Ripple (XRP) Betting Sites – Best online bookmakers that accept Ripple (XRP) πŸ€‘

Regardless of your feelings regarding Ripple, XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, with both ardent admirers and vociferous detractors. Unlike Bitcoin, which is a decentralized, peer-to-peer payment network, Ripple is a private financial company that has been in operation since 2012. It operates its own payment network, RippleNet, and uses XRP as its currency. Through the usage of RippleNet, this allows for highly quick but also extremely low-cost transactions. Read further to find out which are the best Ripple betting sites in 2023! Ripple was designed in this manner because it aspires to be a global digital payment solution and a bridge between banks and the crypto world. All of the foregoing, therefore, makes for a highly appealing idea for a gaming payment method. We’ll look at how it can be utilized for XRP betting on Ripple gambling websites. We will present some important information about the currency and the process, as well as a list of the finest possibilities for you to play.

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Top 10 Ripple (XRP) Betting Sites (2024)

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100% up to €200 / Bonus code: WELCOME

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Welcome Bonus 5BTC + 100 FS

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Welcome Bonus 250% up to 1.000€ + 150 Free Spins

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150% first deposit sports bonus up to 1 500 €/$

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Sports Welcome Bonus will be credited to your account immediately after your first deposit. Then you should activate the bonus manually. (You should activate the bonus first and then place the bet, otherwise you will not get the bonus).

The minimum required deposit to get the Bonus is 20 €/$ max deposit is 1 500 €/$

You need to wager 15 times the capital and bonus amount On accumulators only with a minimum of 3 items

Each item must have a minimum of 1.3 odds

The max bet amount is 1 000 €/$

If the wagering requirements for the bonus have not been met within 30 days following the acceptance of the bonus, then the bonus amount and its derived winnings will be nullified.

This Bonus cannot be combined with any other promotions. Only one bonus can be active at any one time. This means that you may not have any funds on your bonus balance when claiming a new bonus.

Rolletto reserves the right to alter, terminate or withdraw the promotion at any time at its own discretion.

This promotion is valid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Rolletto.

If an unfair/fraudulent action on the part of the user is recorded, the user will automatically be suspended from the promotion without prior notice.


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Ripple Betting Sites You Can Trust in 2024 πŸ₯‡

Despite the fact that XRP is not extensively utilized for betting, we have compiled a list of the best Ripple betting sites. Our choice is based on dependability, great community feedback, and a diverse range of marketplaces. If you are already familiar with XRP sports betting, choose one of the bookmakers and have fun betting. If not, continue to our XRP betting basics guide.

What is Ripple (XRP)? πŸ› οΈ

Several essential factors combine to make Ripple’s cryptocurrency XRP a one-of-a-kind solution, not only for betting but in general. It aspires to provide a link between the cryptocurrency sector and the traditional banking system. It employs a mechanism identical to that used by SWIFT payments banks, making it extremely dependable and efficient.

Ripple XRP, like Bitcoin, has no mining; the complete number of coins accessible has already been produced, and circulation is slowly being released into the market over the next few years. This coin’s principal goal is to become the global digital currency of the future, and the best XRP bookies stand to earn greatly from this.

XRP’s advantages in gambling βœ…

This cryptocurrency is without a doubt one of the best payment methods for gambling. That is, you should keep a watch out for it on any XRP betting site. Let’s look at some of the many reasons why below:


It is safe to say that when you decide to place a bet, you would prefer to do so as soon as feasible. Even if standard payment methods, like as cards and e-wallets, are quite fast, you are frequently subjected to extra scrutiny, background checks, and unwanted invasions of privacy, especially if you are a frequent and very active bettor. Bookmakers that use XRP, which uses the Ripple payment network, are able to complete transactions in real time. A transaction is carried out practically instantly. And the best thing is… You are not required to answer to anyone about your activity, regardless of how much or how frequently you deposit and withdraw.

Fees are VERY low πŸ’²

You’d expect that such transactional speed would come at the expense of expensive fees. The amazing thing is that this is not the case. When depositing or withdrawing at an XRP gaming site, you will never pay more than a small fraction of a cent for a Ripple transaction.

It is not as decentralized as one might assume β›”

Cryptocurrencies are frequently associated with decentralization. Unfortunately, because it is the product of a private financial organization, XRP is heavily centralized. The founding team owns the majority of the (to-be) circulating supply of coins. Depending on how you look at it, this isn’t always a terrible thing. The fact that it is backed by a significant firm adds to the security that XRP will never go up in flames along with your assets.

