Sportsbook Referral Bonus: Get Paid to Refer Your Friends

Sportsbook referral bonus is beneficial to both you and your friends. Top online betting firms provide rich benefits for inviting your friends into the fun with sports betting referral offers.

The top refer-a-friend programmes reward you and your friends with free bet credits. Because the terms and conditions differ widely, we’ll highlight a few points to bear in mind.

Continue reading to learn where to obtain the finest sportsbook referral bonus deals.

Sportsbook referral bonus discover the best offers for Sportsbook referral bonus sites and win money by referring a friend

What Do Sportsbook Referral Bonus Entail?

A sportsbook referral bonus is exactly what it sounds like: you are compensated for introducing friends to your sports betting site. It’s a simple method to add hundreds – or even thousands – of cash to your bankroll.

Your bonus will be in the shape of free bets or site credit. The greatest refer-a-friend programmes will sweeten the bargain by including a bonus for your friend(s), which is usually in addition to current welcome offers for new clients.

The main rule with most refer-a-friend programmes is that the person you’ve recommended must either make a deposit or wager a certain amount—some sportsbooks may need the referee to do both. When they do, you will be awarded with a free bet or a bonus in the form of site credit.

Nowadays, leading online bookmakers frequently reward both the referral and the referee.

How Do Refer-a-Friend Promotions Work?

Sportsbook referral bonus involve no work on your part if you have friends who are interested in trying sports betting. As long as you match the minimum eligibility standards, all you have to do is send an invite to your friends using the unique referral link accessible in your sportsbook account.

Here are some examples of regular eligibility requirements to keep in mind while looking for a sportsbook referral bonus:

  • Your sportsbook account balance cannot be negative; and you must have a betting history with the sportsbook.

You may be required to retain an account for a particular amount of time or bet a certain amount before you are eligible for refer-a-friend promotions in some situations.

For example, PointsBet needs the recommending user to have wagered at least $1,000 and had their account open for at least 14 days. These conditions may be a bit onerous for new or casual bettors, but for frequent clients, PointsBet’s $100 per friend offer is unrivalled.

Invited friends must be new account holders and must use your unique link to signup. Once they have validated their account, they will often need to deposit a particular amount of money or put a certain amount of cash wagers in order to activate the bonus. Most of the time, the quantities required are minimal – typically in the $10 to $100 area – but there is generally a time constraint as well.

Some sportsbooks will set a restriction on how many referral bonuses you may collect on a regular or lifetime basis. Others, such as FanDuel, do not set a limit. Any legal restrictions imposed by your state’s regulatory authority, on the other hand, will apply.

Refer-a-friend incentives are one of the simplest perks to take advantage of, thus we recommend that you aim for the maximum amount of referrals available. Having additional buddies who have a stake in the game will only enhance your sports betting experience.

What Should You Look For When Selecting Betting Referral Bonuses?

Because referral bonuses are unique, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind, especially if you want to obtain the greatest offer possible.

Here are some factors to think about when selecting an online referral bonus:

  1. The amount that the referee must deposit/wager – You don’t want to stress your friend by requiring them to deposit and wager a large sum, especially if you don’t know how much money they have in their bankroll.Because your main goal is to receive a bonus when your friend signs up, always use refer-a-friend services that do not require excessive amounts from the person you’re referring to.

2.The individual who will receive the bonus — Both the referrer and the referee are rewarded by the best online sportsbooks. Because they will also earn a reward from the sportsbook, your buddy will be more inclined to sign up using your link and deposit the required amount in such referral incentives.

3.Time constraints – Avoid promotions that provide your friend a very short period of time to make a deposit and place a bet, for example, less than seven days.

Remember that because referral bonuses require you to engage with another person, you should allow them as much time as possible to make smart financial decisions, especially if they are new to sports betting.

How Do I Introduce a Friend to My Sportsbook?

Referring a friend to your Sportsbook referral bonus is simple and works in the same way that online referrals in other businesses do. If you’ve ever suggested a friend to utilise a platform like Uber or AirBnB, requesting them to wager on sports will feel familiar.

The actual process may differ slightly from one sportsbook to the next, but the sample below should give you a decent idea of what to expect from referral programmes.

The steps and rules for the FanDuel refer-a-friend programme are as follows:

  • When logged in to FanDuel, find your unique referral link on the main homepage. • Click the “Earn $50” button to share the link with your friends. • Your friend(s) will need to sign up for and verify a new FanDuel Sportsbook account using this link. • Remind your friend that they must place a minimum $10 cash wager within seven days of registration.

