Best Japanese Yen (JPY) Bookmakers and Betting Sites [2023]

The Japanese yen (JPY) is the country’s legal currency. Japan is an island country in East Asia with 127 million people. The third most traded currency in the world is the yen. The yen is accepted all over Japan, but it is also widely accepted by many online businesses. This includes foreign betting sites, even though most forms of gambling are banned in Japan, as well as JPY bookmakers.

Japanese people who bet online don’t have much to worry about because the government doesn’t care much about punishing players. The government doesn’t even care about banning betting sites in other countries.

Some internet sportsbooks even let their customers bet with JPY, though it’s not as common as the euro or the US dollar as a betting currency.

Who can bet on sports with the Japanese Yen?

Anyone can bet in JPY as long as the bookmaker lets them do so. If you use a YEN bookmaker, you can put down either YEN or another cash that the bookie will change into YEN. This is easy to do with credit, debit, or prepaid cards or an eWallet. Bettors can put money into their JPY bookmaker account through a bank transfer or a wire transfer tool.

Even if you don’t use a bookmaker that accepts Japanese yen, you can probably still pay using JPY. The betting site will just change the money into a currency that can be used for gaming.

What Bookmakers will let you use JPY to bet?

Even though you can’t bet with yen as often as you can with other currencies, you can still find a few Japanese yen casinos. Pinnacle and 18Bet are two of the best Japanese yen casinos that people trust. The yen can be used to bet at Cash Point, 1Bet2Bet, Royal Panda, and Sportingbet.

Is there a JPY bonus for betting?

At the moment,  doesn’t offer any bonuses in JPY, but there are plenty of bonuses for people who pay with yen. Most of the time, these gifts are given in the same amount of money. This means that bettors who deposit with yen can get the yen equal of €100 at William Hill, Bet Rally, and Real Deal or the €200 betting bonuses at 10Bet and SBObet.

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How much do you have to put in and take out to use Yen?

There is no set minimum or maximum amount that can be deposited or withdrawn. The bookmaker and the payment provider are the only ones who can set these limits.  Even if you use the same payment method, there is a good chance that the caps for deposits and withdrawals will be different between bookmakers.

For example, a bettor who uses Skrill will find that the limits for deposits and withdrawals vary from bookie to bookie. Bettors should check with their favorite JPY broker to see what their limits are.

Recommended banking options for Japanese gamblers

Each bookmaker in our review has ways for customers to put money into their betting account and get their gains out. You can add money to your account right away and bet right away. With just a few clicks, winnings can be sent back to a bank account. Each payment method is protected by the most up-to-date online security measures, such as an encryption service that makes sure no one else can see your private information.

Some of the ways to pay are listed below:


We tried to educate ourselves and by extension to educate you and provide you with all the information available regarding the JPY Bookmakers and Betting sites. If you live in Japan, or just want to experience,  It is very important to choose a reputable bookmaker and betting site that accepts JPY currency. For that we compiled a list of best practices and the best JPY Bookmakers. 

FAQ JPY Bookmakers

Is it safe to bet at JPY bookmakers?

How safe it is to bet on a Japanese site relies on where it is licensed. Players can always feel safe at sites that are licensed and controlled in reputable places and offer player protections like tools to help them gamble responsibly. 

Can I use cryptocurrency to make a deposit at JPY bookmakers?

It depends. In the end, it will depend on the place where you play. All Japanese betting sites are offshore by nature, and some of them let you pay with cryptocurrency while others don’t.

How do I find a top betting site that takes Japanese yen?

Top betting sites should be licensed and controlled, have a wide range of betting options, payout quickly, and offer bonuses that are both fair and good. You can save yourself the trouble of looking for this information by going to one of the Japanese yen sites we’ve suggested.

What JPY bookmakers let you get your money right away?

Again, the sites that offer fast withdrawals are not all the same. How quickly a Japanese bookie pays out your wins depends on the site and the payment methods it accepts. Withdrawals from e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are always going to be faster than, say, bank payments.

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