There are no geographical limitations 🌎

One of Ripple’s primary goals is to establish itself as a global digital currency. This is shown by the fact that you may send Euros to a buddy in Japan using XRP and they will instantaneously receive them in Yen. To be honest, it doesn’t get more global than this, and you can finally take advantage of it by choosing betting sites that accept XRP.

A fantastic alternative for mobile gambling πŸ“±

Mobile gaming is used by the great majority of players. It is actually incredibly convenient to be able to manage all of your betting from the palm of your hand. You can fund your mobile betting account with XRP in seconds if you choose Ripple gambling. You may also access your money using your digital wallet, so you can bet whenever, wherever, and whatever you choose.

A fantastic choice for live betting 🎬

XRP gaming, like mobile gambling, may be the ideal alternative for live betting. Because of the unparalleled speed of the Ripple network transaction, you may fund your bankroll for live betting in seconds! It is now possible to accomplish this by the time Christiano Ronaldo finishes posing before a free kick.

XRP sportsbetting security πŸ”’

A vast number of well-known financial institutions have backed up and cooperated with Ripple. UBS bank, Santander bank, and Union Credit are just a few of its significant partners. As you might imagine, such institutions would not support it unless it was incredibly efficient and trustworthy.

Ripple (XRP) respects users’ privacy πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ

All transactions are documented and handled by the Ripple payment network’s blockchain. Everything is recorded on the blockchain, and your identity is safeguarded because the only available information on the blockchain is the address of your XRP digital wallet, and nothing else.

Lower deposits lead to higher withdrawals πŸ’Έ

This is a much-appreciated benefit of using cryptocurrencies for gambling. When it comes to moving funds into and out of your account, you have superior lows and highs. In short, XRP sports betting is more inclusive because it allows for a greater range of betting quantities. This, combined with the ability to use XRP anonymously, makes gaming more accessible to people who would otherwise be unbankable or unable to afford larger deposit restrictions. Oh, and the best part? Your deposits will never be turned down. Once a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it is complete. Irreversible.

Weaknesses in XRP betting ❗

We discussed the several benefits of utilizing Ripple XRP for betting. On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks. They should not be neglected, nor should they be dismissed because they do not outweigh the benefits of Ripple gambling. Let’s go over them now.

To use crypto, you must be technically savvy πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ«

It is true that you must be somewhat tech-savvy in order to study the various benefits that cryptocurrencies have to offer and how to use them. This is also true for Ripple XRP. To utilize it at a Ripple betting site, you must first gain a particular level of understanding. Although it is not rocket science, it is a degree of expertise above what the average user is capable or willing to have.

Ripple is a relatively new payment technique πŸ†•

Even today, you’ll have to look hard to discover betting sites that use Ripple XRP as a payment mechanism. This demonstrates that there is still opportunity for advancement and adoption in the cryptocurrencies available to gamblers looking for the best bang for their buck. Fortunately, you can discover them in our list of the finest xrp betting sites.

It is not as decentralized as you may think 🀚

While we have described why we see it as a benefit, there are some who argue that the centralized nature of Ripple XRP is not. Most cryptos are not controlled by a single body, which contributes to the crypto space’s libertarian stance. Many cryptocurrency supporters detest Ripple because of the extent of monopolization it has over XRP. Furthermore, when one entity controls 51 percent of the supply, it is not always hopeful. The danger of yanking the rug out from under every XRP holder is always present. This horrible scenario will affect not only the gamers, but also the XRP betting sites.

The price of XRP fluctuates πŸ“‰

Another characteristic of cryptocurrencies is price volatility. It is not uncommon for the price of XRP to vary dramatically, adding an additional layer of danger to your bankroll. You would surely not enjoy it if all of your gains were wiped out due to a huge drop down in price.

Ripple could be brought down by legal issues ⚠️

Ripple has recently been subjected to some severe claims from the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States (SEC). That is, it is quite likely that they will be involved in a major dispute over whether or not it is regarded a security rather than a currency under US law. Even while it appears that the Ripple Foundation has a solid case for their innocence and is on the verge of reaching a resolution on these claims, it would be extremely unpleasant if a court war broke out, which would undoubtedly harm XRP’s image and pricing. Furthermore, legal entities may pursue Ripple again in the near future.

