COD Betting: The Ultimate Guide to Call of Duty Betting

COD betting markets are among the most prominent esports betting markets in the industry as a top-tier esports title. If you’re new to Call of Duty betting but a lover of the series, this tutorial will teach you how to wager on Call of Duty. We’ll tell you all you need to know about betting on Call of Duty, from the Call of Duty League to the different game types that are available.

From the most competitive odds to the most advanced integrations, the market for esports betting sites is wide. One of the most crucial things you can do if you’re going to bet on Call of Duty is to choose the ideal platform for your time, effort, and, of course, money. It’s critical to the process to only gamble with a recognized, reliable, and secure platform, and that’s all you’ll find in this tutorial.

Call of duty betting - everything you need to know about Call of Duty betting, best bonuses from Best Bookmakers

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Because Call of Duty is one of the most popular Esports titles, there are several CoD bookmakers to pick from. It’s more difficult to find a gambling website that doesn’t offer Call of Duty betting markets than it is to find one that does, but that doesn’t mean that all bookmakers are suitable choices.

Finding reliable Call of Duty betting sites is the first and most crucial stage in your Call of Duty betting journey, and it will determine your long-term success. While some may take it for granted, you must pay special attention to which website you choose as your go-to bookie for Call of Duty League betting.

Remember that the finest Call of Duty betting sites will have competitive CoD odds and a sufficient number of CoD wagering markets, which are two key elements for Call of Duty betting. Furthermore, the site must be legitimate and licensed, as this is the only way to secure the safety of your money and personal information.

Aside from that, there are several extra qualities to look for. There are ample payment choices, live streaming, in-play wagering markets, and a Call of Duty betting app.

To be sure, a strong website must check several things to be regarded a suitable choice for Call of Duty betting, although many Call of Duty betting sites do. You must be aware of where to look.

How Popular Is COD Betting?

Without a doubt, COD betting is incredibly popular among most esports fans. More markets come up across the world’s biggest esports betting sites as the Call of Duty League increases in terms of viewership and overall value.

The Call of Duty franchise expands at an alarming rate with each new year. There’s something for every player in the scene, from the record-breaking Call of Duty Mobile to the top-tier battle royale, Call of Duty Warzone. Despite its continual expansion, Call of Duty isn’t regarded as one of the best esports titles. League of Legends and Dota 2 are at the top of the rankings, as they are two of the largest and most popular esports platforms available today.

Of course, this does not preclude the existence of Call of Duty esports betting markets. You’ll almost probably discover Call of Duty League betting markets if you log into your favorite esportsbook or standard sportsbook.

Call of Duty is often a ‘seasonal’ title; it isn’t like CSGO, where there is always a competition going on, and this is crucial to know. When the Call of Duty League is active, there are markets available virtually every week, but finding dependable marketplaces during the ‘off-season’ can be more difficult.

How to Get an Advantage in Call of Duty Betting

In the end, Call of Duty betting is all about the numbers. You’ve already gained an advantage if you’re analyzing the players and teams and determining who is more likely to win. If you’re betting blind, nothing but luck will guide your bets, and you’ll only have yourself to blame if you lose.

A professional Call of Duty player will typically spend hours upon hours every day practicing, challenging themselves, and improving their skills. At the end of the day, there will always be a bigger fish out there. It’s critical to be able to see the bigger fish, and knowing which players to keep an eye on will be crucial.

However, there have been some great upsets in the history of Call of Duty esports. It is not always possible to anticipate the outcome of a match, and an underdog squad can frequently emerge out of nowhere to dominate a much superior team. As previously said, in some situations, a single bullet might mean the difference between a win and a loss – and sometimes, overconfidence can be the stronger side’s undoing.

Having said that, you should make an effort to comprehend both the game and your opponents on-screen. Today, you may follow a player’s statistics and records using websites like this Wiki. If you’re a visual learner, consider following some of the greatest COD broadcasters around, watching them play live and witnessing the strategies they employ unfold in real-time.

There are times when nothing beats learning the game through the eyes and abilities of a top-tier professional competitor.

Trying to place a wager on Call of Duty? First, here's how it works.

Let’s start with the main multiplayer component of Call of Duty esports. The ‘esports formula’ driving Call of Duty has stayed basically similar for years. With each new title, there are a few changes to the rulebook, maps, and overall vibe of the competition, but for the most part, it remains a familiar and consistent presence.

Call of Duty esports are fully regulated and fairly exclusive at the highest level. They are designated for the pinnacle of Call of Duty gameplay, and each year, the world’s greatest Call of Duty players take to the grandest stages. Traditionally, they will compete in a 4v4 configuration across a variety of game modes. If you want to put Call of Duty bets, you should have a fundamental understanding of various game modes.

