Bookmakers and betting sites that accept the Polish Zloty (PLN)

PLN Bookmakers – Even though Poland is now part of the European Union, the zloty (PLN) is still the legal currency. Poland has almost 40 million people living there, and many of them love to bet.  The Polish internet gambling market is thought to be worth more than €1 billion.

One might think that the government there makes a lot of money from online gambling, but that’s not really the case. Online gambling is allowed in Poland, but poker rooms and online casinos can’t work there because of the law. If you do find Polish zlotys casinos, they will be approved from somewhere else.

On top of that, local officials have given very few licenses to betting sites in Poland, and even fewer to online betting sites in Poland that are based outside of Poland. Since there aren’t many places to bet in Poland, it’s not surprising that Polish bettors look to foreign gambling sites that aren’t licensed. In fact, about 90% of Polish people who bet online go to these sites outside of Poland. This helps the foreign companies that are trying hard to get a piece of this lucrative business.

One way that these foreign betting sites can attract Polish customers is by letting them bet with PLN. This is what many online sportsbooks do when they want to offer betting options to players in Poland. In this article we will name them PLN Bookmakers.

About Poland's Zloty

The three-letter code for the zloty is PLN.  Each zoty is made up of 100 groszy.  The z10, z20, z50, z100, z200, and z500 are the most common bank notes in Poland.

Who can bet on sports with Polish Zlotys?

The Polish zloty is mostly used in Poland by PLN Bookmakers, but some nearby countries also accept it. Because of this, a lot of PLN Bookmakers also focus on these. The currency is not as well-known around the world as the euro or the US dollar.

This means that bettors in this country are pretty much the only ones who can use PLN, but anyone can use the zloty to bet on sports. Anyone with a PLN Mastercard or Visa credit, debit, or prepaid card can use it to put money into their betting accounts at Polish bookies. This includes people who are not Polish citizens.

Bettors can put money into their zloty betting accounts with zloty accounts from EWallets like Skrill and Neteller. PLN bank account holders can also use bank cash transfers.

You can always use a wire transfer service to add money to your sportsbook account if you have Polish cash on hand. In Poland, this is a more popular way to bet than in other big European countries.

Which bookmakers let you bet in Polish Zloty (PLN)?

The zloty is not as common at online gaming sites as the Euro, the British pound, or the American dollar. has a list of more than 120 suggested bookmakers for people who live in Poland. Over thirty of these 121 are PLN Bookmakers sites that let you bet with Polish Zloty (PLN).

People who want to bet in PLN may feel like they don’t have many options, but they can rest easy knowing that some of the best bookies are among those who accept PLN.

Melbet and are two of the biggest and most trusted names in the business, and they all let you bet in PLN. With the Melbet sign-up deal, for example, you can get 100% up to €100 (or the equivalent in another currency) on your first deposit. Offshore PLN Bookmakers sites that accept PLN, such as Betsson, Bwin, and Betsafe, are also very highly ranked. The way you bet is the same at 1xBet, Casinia, 18Bet, and other sites.

You can use the “By Currency” filter on the “Bookmaker Database” page at to find more PLN bookies. If you live in Poland and want to bet on sports there, onehundredgamblers has the best selection of betting sites for people in Poland.

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When you put money into your PLN sportsbook account, you can get a lot of great prizes.

Also, you can get most of Poland’s best deals and tips no matter where you live. When you make a payment at 18Bet, 1xBet, or LSbet, you can get a top bonus worth up to €100, €130, or €150. 22Bet has smaller deals that can be worth up to €50. Football betting is very popular in Poland, and Betsson, Bwin, and Betsafe are the biggest bookmakers there. When you join these sites, you can get bonuses worth up to €80, €50, and another €50.

Keep in mind, though, that if you don’t want to use euros or other popular currencies, you can pay for everything on these sites with PLN.

Check out the promotions page or the bookmaker database at to find more useful Polish zloty bonuses.

Deposit and withdrawals in PLN

There are no limits on the amount you can put or take out of a bookmaker. How much you can bet depends on which PLN betting you use. Different limits are set by each sportsbook.

For instance, users of Skrill will find that their amounts vary from one sportsbook to the next. Even though these bookmakers let you pay and withdraw with Skrill, the limits will be different. This way of payment can be used with other currencies, like the Czech Koruna (CZK).

In some cases, a sportsbook will let customers invest with a certain payment method, but they won’t be able to withdraw with that method. In these cases, customers will have to find another way to withdraw their money. The same is true for any other eWallet, credit card, prepaid card, bank transfer, or other means.

Bettors should check with their sportsbook to find out if their way of payment has any limits. They can get help by picking one of the best PLN casinos from Onehundredgamblers today.

How a Polish Zloty Bookmaker Banks

EcoPayz, Skrill, and Neteller are all well-known e-wallet payment services that offer Polish Zloty accounts to go with your PLN betting account so you can avoid exchange fees and do business directly.  Most of the time, you can also use bank payments and credit cards.  Just check with the Poland betting site you want to use to see which of these options are offered. This can change from time to time.  Take care when you use Entropay.  Even though it’s a great service, it only lets you keep funds in USD, EUR, and GBP. If you want to pay with PLN, you’ll have to pay a fee to change the currency.  Some betting sites will accept PLN payments through Entropay.  Not all of this is true. 

You can use it to put money into a PLN betting account, but you will have to pay swap fees.


Some Polish sports players may want to make sure their bets are worth as much as possible.  Payouts can be very different from one online betting site to the next.  The best way to find the highest possible returns is to compare the risks.  Even though this is an important idea, it is also important to know that the chances and payouts shown come from betting sites that are right for bettors in Poland. This means that the betting sites accept customers from Poland, and hopefully they also offer PLN accounts.  This is why  is the best odds comparison site for Poles because it only shows odds from the best Polish betting sites that offer accounts and payment ways in Polish Zloty.  After all, what’s the point of trying to get the most money out of a deal if you’re going to lose money on currency exchange fees?

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