Is Ripple XRP betting safe and legal? πŸ›‘οΈ

Because it is privately owned, there has been considerable criticism of the level of privacy provided by the Ripple blockchain, as it is nearly difficult to determine how much personal data access the foundation has on its own blockchain. Regardless, XRP, like all cryptocurrency blockchains, is regarded extremely secure. When betting with Ripple XRP, make careful to only use reputable bookmakers. There are also legal and tax implications to consider.

XRP gambling and legislation

Legislation, like everything else in crypto, is a little hazy. But it all boils down to whether or not Ripple gambling is allowed in your area. Another thing to remember is that legislation is fine as long as you play at a reputable bookmaker with an offshore license.

Is XRP gambling taxed?

This is also unclear, but for the time being, it is safe to assume that if gambling or capital gains are taxed in your jurisdiction, you will also have to pay taxes if you use XRP for betting. You may also study the taxes terms and conditions on XRP betting sites or, even better, contact their help and ask. The most responsible thing to do in this situation is to seek the advice of an expert.

What you should know about Ripple gambling πŸ›ˆ

Ripple is a private fintech business that has created a payment system based on their patented payment network, RippleNet. It is constructed on their own blockchain, known as the XRP Ledger. On it, the currency XRP is used to accomplish extremely fast and cheap transactions. Ripple, unlike most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is not a peer-to-peer network. Instead, it seeks to connect significant financial institutions such as banks, payment intermediaries, and exchanges through real-time settlement and minimal transaction costs.

Ripple first appeared in its current form in 2012. However, when compared to the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two cryptocurrency heavyweights, it has failed to acquire widespread adoption among gambling and betting companies. Despite the surrounding debate, primarily for not being sufficiently decentralized, make no mistake: XRP is here to stay. It is still within the top five cryptocurrencies’ grasp. It is an undeniable fact that its characteristics make it an excellent choice for banking in gambling and betting sites taking XRP.

How Does Ripple Work in Sports Betting? πŸ€”

Because ripple is based on blockchain technology, Bitcoin is still necessary to purchase it. This makes it great for people who are already acquainted with Bitcoin, but it might be intimidating for those who have never dabbled in the world of cryptocurrency. However, if you do decide to utilize Ripple for sports betting and discover a site that you like, it is fairly simple to get started. Once you have Ripple coins, you may send a transfer request to your preferred betting site and then transfer your money as you would with any other cryptocurrency.

In terms of safety and security, Ripple is still associated with the same risks that other cryptocurrencies are. Your money is incredibly secure in your digital wallet as a currency. This is because the blockchain enables many degrees of encryption. However, in order to find a sports betting site that accepts Ripple as payment, you will most likely need to select one with a pretty weak license.

This is because bitcoin sports betting involves and relies on anonymity. As a result, betting sites that take cryptocurrencies as payment will normally not demand you to submit any personal information or provide evidence of your identity. This can make it difficult if you encounter any issues, as they are not controlled by any gambling authorities, leaving your safety and security entirely in your own hands. Choose a trustworthy sports betting site that you can rely on.

Where Can You Buy Ripple If You Want to Bet On It? πŸ’°

Ripple may be purchased in the same way that most other cryptocurrencies are. You must first purchase Bitcoin and then trade it for Ripple via a cryptocurrency exchange such as Bittrex or Polonies. You will then be able to exchange real money for Bitcoin, then for Ripple, and vice versa. The Ripple funds will then be saved in a digital wallet, from which you can transmit them to the betting site of your choice.

Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency can be purchased, sold, and traded on a variety of exchange and trading platforms. XRP is supported by over a hundred platforms. Binance, Gemini, and Coinbase Pro are the most popular. Ripple is coupled with different fiat and crypto currencies, including XRP to LTC, XRP to ETH, and the most popular pair, XRP to BTC. You can change currencies in these exchanges, such as Ripple coupled with XRP to USD, XRP to EUR, XRP to GBP, XRP to AUD, and so forth.

After you’ve set up your funds, you’ll need to choose a sports betting site to place your bets on. Nowadays, there are numerous betting sites that enable the usage of cryptocurrencies, and Ripple has a large following on its website since it is supported by many of these sports betting sites.