Because terms and conditions differ, carefully check the tiny print to confirm restrictions and eligibility requirements.

The Benefits of Sportsbook referral bonus

Here are some of the benefits of referral bonuses:

  • You are rewarded merely for giving a link to your friends; in some refer-a-friend programmes, both you and your friends can receive a bonus.
  • You don’t have to take any risks if you’re the referral.

The Drawbacks of Referral Bonuses

While referral bonuses can be incredibly advantageous, there are a few drawbacks to refer-a-friend programmes:

  • If you are the referrer, whether or not you receive a bonus is entirely dependent on the other person’s betting activity, which is beyond your control.
  • You may irritate some of your friends if you email them registration links.
  • The majority of refer-a-friend deals are on the modest side—very few sportsbooks provide more than $50.

Limitations on Sportsbook referral bonus

Bonuses with limits are popular because they safeguard the sportsbook from potential abuse. Referral bonuses are often subject to the following restrictions:

  • Restrictions on referrals: Most sportsbooks will restrict the amount of friends you can refer to the site. Typically, you will only be permitted to refer 5–10 people.
  • The amount of money that the referee must deposit/wager: You will not receive a bonus just for forwarding a link to your friends; they must also deposit and wager a particular amount. This amount fluctuates from sportsbook to sportsbook, so always double-check before sharing any referral connections.
  • The referrer’s wagering activity: If you want to submit a referral link, your betting account must have been active for some time. Some sportsbooks require you to have placed a certain number of bets or wagered a certain amount since signing up.

How to Earn Sportsbook referral bonus

A referral incentive can be obtained in two ways:

  1. As a registered bettor, provide a referral link
  2. By registering through a referral link that benefits both the referrer and the referee

We’ve already explained how you can get this Sportsbook referral bonus if you’re a registered member. However, if you are new to a site and wish to receive this benefit, you must first obtain a referral link from an existing user.

If the sportsbook in question rewards both the referrer and the referee, you’ll both receive a bonus if you sign up using their link.

What Are the Most Effective Referral Bonuses for Existing Users?

In contrast to other bonuses, Sportsbook referral bonus prefer existing customers over new bettors.

If you’re looking for the best referral bonus, we believe PointsBet and DraftKings are the finest options because both the referrer and the referee can receive a $100 bonus from both sportsbooks.

How to Benefit from the Refer a Friend Promotion

Refer a friend promotions have been around for a while and are here to stay because online gaming firms cannot afford to lose valuable clients. As the rivalry heats up, these promotions will become even more generous, and savvy players will be able to take advantage of them. To begin, customers should concentrate on bookmakers and casinos that have the fewest wagering requirements and do not impose excessive conditions, such as new independent bookmakers.

It is less crucial how much money is provided to the person who makes the deposit, because what matters most is that the bonus may be converted into cashable dollars. It is also critical to look for online casinos that have a referral bonus scheme that pays all parties involved, not just the existing member.

The greatest ones will provide both of them the same bonus, with only the new client required to make a qualifying deposit and gamble a set amount.

Our website features various top sites that suit the bill in this sense, and they are all bookmakers with recommend a friend bonuses for you to take advantage of.

Another thing that players should keep in mind while registering for these bonuses is that some casinos do not allow promotions to be combined. More specifically, the new member is forced to choose between the Refer a Friend bonus and the usual welcome package.

While the existing member benefits from the buddy utilising the referral link, the latter may be denied a first deposit incentive that is substantially greater than the referral promo offer.

Obviously, no one should reject down casinos that pay real money and offer a referral bonus. International gambling sites that allow players to claim both welcome bonuses and the top refer-a-friend casino bonus deals are widely sought after domains to play at.


How can I create and distribute a referral link?

You may either enter your friend’s email address in the ‘Cashier’ section or click ‘Refer a Friend’ and the online casino will walk you through the process.

How many people can I refer?

It is determined by the casino you chose.

Is it true that all casinos provide refer-a-friend bonuses?

The number of casinos that give referral bonuses is increasing, but not all of them do.

Who is eligible for the referral bonus?

Any gamers that refer a buddy to the casino and convince them to register.

Why should I take advantage of the Refer a Friend bonus?

The biggest advantage is that they can boost your cash and increase your wagering possibilities.

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