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This post will be of great assistance if you are looking for the top Malta betting sites with generous odds, eye-catching promos, and a diverse range of sports to play on. Malta is a small Mediterranean island that was originally governed by the Knights Hospitaller and has a rich history that dates back to 5900 BC. Although it is one of the world’s smallest countries, it is regarded as a gaming industry titan because it was the first EU country to regulate internet gambling in 2004. It also houses the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), one of Europe’s most famous gambling regulators. The MGA’s excellent reputation, combined with its cheap tax rates and licence fees, enticed numerous betting companies to establish their headquarters there. As a result, players have the opportunity to place bets on major international betting sites in Malta, such as Bet365, Betfair, and Bwin.

Population: 441.253

Active players: 223.000

Currency: Euro

Regulated gambling products: Sports betting, horse racing, casino games, lottery, bingo

Operator types: Licensed online & land-based bookmakers and casinos

Designated authority: Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Status: Regulated

5 Things to Know About Betting in Malta

  • The legal gambling age is 18;
  •  The Gaming Act, 2018 controls the local gambling industry;
  •  The MGA is the country’s licencing authority;
  •  All licensees are subject to a 5% tax on their gross gaming revenue; and
  •  Players’ wins are tax-free.

Malta’s top betting sites 📈

Malta is the place to be if you’re seeking for a reputable betting company. In truth, the following shortlist covers the best online betting sites available in Malta. We chose them because of their high football odds, wide range of betting markets, and enticing daily promos.

Online gambling in Malta: The Legal Framework 📝

The Public Lotto Ordinance, which was passed in 2000, was the first step toward regulating internet gaming in Malta. A year later, in 2001, the Lotteries and Other Games Act was enacted, and the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), or Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) as it is known today, was founded. The MGA was one of the first regulators to propose legislation to regulate the activities of internet gaming enterprises. Malta became an EU member state in 2004, and it was also the first country in the European Union to regulate internet gaming. Only a year after joining the EU, in 2005, the Remote Gaming Regulations went into effect, allowing internet gambling companies to apply for one of the four new categories of licences. Online betting operators, in particular, have gained access to a Class 2 licence.

The current gambling legislation, known as the Gaming Act, went into effect on August 1, 2018. All types of online gambling are allowed in Malta, according to its rules. Because of the MGA’s reputation and the low tax rates for operators, the little island country is considered a very appealing place for worldwide betting enterprises. All licenced bookies are required to pay a 5% tax on their gross revenue. The MGA is in charge of issuing licences and collecting gambling-related taxes. In addition, the Maltese regulatory agency is continually updating a list of unlicensed operators.

Important information for foreign bettors in Malta ⚠️

If you are a foreigner living in Malta looking for betting information, you have come to the right site. To begin, online betting is completely legal in Malta if you are at least 18 years old. It is important to note that your winnings are not taxed. When it comes to the paperwork you’ll need to register with a bookie or verify your account, keep in mind that a residence permit isn’t required. Simply present your passport and you are ready to leave.

If you work for a betting organisation in Malta and are wondering if you are permitted to bet online, the answer is yes. However, we would not recommend doing so on the same bookie for which you work because it would be against the company’s policy.


Malta is the EU’s online gambling hub, with many bookmakers deciding to relocate their headquarters there and secure an MGA licence. This arose as a result of the small Mediterranean island country’s extremely low tax rates. As a result, it is regarded as a tax shelter for gambling enterprises. Locals may not be interested in online sports betting in Malta. It is, nevertheless, the favourite hobby of the expats who live and work there, and they are the ones who continue to shape the destiny of the local betting market.


Q: Is it legal to bet online in Malta?

Online gambling, in general, and online betting in particular, are totally legal in Malta. The 2018 Gaming Act governs all gaming activities in the small island country, and the MGA is in charge of issuing licences to internet bookies.

Q: Does William Hill accept bets from bettors in Malta?

Yes, William Hill Malta is one of the big international bookmakers that are fully accessible to local gamblers. More specifically, it has a current MGA betting licence and operates legally in the country.

Q: Does 1XBet accept players from Malta?

No, 1XBet Malta is one of the international bookmakers that does not allow players from the country. In fact, its website is not even accessible from within the country. Furthermore, it is featured on the MGA’s list of unauthorised betting sites.

Q: Is it allowed in Malta to use betting exchanges?

Online betting businesses in Malta, such as Betfair, are fully licenced to provide both a sportsbook and an exchange to local players. This is because the MGA, in addition to giving licences for internet bookies, also issues licences for betting exchanges.

Q: Can I access Unibet from Malta?

Yes, Unibet is available from Malta and accepts residents there. Unibet Malta, in particular, holds a gaming licence provided by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). As a result, it functions legally in the country.

Q: Can Betsson accept players from Malta?

They certainly can. It is worth noting that Betsson Malta is one of the largest betting organisations with operational headquarters in the small Mediterranean island country, and it, of course, owns an MGA licence.

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