RUB Bookmakers - Best Betting Sites that accept Russian rubles [2023]

The ruble (RUB) is the official money of Russia. It is also the currency of the disputed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as the republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Nearly 145 million people live in Russia, and many of them love to bet. Russians who like to gamble at RUB bookmakers are out of luck, because casinos are only allowed in four small areas, and online gaming is completely illegal. Online betting sites aren’t allowed to work in Russia, but that doesn’t mean the Russian player is out of luck.

Even though many online betting sites are banned in Russia, most people who bet online don’t get in trouble for it. This means that millions of Russian gamblers can play at any number of internet bookmakers in other countries.

Even though access to some of the best bookmakers, like Pinnacle, Marathon Bet, and 888, has been banned, Russians still have a good number of Russian betting sites to choose from, including Ethereum betting sites.

RUB Bookmakers and Betting Sites

Five things to know about betting in Russia

  • The legal age to bet at an online bookmaker is 18.
  • Both land-based and online betting are legal everywhere in the country.
  • There are two SROs for bookies, but they will soon be replaced by a Unified Gambling Regulator.
  • Winnings from licensed operators are taxed at 13%.
  • Online casinos and poker sites are illegal.

Online betting in Russia: The basis of the gambling law

Soon after the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, all kinds of gambling, including betting on sports in person, became allowed in Russia. In 1998, the first law that made gambling businesses legal went into effect. This led to the opening of hundreds of betting shops and casinos all over the country. Things started to change, though, in 2006, when Vladimir Putin’s government thought it was time to put rules in place for gambling in the country. More specifically, Federal Law No. 244-FZ was passed on December 29, 2006, and it went into force on January 1, 2007. It said that all casinos had to close on July 1, 2009, and that gambling was only allowed in four special zones in the Altai, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, and Primorsky regions. Also, online casinos were made illegal, but betting was still allowed all over the country. Since 2019, Crimea has been the 5th special zone.

On July 21, 2014, Russia took its first steps toward regulating online sports betting. At that time, the Federal Law from 2006 was changed, and the live bet system was put in place. Bookmakers can only offer interactive bets if they meet a certain set of rules. More specifically, a bookie should have a license from the Federal Tax Service, be a member of a self-regulatory group of bookmakers (SRO), and be connected to the TSUPIS central financial processing system. SROs were set up as the main bodies in charge of regulating RUB bookmakers. There are now two SROs in the country for betting sites: the First SRO and the Bookmakers SRO. At the moment, Fonbet, 1xStavka, Liga Stavok, and BetCity are the most popular bookmakers on the market.

History of the Russian Ruble

The Pound sterling is the world’s oldest currency, and the ruble is the second oldest. Since the 1200s, the ruble has been used as the currency in Russia, though it has had different forms at different times in Russian history. Regarding the modern ruble, the coins and bills from the old Soviet Republic have been taken out of circulation. Only the most recent version of the ruble is still in use.  There was a time when both the Soviet Ruble and the post-Soviet Ruble were used.

Who can bet on sports with Russian Rubles?

Almost anyone with a Mastercard or Visa credit, debit, or prepaid card in Russian rubles can deposit money into an RUB betting account and place bets. If you have an eWallet in Russian currency, it’s easy to make a payment and get in on the action.

Some banks will let you put money into your betting account with a bank transfer, and if you have cash on hand, you can use wire services to put money into your account. For example, you can use these payment ways to pay with other currencies, like the Czech Koruna (CZK).

Even if your online bookie doesn’t accept RUB as a gaming currency, you can probably still use rubles to put money into your account. The money will just be changed into one of the betting currencies that the casino offers.

What RUB bookmakers actually accept Russian Rubles?

As was already said, many of the biggest names in online gaming have been put on a blacklist, blocked, or pulled out of the Russian market. Still, people who want to find an RUB sportsbook have a lot of good choices. Russians who bet online like to use 18Bet and Dafabet.

You can also bet with RUB at Red Kings, Noxwin, and Bet Adonis. has a collection of bookmakers that you can use to find places where you can bet with RUB.

Are there any bonuses at RUB bookmakers?