While over twenty significant Call of Duty titles have been released since 2003, three serve as the competitive foundation for Call of Duty esports:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II • Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Typically, all Call of Duty betting will center on the multiplayer title – in this case, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, which is set to release in October 2022. However, there are exclusive events held on the Warzone platform that provide Call of Duty aficionados with unrivaled betting options. If you want to be an efficient Call of Duty bettor, you’ll need to understand everything you can about these games and the finest Call of Duty teams that compete.

Fortunately, in the present competitive scenario, the Call of Duty League only has three game modes. This makes accurate Call of Duty predictions much easier, but it’s not all about chance.

Search and Destroy

Few modes in competitive first-person shooter gaming are as well-known as Search and Destroy. This mode is at the heart of the majority of competitive shooters, and it offers a very basic notion. In Search and Destroy, one team must protect two ‘bomb sites’ on a map while the other team battles to destroy one of them. However, if one team fully wipes out the other, the round will be over.

Search and Destroy matches in Call of Duty esports are often played in a first-to-six style. Few other game modes in Call of Duty offer the intensity of Search and Destroy, where a single bullet may frequently affect the rhythm of the entire fight.


Hardpoint, first introduced in 2011’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has players fighting to secure a constantly changing area on the map. For every passing second that a team holds the area, they will gain a point, for a total of 250 points, or a ‘time-out’. This is a little faster-paced than Search and Destroy, but it’s no less tactical.

Several essential mechanics must be used in Hardpoint for teams to score a massive win. This includes efficient map rotations, spawn trapping, locking spawns, and strategic positioning. These are also the longest Call of Duty esports matchups, especially if both teams are neck and neck.

This is another thrilling game mode for those interested in a little Call of Duty gambling, as it frequently comes down to the wire, with the tables turning at the last second.


Control is a new game mode introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War in 2019, and it has already proven to be quite popular among long-time franchise fans. Control is essentially a hybrid of Hardpoint and Search and Destroy, with one side attempting to defend two points on a map while the other fights to secure both.

It’s a little complicated at first because there are various caveats to the game format, but after a few rounds, you’ll grasp how it works. To begin, keep in mind that each round, both teams have completely different goals. It is the attackers’ responsibility to capture particular areas within the time limit. Defenders, on the other hand, must either deplete the attackers’ respawn tickets or defend until the clock runs out.

It’s a tactical game style that, like Hardpoint, can be changed in the blink of an eye.


The World Series of Warzone debuted in 2021, acting as the primary competitive venue for Call of Duty Warzone. It was sponsored by Activision Blizzard and had a multi-million dollar prize pool. It was a global tournament that included both the EU and the NA regions, allowing players of all skill levels to compete.

Finally, a Warzone tournament is rather straightforward, and it boils down to two crucial pieces of information.

  1. First, consider the format: solo, duet, triumvirate, or quads.
  2. Then there’s the style of point accumulation, which can take the shape of a ‘kill race’ or an outright triumph, as in the World Series of Warzone solo category. Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, a ten-year professional Call of Duty veteran, won the single match and took home $100,000 in prize money.

Warzone is currently a development platform for esports competitions, and being the most popular battle royale title on the planet, there will be plenty more to come.

Mobile Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Mobile is enormously valuable to the whole COD ecosystem, having some big esports tournaments. For example, the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, which generally has a $2,000,000 prize fund, is at the top of the table. It often attracts a different pool of organizations than conventional multiplayer titles, but it is far from less competitive.

Call of duty betting - everything you need to know about Call of Duty betting, best bonuses from Best Bookmakers

Many players enjoy the game on a daily basis, and some of the top Call of Duty Mobile gamers have accumulated millions of fans since the game’s release in 2019. Call of Duty: Mobile is only getting better as a game and as an esports title as mobile-based esports become more popular. Consider investing in the CODM platform if you’re seeking for COD betting options on the go.

What Sets It Apart From Other FPS Games

While Call of Duty is a hugely successful genre, some argue that it is ‘too simple’ for players to excel on a competitive level, according to many Call of Duty data sources. It’s a ‘arcade’ title, with a focus on quick movement and reflexes rather than realism or complex strategy. When competing, players spend a lot of effort optimizing and adopting absurd methods such as “slide canceling,” “drop shots,” and “jump shots.”

Although Modern Warfare II, due out in 2022, has been reported to remove parts of these mobility mechanics, most notably the slide cancel mechanic.

When these larger-than-life maneuvers are combined with aim assist features, a player can literally soar across the map. While being a professional Call of Duty player requires a certain amount of ability, it is also one of the most accessible competitive titles available, especially when it comes to the free-to-play battle royale mode, Call of Duty Warzone.

