Betting Sites in Gibraltar by the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association in 2023 🔥

Population: 34.000

Active players: 7.000

Currency: Gibraltar Pound (GIP)

Regulated gambling products:  Casino games, betting, lottery, poker, slots, bingo

Operator types: Licensed online bookmakers and casinos

Designated Authority: Gambling Commissioner, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Status: Regulated

5 Things to Know About Betting in Gibraltar

  • The minimum gambling age in Gibraltar is 18 (16 for lotteries)
  •  The Gaming Act of 2005 controls the industry
  •  Gibraltar-licensed bookies can automatically provide their services in the UK
  •  The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority oversees all gambling procedures

The Gaming History of Gibraltar 📜

Gibraltar is the United Kingdom’s only overseas territory that is both a member of the European Union and a member of the European Economic Area. As such, it is recognized as a legal gaming jurisdiction in the UK Gambling Act of 2005. If you are a keen betting aficionado, you will be aware that the GBGA is a well-known name that is associated with some of the industry’s most renowned betting websites. The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association has been focused on several main principles since its foundation more than a decade ago. They include a secure, fair, and competitive offering, as well as a high degree of quality for all clients.

Sportsbook License Requirements for the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association 🏆

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association is one of the most renowned online betting authorities, despite not being as well-known as the UK Gambling Commission. All GBGA applicants must go through extensive testing and screening procedures. The license is often quite difficult to get, and not all applicants are successful in meeting the requirements. For starters, the GBGA will not consider a bookie unless it operates a lucrative and respected sportsbook. Only proven enterprises with a strong track record and a secure financial condition are taken into account. If the bookmaker passes the initial round of the screening procedure, they must agree to abide by the GBGA’s rigorous norms and policies. These include regular privacy controls, financial transparency, anti-money laundering regulations, and other general behavior policies.

If you need any confidence about the GBGA’s worth, just look at the list of GBGA-licensed online bookies. It’s a short list that includes names like William Hill, Betfair, and Bet365. If an online bookmaker is regulated by the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, it is a safe and reliable betting platform.

Effective Control by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority ⚖️

The GBGA maintains effective control through a variety of techniques. It monitors and manages its members’ licenses on a regular basis. The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association’s code of conduct applies to all regulated internet bookies. The Gambling Commissioner is in charge of ensuring that Gibraltar-licensed internet bookies follow the code of practice at all times. Licensed bookmakers must also follow a variety of advertising and tax regulations, but more on that in the following section.

Gibraltar’s Gambling Act of 2005 📝

The Gibraltar Gaming Act of 2005 is the primary piece of legislation in Gibraltar that governs all gambling and betting activities. It’s worth mentioning that this act is partially based on the 2005 Gambling Act in the United Kingdom. The legislation defines betting, gaming, and bookmaking and establishes separate sets of laws for each of these concepts. All GBGA-licensed online bookies are required to respect the Gambling Act of 2005 and all related legal and regulatory standards.

The Fiscal Policy of Gibraltar 💵

The Income Tax Act governs corporate taxation in Gibraltar. The current act is more harsher than the old act, which exempted certain corporations from paying income taxes. The new corporation tax system went into effect in January 2010, bringing with it new tax rates as well as a new set of laws. The tax policy mitigates a 10% headline rate, albeit this is subject to alter depending on the circumstances. The minimum annual tax is 85,000 Euros, with a maximum of 425,000 Euros. Each year, during license removal, providers must furnish the GBGA with all of their tax receipts and financial transactions.

Gibraltar’s Policy on Remote Gaming 🚨

The remote betting and gaming rules are extremely lenient, in contrast to the GBGA’s policy for land-based casinos and sportsbooks. There are no general or special restrictions for offshore foreign companies who desire to provide bookmaker services to GBGA nationals. Any licensed online bookmaker that want to expand its offering to include land-based betting services must get a number of different municipal licenses.

Advertising According to the GBGA, websites that desire to market their products must adhere to the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association’s advertisement guidelines. All types of marketing, including highlighted markets, promotions, and bonuses, must provide precise information as well as clear terms and restrictions.

Complaints Procedure of the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association ⚠️

When you visit the GBGA Contact Us page on their website, you will notice a contact form that you may use to contact them directly. However, keep in mind that the GBA cannot help you with any problems you may be having with their licensed operators. You must contact the relevant operator directly to settle issues about your licensed bookie. When it comes to the terms and conditions you accept with the provider, the GBGA cannot assist you. The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association’s principal goal for bettors is to help them decide how to file and prosecute complaints against a GBGA registered online bookie.

How to Complain to the Gibraltar Gambling Commission 📢

You can submit a form to the commissioner via the GBGA’s official website. To file a complaint, you must first determine whether the GBGA has jurisdiction over your sportsbook.

  • Keep track of any pertinent information. This includes pertinent screenshots, emails, and betting records, among other things.
  • Clearly state in your complaint why you are dissatisfied and wish to file a complaint against the operator.

What Happens Once You File a Complaint with the GBGA❓

After you file a complaint, all you have to do is wait. As previously stated, the GBGA will not assist you in resolving your disagreement with the bookie. What this jurisdiction can do is investigate and decide whether their licensed online bookmaker violated any of the provisions of the Gambling Act of 2005. If this is the case, the bookie’s license will be withdrawn, and you will receive compensation for your losses. Otherwise, your complaint will be dismissed. Naturally, the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association is a respectable organization to be a part of, and no licensed online bookmaker will jeopardies their accreditation for a few pennies. Before filing a complaint, make sure you have read all of the terms and conditions and determined if you have a viable case against the bookie.

Sportsbooks licenced by the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association 🎯

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association is not to be trifled with. Their reputation precedes them as a tight-lipped licensor with a high level of public trust. Obtaining a license from the GBGA is a difficult task, but sportsbooks who have done so are held in high respect. The top three Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association approved online bookmakers are shown below.

FAQs about Gibraltar-Licensed Betting Sites

What is the most reliable GBGA betting site?

You can put your trust in any sportsbook that is licensed in Gibraltar. Because the GBGA is one of the most stringent licensing authorities in the world, punters are entirely safe. But, since every GBGA betting site is superb, how do you choose amongst them? We’ve attempted to simplify things for our visitors by limiting the list to the top seven Gibraltar-licensed betting sites. We’ve done all of the legwork for you, so all you have to do is choose a bookie from the list.

How do you file a complaint with the GBGA and the Gambling Commissioner?

Any pundit who placed a wager at a GBGA-licensed online bookie may file a complaint with the GBGA and the Commissioner. The GBGA has a complaint system that may be accessed directly from their website. To file a complaint, follow our step-by-step approach to filing official complaints, and your problem should be remedied rather quickly.

Do Bookmakers Make Money? Do you need a GBGA license to conduct business online?

The Gibraltar Betting and Gambling Association is a well-known name in the world of online gambling. Being a GBGA-licensed online bookmaker benefits the company by establishing its reputation as a trustworthy and bettor-friendly website. Although the GBGA licence is not required to operate an online betting website, it considerably enhances the repute and stature of any organisation that obtains it. Read our in-depth look at GBGA licensing regulations for additional information.

Is it legal to gamble on sports in Gibraltar?

Sports betting, like practically all other types of betting and gaming, is totally legal in Gibraltar. In fact, gambling is a significant part of Gibraltar’s economy. The internet betting and gambling sector employs more than 10% of the overall population. If you live in Gibraltar, you should have no trouble participating in online gaming.

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