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In this post, we will look at the best online betting sites in Ireland. Ireland has a lengthy history of gambling, dating back to 1931, when the first betting law was enacted. Irish bettors nowadays want to put bets on a regular basis. Football, horse racing, rugby, and various Gaelic games such as football, hurling, and handball are all popular sports. In the country, there was a sizable gray market. However, in 2015, the Betting (Amendment) Act went into effect, regulating the local betting landscape. For the present being, the Department of Justice is the national gambling regulator, while the Revenue Commissioners are in charge of providing betting licenses. The regulators, however, do not aggressively prevent foreign internet companies from offering its services to Irish bettors. As a result, bettors have a plethora of viable options and are free to select the Irish bookmakers of their choice.

5 Things You Should Know About Irish Bookmakers

  • Over 15% of the population bets on a daily basis, and there are currently over 50 regulated internet bookies operating in Ireland. 
  • Winnings from sports betting are tax-free. 
  • The law on spread betting is ambiguous.
  • Because of Conor McGregor’s popularity, MMA betting is on the rise.
  • The legal betting age is 18 years old.

The top Irish bookmakers for 2023🎯

The following is a list of the top online bookmakers in Ireland in 2022. We examined their football, Gaelic football, and horse racing odds and betting markets. Furthermore, we evaluated their services and credibility.

How Irish bookmakers operate 🚀

Transparent regulation and cheap operator costs have resulted in Ireland’s robust betting business. Over 800 regulated land-based betting shops are established across the country, with the majority of them owned by BoyleSports and Paddy Power and the remainder by lesser operators. More than 50 online betting licenses have been approved by Revenue Commissioners.

All online bookmakers in Ireland who intend to apply for a license must pay a charge of EUR 10,000 for a two-year license. In addition, he must pay a 2% betting charge as well as a 25% intermediate betting cost that is paid directly to the state. Irish bookmakers that operate without a license face a EUR 150,000 penalties, which can be quadrupled for repeat offenders. Despite predictions that significant changes to the (amending) betting law will be made in 2019, the date has been pushed back; the sole recent modification was an increase in the minimum age restrictions from 16 to 18 years.

What players should be aware of when it comes to Irish online bookmakers👇🏻 

The vast number of operators present in Ireland, as in other countries, means that bettors may readily discover bookies in Ireland that provide high odds. Please keep in mind that winnings from Irish internet bookmakers are tax-free.

However, the legal structure around spread betting is murky, as it is regarded as a source of consistent income rather than a recreational pastime. It is also worth noting that, due to the enormous odds and diverse choice of betting markets offered by online bookmakers, the vast majority of Irish bettors have shifted their attention away from betting shops and racetracks; this has naturally had a detrimental influence on traditional betting turnover.

What sports are available at Irish bookmakers? 🧐

The Irish are huge sports lovers and among the most ardent bettors in the world. Sport is an inherent aspect of Irish culture and plays a vital role in Irish society. Traditional Gaelic games are by far the most popular sports in Ireland. Gaelic football, Gaelic handball, rounders, hurling, and camogie – the female equivalent of hurling – are among them. They are all managed by the local Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA). Hurling markets, in particular, are frequently available at Irish bookies.

In addition to Gaelic games, bookmakers in the country offer a large selection of football markets, horse racing, and rugby, which are the most popular sports. Irish bettors enjoy placing wagers whenever the national football or rugby team competes in major tournaments. The Irish Derby is the most important national race in horse racing, and bettors are keen to wager on it.

How to Bet at Irish Bookmakers 🎲

Following a thorough examination of all areas of Ireland’s online bookies, we will now turn our attention to their payment options. When betting in Ireland, keep in mind that you can deposit and withdraw using almost any method.

Debit cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are commonly accepted. Google Pay and Apple Pay have also gained popularity among bettors in recent years. However, at the end of August 2021, all licensed bookmakers in Ireland, both online and offline, agreed to a year-long ban on credit card betting. As a result, those who wager on local licensees will no longer be allowed to finance their accounts using credit cards.

What is the future of the Irish market? 🍀

Since 2015, Ireland has taken the correct step in following the successful example of the United Kingdom in regulating its online betting business. No gains tax and a diverse selection of betting alternatives are always in players’ benefit, as increased competition leads to better odds.

The fact that the minimum age standards have been raised is a great step toward keeping minors safe; however, Ireland must address the high rates of gambling addiction among young people. What modifications will be included in the gambling bill remains to be seen. A new gambling bill, in particular, is expected to be prepared sooner rather than later. It plans to change the country’s gaming regulations and establish an independent gambling regulatory authority. Until that happens, gamblers will continue to place bets with their preferred online Irish bookies.

List of all Irish bookmakers 🤑

Because we thoroughly examined the local betting market, it is now time to provide you with the complete list of bookmakers in Ireland. Examine them all carefully and select the one that best meets your needs.


In Ireland, how many bookies are there?

In Ireland, there are now over 800 land bookmakers and over 50 online bookies operating lawfully. Bettors can choose to gamble on local licensees or on overseas operators who are able to operate in the country’s market.

Is there a new Irish bookmaker on the market?

Every year, dozens of new entrants enter the Irish market. To save you from having to conduct your own research, we’ve put them all onto our new bookmaker website. So you can just browse all of the new bookmakers Ireland has to offer and select the one that best meets your requirements.

What are the finest online bookies in Ireland?

Due to the fact that online sports betting is allowed in Ireland, there are hundreds of bookies who welcome Irish gamblers. However, Bet365 and Bwin stand out above the rest. Both are among the greatest bookmakers in the world, with very competitive odds and a diverse choice of markets in all prominent sports like football, rugby, and hurling.

22Bet is available in Ireland?

Yes, 22Bet is one of the top international bookies in Ireland, and it accepts customers from all throughout the country. It offers over 60,000 pre-match events per month, a good 95 percent payout for the top leagues, and over 100 deposit ways.

Can I place a bet on Vbet in Ireland?

Vbet is not available in Ireland, sadly. In actuality, there may be hundreds of good online bookies in the country; but, Vbet is not one of them. You can compare all of the options in our study and select the bookmaker that best meets your betting needs.

Is it possible to place bets on 1xBet from Ireland?

No, 1xBet does not accept bets from Irish residents because the company does not operate in the nation. 1xBet, in particular, is one of the most well-known bookmakers in the world; nonetheless, he has chosen not to serve Irish bettors. However, for those who are familiar with the BetB2B platform, 22Bet is an excellent option.

What exactly is the Irish Bookmakers Association (IBA)?

The Irish Bookmakers Association is the organization that represents the great majority of betting establishments in Ireland. It was founded in 2005 and now has subscriptions to over 750 land bookmakers, out of the more than 800 lawfully operating in the country.

Is it possible to find independent Irish bookmakers?

Independent bookies can operate smoothly in Ireland, as they do in many other nations. These are non-EU regulated bookmakers (including the majority of Curacao and Panama) that welcome European and, in this case, Irish bettors. Take caution not to mix them up with self-proclaimed Irish independent bookies like BetMcLean.

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