Betting Accumulators Explained [2023] – What is an Accumulator Bet 🗝️

We’ll go through what a betting accumulator is, how odds operate, how to place your wager and the distinctions between a win and an accumulator in each direction.

Due to the excitement of multiple selections that combine their odds for a chance of increased winnings, accumulator betting is consistently one of the most popular forms of betting for bettors.

Football has become synonymous with accumulators, as gamblers attempt to predict the outcome of multiple matches in a test of skill and chance in sports betting, with many betting companies providing lucrative rewards.

Newcomers may be confused by accumulators, often known as accumulators, but our simple guide will show you that they are one of the easiest to understand. Everything you need to know about betting accumulators is right here.

betting accumulators

What is an accumulator bet? 🤔

An accumulator bet is a bet that combines many selections into a single wager. For the bet to win, all of the options must appear.

Because each of the many single bets contained in your acca (check our acca bonus guide) must be successful to secure a return, the accumulator offers substantially higher odds than if you put your picks as separate singles.

Because the odds are pooled together to give the bet a bigger value, if one of your selections loses, your entire accumulator bet loses, therefore there is a higher risk.

Most sports, including football, horse racing, and tennis, have accumulators available, but bookmakers may prevent you from combining multiple sports into one accumulator.

A stack of multiple selections from the same game would be a multiple from the same game, which is a different type of bet.

Types of accumulator bets 🔡

An accumulator is a wager that consists of four or more choices. Doubles and trebles, respectively, are those with two or three selections. With most online bookmakers, an accumulator can have up to 20 options.

Example of an accumulator bet

An example of an accumulator is shown below, which was created four times using the results of four football matches. After that, we’ll show you the outcome of each bet and the odds for each one, as well as how bookies calculate the combined odds.

Converting fractions to decimals and multiplying the quotas by the four simple ones combined produces accumulator yields. These are the odds if you placed a £1 accumulator bet on the four games listed above.

This indicates that if you invest £1 on this 179/1 accumulator, you will make a total profit of £180 (£179 wins + £1 stake).

As you can see, betting on an accumulator has much better odds than betting on each individual pick at your own odds. If one of these picks fails to win, the accumulator as a whole will lose. Here’s an example of a squandered accumulator wager.

The full accumulator bet loses because Arsenal vs Tottenham was tied and Arsenal did not win.

What is an each-way accumulator bet?

As you can see from the accumulator example above, the chance of losing your wager due to a single leg failure is extremely great. Some of this danger can be reduced by betting on accumulators in other sports, such as horse racing, where bookies will enable you to place an accumulator bet in both directions. For horse racing, here’s an illustration of an each-way accumulator.

Each-way accumulator bets are split into two distinct bets, doubling the amount you wager.

For example, if we placed a £1 bet on the aforementioned each-way accumulator, the stake would become £2 because it would cover both bets. This is intended to provide the gambler the best possibility of generating a profit if their horses do not win but place.

The first outcome is the “winning” component of the wager, which requires all four horses to finish first in order for the wager to be successful. In the 179/1 accumulator above, this would lose because selection four came in second and was so ranked.

The second half of the wager is the “place” wager, which requires the horses to finish first in order to win. The number of top positions in a race is determined by the size of the field, usually the first three or four.

The fraction for each-way, which is normally 1/5 of the odds, can be used to compute earnings by taking the original odds for each option and applying it to the fraction for each-way. So, using the 179/1 accumulator as an example, we divide each selection’s initial odds by 1/5, combine them together, and we get the odds for our “place” component of the wager.

How to Bet on an accumulator 💡

Using most online bookies, placing an accumulator bet is simple and takes only a few minutes. A step-by-step tutorial to placing an accumulator bet can be found here.

  1. Access your preferred sport, such as football.
  2. Choose the type of wager you want to make, such as on a team to win.
  3. Make your accumulator’s desired selection.
  4. Fill up the betting slip with your choices.
  5. It will be “accumulator” in the “multiples” section.
  6. Put in the amount you’d like to bet.
  7. Check your choices and then click “Bet.”

Different types of betting accumulators

As previously said, bettors can choose from a variety of various accumulator bets. Only two options are available in a double bet. The bet is won if both picks win. Otherwise, it will be lost. A triple bet combines two selections and follows the same principles as a double bet. The bet is won if all three selections win. The bet is lost if he does not win. A trixie bet is similar to a triple bet in that it requires the bettor to make three choices. This form of bet, on the other hand, consists of four bets: three double bets and one triple bet. The advantage of a trixie bet is that even if one of the selections loses and the triple bet loses, one of the double bets may win, ensuring some type of profit.

Accumulator bets in Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the United Kingdom, and it’s not just football. When betting on horse races, you can choose from a variety of multiples, such as a Goliath, Super Heinz, or Lucky 15 You can also bet on a winning accumulator or in each direction, which combines the odds on each horse to win at a single price. With the arrival of the Grand National, now is the ideal opportunity to incorporate a race that, if you win, will dramatically extend your accumulator life.

Are betting accumulators profitable?

If you want to stretch your odds rather than risking money on specific events with lesser odds, accumulating bets are unquestionably one of the finest ways to do so. This method can surely provide a big return on little stakes for the gambler, but it should always be recalled that winning an accumulator is tough due to a large number of factors. Before choosing your betting accumulators, make sure you’ve done your homework on each option to offer yourself the best chance of winning, as the stakes are high. An accumulator for each direction might be a better alternative here, even if your options aren’t your favorites because you’ll still get a return if they’re planted. Accumulators are obviously useful at times, but they should always be treated with caution, as they will not win on a consistent basis due to the likelihood of numerous outcomes being significantly higher.


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