Betfair Cricket Exchange – Best Tips & Strategies [2023] 🏆

Betfair is not a sportsbook, but rather a betting exchange. That is correct, however they are most well-known for their exchange. This implies you’re not betting against the site; instead, you’re betting against other people. You won’t be able to view or interact with these characters.

When placing a bet, you will be presented with two possibilities. You can either select the “Bet” option, which is represented in blue, or the “Lay” option, which is displayed in red. Both selections will provide precise decimal odds in addition to other odds. These other offers are less appealing and will only apply if you have already taken all of the money provided by the greatest odds and need to choose another option, or if you are the one giving the lay and are competing against the odds on display.

Don’t worry if this sounds complex. You may merely concentrate on the blue choice and wager as if you were at a sports book. The fact that there is so much rivalry is a plus for the exchange. There’s always someone attempting to outdo the next person, which means you’ll get the greatest chances here. Betfair cricket exchange odds frequently outperform the top sports bookies, and the odds on outside bets are frequently double, if not treble, those found on other sites.

betfair cricket exchange

The Basics of Cricket Betting 🔤

Put your money on cricket the way you choose. On the Betfair Exchange, you may establish your own odds on over 29 cricket tournaments. Bet on popular sporting events such as the Indian Premier League, Test Series Markets, and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Choose from over 11 different Cricket competitions and put a Cricket bet, either for or against the outcome (to Back) (to Lay). You may back or lay bets on markets such as “Indian Premier League – Winner,” “Indian Premier League – Top Run Scorer,” and “ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 – Winner” on the Exchange and receive the odds you choose.

What is the best way to bet on cricket on Betfair Exchange? 📈

On the Betfair Exchange, betting on cricket is straightforward. Choose a market, such as Tournament Winner; Match Odds; Series Winner, from over 113 Cricket bets, and then either match a bet or set the odds and put a Cricket bet against others. You can bet for or against an outcome – for example, if you’re betting on the Delhi Capitals v Kolkata Knight Riders match, you may lay if you believe the Delhi Capitals will lose or back if you think the Delhi Capitals will win.

Betting on Cricket Odds: What You Need to Know 🛈

On the Exchange, we display Cricket betting odds in decimals. Cricket decimal odds are simple to comprehend since they indicate the payment you’ll earn if you win – for example, 7 implies you’ll receive 70 for every £10 you bet, including your stake, if you win. The layers choose the cricket odds in the blue boxes, while the backers determine the odds in the pink boxes. You may request the Cricket odds you desire as a Betfair member.

What are the best ways to win cricket bets? 🔝

Check out our offerings, which include accessible Cricket Sign Up Offers, if you’re new to betting on the Betfair Exchange. New clients may utilise their welcome incentives to place a matched wager on any of our accessible markets in Cricket. (Conditions apply.) Don’t forget to check out the site’s Cricket Betting Predictions area for the most up-to-date information.

Statistics & Data on Cricket Betting 📊

So far, £1,221,838 has been wagered on top Cricket markets, with the most money wagered on “Indian Premier League – Indian Premier League – Winner” (£1,066,144); “Indian Premier League – Delhi Capitals v Kolkata Knight Riders – Match Odds” (£130,441); and “Test Series Markets – England v India – Series Winner” (£25,253).


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