Alternative Goal Line Betting | A Guide to Betting on Alternative Goal Lines

Alternative goal line bets may be what you’re looking for if you want higher odds and more possibilities than over/under bets can provide. You can win more money and choose from a variety of outcomes with alternative goal line betting: Even if you lose, some of these allow you to get a refund.

Alternative goal line bets, on the other hand, are more difficult than typical under/over 2.5 goals betting and require assistance if you are just getting started.

That’s why we’ve put together this tutorial to explain alternative goal line betting: You’ll find answers to all of your questions regarding this interesting exotic betting choice below.

alternative goal line betting

What does it mean to have an alternative goal line? 🤔

So, what is a goal line alternative bet? To address this topic, we must first discuss the different sorts of sports betting and how goal line bets work. Goal-line betting entails properly predicting the overall number of goals scored during a game. However, there are numerous variations depending on how you make this right score betting guess. Overall, goal line bets can be divided into three categories. These are the following:

Betting on a win to nil outcome: You’re making two wagers: The first predicts that one of the sides will score a goal and win the game (the number of goals is not important). The second predicts that the other squad will not score a single goal. As a result, if the game ends with a score of XX – 0, you will win this bet.

You wager on whether the total number of goals will be more or lower than a particular number. For example, “over goal line 2” suggests you’re betting on the game scoring more than two goals. A single-digit number is not required when betting on “over 0.5 goals” or “under 1.5 goals.”

Alternative goal line betting: Finally, the most crucial part: alternative goal line definition. It’s similar to over/under betting, but it also includes half and quarter goals. You can, for example, wager on “above 1.5” or “under 1 – 1.5.” (1.25). In football or any other goal-based sport, there are no “half” or “quarter” goals, as we all know: So, what exactly do they imply?

We’ve compiled a list of betting sites that offer alternative goal line bets to international and UK players. It contains some of the most well-known bookies in the United Kingdom, as well as the greatest football betting sites for residents of the United Kingdom.

Alternative goal line scenarios 👇

When you bet on an alternate goal line, you’re essentially wagering on one of three outcomes:

Exact goal number 👌

Almost identical to over/under bets: you try to guess the exact goal count and wager that it will be higher or lower than another number.

It makes no difference which team scores the goals or how the game ends.

Unlike typical goal line bets, however, you get a refund if your number is equal to the total number of goals.

Here’s an easy example:

At least three goals must be scored in a match to win an alternative goal line over 2.0 bet.

You will lose if only one goal is scored.

Your bet will be returned if two goals are scored: This is what “additional goal line 2.0” entails.

This wager can be put at any point throughout the game.

You may, for example, place a 1st half goal line bet and try to guess the total number of goals scored in the first half of the game.

Half goal number 🕕

This is the most prevalent sort of goal line alternative bet.

Because no match ends with a half goal, this option eliminates the possibility of a “tie/push in betting.”

There is no other option than to win or to lose. To put it another way, there are no refunds.

If you bet on an alternative goal line over 1.5, for example, you must win if at least 2 goals are scored in the match: Any score less than this one will result in a loss.

Quarter goal number 🕒

This bet combines two wagers into one. When you bet on an alternate goal line of 1.0 1.5 (1.25), for example, you’re actually betting on an exact goal (1.0) and a half goal (1.5). (1.5).

👉 When you comprehend the meaning of the alternate goal line above 1.0 1.5, you’ll know what this means: You’ve split your budget into two sections.

With the first half, place an exact goal bet.

You’re betting on a half goal in the second half.

Let’s imagine you have a budget of 100 EUR to work with. This translates to:

You are betting 50 EUR on “over 1.0” precise goal. If more than one goal is scored in that match, you will win the bet. Alternatively, you will receive a refund if only one goal is scored. You will lose this part of the bet if no goals are scored.

Another example is the following: you’re also wagering 50 EUR on a “over 1.5” half-goal bet. You will win the bet if more than one goal is scored in that match. Alternatively, you will lose this half of the bet if you get a different score.

What’s really interesting is that you can still win the “over 1.0” component if you lose the “over 1.5” section, for example: At the same time, these bets cover many outcomes. Please keep in mind that certain bookies (especially Asian bookies) also provide a “Asian goal line” option. This variation of alternate goal line bets may just provide half and quarter bet possibilities, or it may also contain an exact goal bet option. It all depends on how the bookies present them.

Alternative goal line market tips and tricks 💡

Now that we’ve covered how alternate goal lines function, it’s time to look at some tips and tricks. While there is no surefire technique to profit from football betting, we can suggest the following alternative goal line bets:

📢 Tip

Do your homework. Learning everything there is to know about both sides is the finest football betting approach. Keep track of the season and compile a table of the teams’ average goal totals. You’ll be able to generate a more consistent prediction for the overall amount of goals that can be scored in a match this manner.

Take into account any unique circumstances. The quantity of goals scored and the performance of a team are both affected by whether they are playing at home or away. This is especially critical for the approach of over 1.5 goals: Away teams score fewer goals than home teams. In general, though, most matches end with a score greater than 1.5 goals, making over 1.5 bets excellent for newcomers.

Alternative goal line betting: Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Is it possible for beginners to try alternative goal line betting as well?

Certainly, however if you’re new to football and/or betting on it, start with the simplest options first: alternative goal line bets may be too complicated for you.

Are there goal line bets available for other sports as well?

Alternative goal line betting is appropriate for any sport with a goal-based scoring system, including handball, ice hockey, bandy, and lacrosse.

Is there a distinction between Asian goal line bets and alternative goal line bets?

You can bet on the precise goal count, half and quarter goals in alternative goal line betting, as stated above. Only half and quarter bets are possible with Asian goal line betting. Alternative goal line bets, on the other hand, are only displayed as “Asian” by some bookmakers: it all depends on how the bookmaker shows its odds.

Is there a distinction between alternative goal line and total goals bets?

One of the effects of alternative goal line betting is alternative match goals. You’re trying to figure out how many goals there will be and whether they’ll be above or below a given quantity. Unlike the other alternatives (half/quarter), a tie is possible.

Today is the day to place your alternative goal line wager ✅

You can wager on a different goal line right now: We have a number of online bookmakers to suggest, each with a unique bonus. If you choose the appropriate options and do your homework, alternative goal line betting can be quite profitable: Make sure to give it a shot.  Also, keep in mind that we have a few guides for football betting methods, including handicap betting systems such as Asian handicap systems, that you should check out. In any case, we wish you luck: may you always be able to properly identify the goal numbers!


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