

Moneyback sign up offersMoneyback & Cashback bonuses

You can access cashback offers right from the start, when you make your first deposit on a bookmaker. Sure, most online betting sites go with a matched bet to give punters a bigger chance to win more as they will have a bigger balance. However, for those bookies who cater UK punters, cashback offers as a sign-up promotion are not excluded.

Moneyback in Real CashMoneyback in Real Cash

These types of bonuses are rare and usually are reserved for high rollers. It is perhaps the most wanted form of moneyback offer because it rewards punters with withdrawable real cash. But, getting money back if a bet loses is a second chance to place some wagers and try your luck again.

Money Back as a free betMoney Back as a free bet

What is a money back free bet? Many punters are interested in placing another bet, not to get their money out, so they are offered a free bet. On the other hand a cashback offer will give you a percentage of the money you lost on your account and you will be able to withdraw that money. Be aware that most money back deals are tied to wagering requirements in the majority of times. The standard wagering requirements for most bookmakers is ten times the amount you receive and you will need to place bets on odds of at least 1.4 to meet the wagering requirements.

Moneyback & Cashback bonuses for existing customers

Cashback betting sites have a lot of different deals to award the existing customers. Moneyback & Cashback bonusesare very profitable and can increase your winning chances. The promotions might be directed towards a certain sport or sporting event.

Bellow you can find some popular cashback offers at online betting sites:

Football CashbacksFootball Cashbacks

Football is the most popular sport in the world and offers the most opportunities for cashback offers. Punters that place their bets on football matches have a lot of choices when it comes to receiving a money back bonus. ACCA cashback is one of the most used versions of a cashback promotion. For example, some bookies will give your stake back as a free bet if you miss by one. If you have five selections on the accumulator bet and you predict 4 out of 5, you will get the original bet back, and you will not lose the bet slip.

Horse Racing Moneyback offersHorse Racing Moneyback offers

Horse racing is another popular sport and it’s very easy for bookies to develop a cashback offer. For this you can enjoy cashback bonuses easily. Like in football, if you bet on a horse and the horse get’s the second place, you can get a cashback bonus. It’s another close-call situation where the punters almost got it right. You can bet in the UK as Cheltenham bonus is very popular.

Moneyback special offersMoneyback Specials

Money back deals are mainly focused on sports but you can access a wide range of offers that are more specific. These bonuses are used by bookmakers for marketing purposes and give moneyback & cashback bonuses for special situations like a goalkeeper scoring a goal or a penalty. There are some popular combo bets that involve several actions, like Cristiano Ronaldo to score 2 goals but Juventus to lose.


Is there a maximum stake attached?

You are free to stake as much as you wish when it comes to moneyback & cashback bonuses. But there are some limitations when it comes to this bonus and there is a maximum amount you can get back and it’s rarely more than 100 pounds/euro/dollars.

How to get money back from betting?

First of all, you should opt in for moneyback promotion. After that you place your bet and if you meet the conditions you will receive the free bet bonus. With this free bonus you can place another bet and meet the wagering requirements. Of course, these change from bookie to bookie, but a minimum odd is always mentioned in the requirements.

Do you get your stake back if you win a bet?

The moneyback & cashback bonuses offered by bookmakers applies only if you place a bet and lose. This is the reason that they are popular, if you bet and lose, you get another chance.

Can i get my stake back on each way betting?

At this moment no! These betting market already has a more than one outcome covered, the cashback deal cannot be applied.


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