Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Bookmakers and Betting Sites

Hong Kong Dollar/HKD Bookmakers – The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, which most people just call “Hong Kong,” is a Chinese region in East Asia that is run by itself.

The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is the local currency. It is the 13th most traded currency in the world and can be used on Hong Kong betting sites and in other parts of the world. YEN, which is used on Japanese betting sites, is another Asian currency that is sold all over the world.

Here, gambling is legal and highly regulated, except for online gambling, which is against the law. The good news for people who gamble in Hong Kong is that the government doesn’t seem to go after people who bet online or actively block sites.

Unfortunately, some well-known companies do not accept bets from people who live here, and even fewer let people use Hong Kong dollars as a betting currency.

Who can use Hong Kong dollars to bet on sports?

As long as a casino accepts Hong Kong dollars (HKD) for betting, anyone can use HKD. There are several ways to put HKD into a casino. HKD sportsbook payments can be made with credit, debit, and prepaid cards as well as eWallets.

People also use bank payments, and those who have cash on hand can use a wire transfer company to put money into their HKD betting account.

Where can you bet with Hong Kong dollars (HKD)?

Those who want to bet with HKD don’t have a whole lot to gain. Only 4 of the 90 bookmakers that onehundredgamblers.com recommends for this country let you play with HKD. HKD bookies include Pinnacle, Intertops, and Bet Rally.

This doesn’t mean that people in Hong Kong can only bet with these bookies. Most foreign betting sites accept HKD deposits for sports betting and then convert the money into a betting currency that they accept.

Are there any Hong Kong dollar bonuses for betting?

Onehundredgamblers does not currently list any bonuses that are advertised in Hong Kong Dollar, but players can still get their hands on many useful bonuses. These bonuses are offered in other currencies, like euros and U.S. dollars (see American Dollar Betting Sites for more information), but they will only be given out in HKD when a HKD deposit is made at a bookmaker.

This means that Hong Kong dollars deposited at William Hill, Interwetten, or Efbet will earn up to the HKD equal of €100. The €200 bonus at OddsRing, the €300 bonus deal at ComeOn, and the $500 USD bonus at BetDNA are all the same. But for example, you can use other currencies like the Czech Koruna (CZK) or the Renminbi (CNY) at these companies.

Make sure to check out onehundredgamblers.com’s promotions page and sportsbook directory to find the best bonuses for HKD bookmaker deposits.

Picture of Honk Kong dollar and some coins from the Honk Kong currency accepted by HKD Bookmakers

Withdrawals and deposits with HKD

At sportsbooks, there are no rules about how much you can pay or take out from HKD bookmakers. Bettors will find that the limits set by each broker are different. Even if you use the same way of payment at two different online bookmakers, the limits on deposits and withdrawals are likely to be very different.

These limits are completely dependent on the bookmaker and payment method you use.

Bettors should check with their favorite sportsbook to find out if there are any limits on payments or withdrawals. Don’t forget to go to Gambling Judge to get some great prizes!!

Questions People Ask About the Best Hong Kong Dollar Bookmakers and Betting Sites

When you play at HKD bookies and betting sites, do you have to put down a certain minimum amount?

No, the minimum deposit amount at most bookies is not the same.

Where can I find a list of sites that take payments in Hong Kong dollars?

Yes. Check out the Bookmakers page on our site and click the box next to the coin you want to play with.

How do most people pay to play games with Hong Kong dollars?

HKD sportsbook payments can be made with credit, debit, and prepaid cards as well as e-wallets.

What is the sport that most people in Hong Kong bet on?

Horse racing is the most popular type of betting in Hong Kong.

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