When it comes to Call of Duty betting, however, you’re better off understanding which players are the most proficient with a controller rather than which have a better tactical mind.


There’s a lot to learn about the latest Call of Duty betting tips available online today. There’s a full end-to-end flow out there, from the most banal, generic ideas to the specific pieces of vital guidance. It all starts with using the finest CoD betting sites and finishes with understanding enough about the ecosystem and its teams to win your bets with ease.

  • Research the teams, players, and even the game itself to learn everything you can.
  • Only bet on markets you understand, and spend time learning about those you don’t.
  • If you find yourself on a losing streak, consider taking a step back and revising your plan.
  • Start small and work your way up, playing safer markets and odds if you’re new to CoD betting.There are free-to-play Call of Duty games available; download them and try them out for risk-free learning.

That concludes our guide to the best COD betting sites; we wish you success with your wagers!

The Competitive Platforms

The Call of Duty League is played on the PC platform as of 2022, however players can utilize a variety of controllers that have been pre-approved by the governing organization. While Call of Duty matches can be played on any platform, all competitive CoD tournaments (at the highest level) are played on PC due to cross-platform capabilities.

Typically, this provides the highest quality gameplay for both players and viewers. Competitors benefit from high frame rates, sharp graphics, and quick loading times on the PC platform, ensuring that the competition stays fast-paced, fair, and of high quality.

Of course, certain smaller, less well-known competitions can be played across platforms. Players in the Call of Duty amateur scene come from all around the world and use a variety of platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation. However, you will never find Call of Duty odds for these little, unexceptional tournaments when it comes to Call of Duty betting.

Esports, Tournaments, and Prize Pools for Call of Duty

No competition in Call of Duty is bigger or more impressive than the Call of Duty League, abbreviated as the ‘CDL’. This event was previously known as the Call of Duty World League, however an update in 2019 basically re-created the entire platform. It is now the most prestigious esports event in the world of Call of Duty, with a franchised roster worth tens of millions of dollars.

The Call of Duty League’s 2022 season will have twelve teams competing on the Call of Duty Vanguard platform. There’s a massive prize pool worth $5 million up for grabs, with the eventual winner taking home a whopping $1.2 million in the final stage of the competition. It’s one of the most valuable leagues in esports today, with endless chances for Call of Duty betting, sponsorship recognition, and viewership.

The World Series of Warzone, an international competition on COD’s battle royale platform, runs alongside the Call of Duty League. This multi-stage event also has a large prize pool – $1.2 million – and is the most popular tournament in Warzone.

There are also Call of Duty: Mobile tournaments, the most notable of which is the CODM World Championship. The prize pool for this huge event is usually approximately $2 million. There are numerous COD betting options for Call of Duty Mobile, as mobile gaming in general is getting increasingly popular.


All Call of Duty Esports betting companies will have some sort of betting bonus available for their users, owing to the fact that bonuses and promotions are now considered more of an industry standard than a bonus feature as of 2023. Nonetheless, some bookmakers perform better in terms of betting bonuses than others.

Notably, all websites that accept Call of Duty wagers will give welcome bonuses. These take the shape of a first-deposit bonus, with some Call of Duty bookmakers additionally offering a welcome free bet. However, there are other opportunities available to you.

Not all, but some Call of Duty betting sites will run special promotions during major events or before big games. Acca enhancements, Call of Duty odds boosts, increased betting markets, and free bets are all possibilities. Naturally, taking advantage of any incentives would be beneficial. Even if the availability of a betting bonus is not the most crucial feature to seek for in Call of Duty betting sites, it certainly helps to have access to a reward on occasion.

You should favor CoD odds over betting incentives, but don’t take them for granted. Preferably, you should sign up with Call of Duty bookies that can provide you with both, and there are plenty to pick from.

It does not necessarily imply that LVBet is the superior Call of Duty betting site, but it does have better odds on this particular match. As someone who bets on Call of Duty, you should be on the lookout for these differences and always bet with the greatest available Cod odds.

Knowing that you can acquire better Call of Duty odds by checking through different Call of Duty bookies, it makes sense to have accounts with many betting sites. This allows you to price shop and wager with Call of Duty Esports betting companies that offer the best possible return.

Before you can wager on Call of Duty, you must first learn how to understand Call of Duty odds. That may sound complicated to people who have never done it before, but if you understand how Call of Duty betting odds work, comprehending CoD odds should be fairly simple.

CoD odds function similarly to betting odds on any other Esports title and are posted uniformly across all sportsbooks. Even while the odds can be displayed in Decimal, Fractional, or American style depending on the bookie, you can easily alter the format on any gambling websites, so understanding how to read only one option is sufficient.