There are a lot of betting bonuses you can get when you invest RUB. When it comes to casinos that take deposits in RUB, LSbet will give you up to 2,200 rubles and Winmasters will give you up to 3,500 rubles. When you deposit RUB at Rivalo, you can get up to 5,000 rubles back.

Some bookmakers list their bonuses in different currencies, like euros. These bonuses can be used on sportsbook payments made in RUB, and the bonus amounts are usually given in the same amount of RUB. At Parasino and 90 Dakika, you can get up to €25 in bonuses when you put RUB for sports betting. At Marsbet and Real Deal, you can get up to €100 in bonuses.

RUB Bookmakers Banking Methods

Neteller is the most famous e-wallet payment service that works with Russian Ruble balances to help you avoid exchange fees.  All three of the above places for betting on Russia accept Neteller. There are also many other ways to bank with Rubles, such as Webmoney, Moneta, Yandex, or Qiwi.  Take care when you use Entropay.  It is often shown as a way to pay in Rubles.  But Entropay Virtual Visa cards are only available in USD, EUR, and GBP. You could use it to add money to your Ruble account, but you would have to pay fees for the foreign exchange.  

If you don’t care about betting in Rubles and just want to know the best online bookmakers that serve Russia, no matter what currency is offered, you can find more names, but you will have to set your account to a different currency, like the Euro.

Trading Russian Rubles for Sports Gambling?

If you need to swap rubles to be able to bet online from Russia, make sure you only do it once for each deposit and withdrawal.  Don’t add a third coin because it will add hidden conversion costs.  Compare Ruble to Euro to Ruble to Euro to British Pound. Ruble to Euro is much better.

If you already have a source of money in another base currency, like an e-wallet or a virtual pre-paid credit card, set your gaming account to the same base currency.  For example, if you already have an Entropay account in Euros for online shopping and want to use it to fund your betting site account, you must also set the currency of your betting site account to Euros, because you won’t be able to change it later.

Taking a look at the odds on RUB bookmakers

If you are from Russia and want to bet online, you may be interested in getting the most out of your bets, whether they are singles, pairs, or systems.  Payouts can vary a lot from one betting site to the next.  By comparing chances, you can find the best ones.  This is an important idea, but it’s also important for people in Russia to find the best chances on the right betting sites, which includes the question of whether or not they accept their currency.  This is why is probably the best odds comparison site for people in Russia who want to bet on sports. On their odds comparison page, they make it clear which of the best RUB bookmakers offer Russian Ruble accounts and payment methods, so people can choose where to play based on accurate information.

RUB bookmakers: How much do deposits and withdrawals have to be and how much can they be?

When it comes to sportsbook payments and withdrawals, there are no “one size fits all” limits. These amounts are different for each RUB sportsbook and payment processor. EcoPayz works with RUB bookmakers, but you have to check to see if gaming sites that use EcoPayz will accept it. Different amounts are set by each bookmaker and each way to pay.

For instance, people who use Neteller will find that their amounts vary from one sportsbook to the next. Even though these RUB gamblers let you put money in and take money out with Neteller, the limits are usually much higher.

In some cases, a casino will let customers make deposits with a certain payment method, but they won’t let customers make withdrawals with the same method. This means that customers have to find another way to make withdrawals. The same is true for any other eWallet, credit card, prepaid card, bank transfer, or other means. But you can still use RUB to bet on Russian table tennis, football, handball, and other events.

Bettors should check with their sportsbook to find out if their way of payment has any limits.


FAQ about RUB betting sites and bookmakers

Does the RUB currency change my odds at Russian bookmakers and betting sites?

The RUB currency has no effect on the chances of winning. Instead, the odds change based on the rules of your bookmaker.

Is it safe to use RUB gaming sites and bookmakers?

Yes, as long as you use legitimate operators. Be careful, though, because the biggest names in the world are banned in Russia, so you need to pay more attention to your bookmaker.

Is it a good deal to trade RUB for sports betting?

If you want to change RUB to EUR, that’s fine; you won’t have to pay too much. However, if you want to change RUB to EUR to GBP, you’ll have to pay more.

What languages can be used on betting sites and bookies in RUB?

You can also find international languages like English and French, but keep in mind that Russian is the main language in a lot of places, so pay attention to the translation.

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