How to Deposit at Ripple Betting Sites πŸ“

Once you’ve opted to use Ripple as a payment method, all you have to do is buy some from a reputable exchange. In terms of XRP volume, we would recommend Binance as the leading exchange. Liquidity will never be an issue this way. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a Binance account. This stage necessitates KYC.
  • Make a fiat money deposit.
  • Purchase some XRP and deposit it in your digital wallet.
  • Sign up for an account at any of your favorite XRP bookmakers.
  • Select the XRP deposit option. Make a note of the unique address generated there. Always double-check the address where you are depositing cryptocurrency.
  • Return to your personal wallet and copy the above address. Confirm.
  • That’s all. Your money will be ready in moments (if not seconds), and you will be able to place whatever bet you want. Enjoy.

How to Withdraw from Ripple Betting Sites 🏧

Withdrawing your XRP from your bookmaker is a rather simple operation. In reality, you merely reverse the actions you took when you deposited. Let’s have a look at them together:

  • Select the option to withdraw funds from your account.
  • Carefully copy and paste the address from your own wallet, and send your profits back to yourself.
  • Congratulation. You now have some XRP in your possession.

You can now utilize that XRP to either transfer money on their platform or return to Binance and exchange it for anything, including Bitcoin or fiat currency.

What can you bet on with XRP? 🎰

This nimble cryptocurrency can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used not only in Ripple betting sitesthat accept it, but also in any XRP casino. You can narrow them down by determining which are reputable and trustworthy. Also, seek for games that are provably fair and, as usual, excellent 24/7 customer service. There are options for Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Roulette, and much more among the many games offered.

You can test out some new Ripple betting sites πŸ”

With so many cryptocurrencies available as payment options, it appears that XRP, with its robust, gambling-friendly characteristics, will be more widely available. This is especially noticeable in newer bookies; see our list of the most recent Ripple betting sites below. We only list the best of the crop based on how new they are as well as their dependability, bonuses, deals, and marker options.


Despite the fact that Ripple is a contentious cryptocurrency, it is apparent that it has several fantastic qualities that are ideal for gaming. XRP allows for incredibly rapid and low-cost transactions while also giving significant privacy and versatility. You may use XRP to instantly convert into any money, fiat or crypto.

It’s no accident that XRP is also one of the top five cryptocurrencies, and with major financial institutions backing it up, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As a result, we can fairly predict that Ripple gaming will become more popular in the near future. Nonetheless, the game is still about risk management; gamble sensibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.


I’ve heard that XRP cannot be used as a payment mechanism at an online casino. Is that correct?

On the contrary, many XRP casinos accept it as a form of payment. We may even say that there are more casinos accepting Ripple than betting sites.

Is it safe to bet on Ripple?

Gambling always involves risk, regardless of whether you gamble with fiat currency or bitcoins. Ripple is a very secure payment system.

Is it legal to bet on XRP?

It is, in fact, the same as with fiat. You can legally wager using XRP if gambling is legal in your jurisdiction.

Can I reclaim my XRP if I sent it to the wrong address?

No, it does not. When you make a mistake in a bitcoin transaction, you lose your funds. It is vital to cultivate the practice of always double-checking the address and type of currency you are sending.

What distinguishes Ripple from Bitcoin?

There are a lot of differences between them. Bitcoin is a decentralized payment system, which means it is not controlled by a single body. Ripple is privately held, which means that it is controlled by a single organization. Ripple is a payment settlement, currency exchange, and remittance system that aims to make global money transfers more efficient, whereas Bitcoin is a digital currency.

What exactly is an XRP drop?

XRP can be divided to six decimal places. A Drop is XRP’s smallest denomination. It is equal to one millionth of an XRP.

Can I obtain XRP no-deposit bonuses at the casinos you recommend?

These sites’ deals change over time, but the most recent offers are shown in the table above. Some of them need a deposit, while others do not. Because our ranking algorithm is constantly revising which sites are featured, we wouldn’t want to identify a specific incentive here because it may change or expire over time.

I’ve seen Ripple referred to as the banker’s coin. Do banks have control over it, and can I rely on it?

That’s a rather derogatory name used by competing Bitcoin advocates to discourage people from utilizing Ripple/XRP. They do try to assist banks and improve them, but they are not owned or controlled by banks. In any case, all other money is controlled by banks, yet most people have no problem using it, so why should this be a problem?

Is Ripple as volatile as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

It is, and while it may not be as volatile, you can still gain or lose a lot of money simply by owning XRP. For some gamblers, this is a bonus and an advantage in and of itself. However, it is another risk for more conservative gamblers, and if you are concerned about this, you should pay out for USD or another money as soon as you win.


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