However, while reading CoD odds is simple, you should be aware that when betting on CoD, you will encounter different odds on the same game. If you use more than one bookmaker, you’ll notice that Call of Duty betting sites frequently price the same matches at different odds.


Betting on Call of Duty can be both interesting and entertaining, not only because of the fast-paced nature of the game, but also because there are so many different sorts of Call of Duty bets available.

Some of the most prevalent bet kinds are moneyline and handicaps, as well as a few Call of Duty bets that you won’t see while betting on other Esports games. Here are some of the most popular Call of Duty bet types for this Esports title.


Although it is more of a proposition bet, the amount of headshots in a game is a popular Call of Duty wager type among Esports gamblers. With this bet, you may forecast how many headshots will be taken in a game, allowing you to wager on how many headshots will be taken in total or how many headshots will result in a given player score.


The tournament winner is an outright CoD bet type that is available at most Esports bookies and is also one of the most popular wager kinds among CoD bettors. It allows you to guess which team will win an event, such as the entire CoD League or any of the Majors.

The main draw of this form of CoD bet is the high Call of Duty odds it may provide, which can easily approach double or triple digits. Furthermore, the majority of Call of Duty betting companies will provide unique promotions on this wagering market, most typically in the form of a CoD odds bump.


The winner of the game is the same bet type as the moneyline, which can be found while betting on PUBG or any other Esports title. This sort of CoD bet predicts which side will win the next game or series and nothing else.


A bet on the player with the most kills is a self-explanatory CoD wager. Although not as popular as a moneyline bet, it can provide numerous excellent betting possibilities and is used by the majority of CoD bettors.

You’re effectively predicting which player will have the most significant performance on any particular map, scoring the most kills for his squad, with this bet type. Because of the nature of this wager, most Call of Duty betting sites will classify it as a proposition wager. This bet type is occasionally available on 1v1 markets, where you can wager on which of the two players will score the most kills.


A betting on the “player with the longest kill streak in a game” is quite similar to the “player with the most kills.” As the name implies, you may guess which player will have the longest kill streak in the future match, i.e. the most kills in a row without dying.


A wager on a player with more points in the team, like the previous two CoD bets, allows you to bet on which team member will score the most points on any particular level. Notably, this bet type is only available in game modes like as Hardpoint, when kills aren’t as crucial as the number of points a side earns by defending a site.


Another popular sort of Call of Duty bet is a betting on which weapon will be utilized the most in a game.” This Call of Duty bet type is not available at all Call of Duty betting sites, primarily because it is an extreme variant of a proposition bet. Still, if you use the finest Call of Duty betting sites with a diverse selection of wagering markets, there’s a strong chance you’ll find it.


Anyone of legal gambling age can place bets and access gambling websites, but not everyone will profit. This is primarily due to the fact that most people approach betting wrong and set themselves up for failure.

Call of duty betting - everything you need to know about Call of Duty betting, best bonuses from Best Bookmakers

We’ve put together a few steps you should follow on your Call of Duty wagering adventure to assist you get started right.

  • The most significant stage in your real money CoD betting journey will be registering with a reputable CoD gambling site. You must choose a licensed Call of Duty bookmaker for Esports that can offer you competitive betting odds and adequate betting markets to allow you to place any Call of Duty wagers you want.It is also strongly recommended that you sign up for numerous Call of Duty betting sites. It will allow you to take advantage of wagering incentives and price shop, ensuring that you always place Call of Duty bets with the greatest odds available.
  • Take your time and conduct some research on the game you wish to wager on before placing your first CoD bet. To locate wise bets, you must analyze the numbers and all relevant data, and you should never place wagers blindly.
  •  If you’re new to Call of Duty betting, you should find a reputable website that can provide you with Call of Duty betting tips so you can learn what to look for before placing your bets and get a better idea of what to wager on.
  •  Live betting is not for everyone, but you should consider placing live Call of Duty wagers once you’ve gotten more comfortable betting on CoD. It opens up a new world of COD betting, which can be both fascinating and lucrative if done right.
  • Finally, learning how to manage your money might be beneficial. It’s an important but frequently disregarded factor that will determine your success as a CoD bettor. Without good bankroll management, you will never earn from betting on CoD or any other Esports title.


Call of Duty live betting entails betting on CoD matches as they unfold. Although it functions similarly to pre-match betting, in-play betting provides an altogether distinct and possibly considerably more entertaining experience.

Live betting is only available to the most skilled CoD bettors, and it may not be for everyone. It is, nonetheless, something that everyone should try.

With live betting, you may bet on CoD matches as they unfold, as well as on in-play betting markets, which are significantly more unpredictable. It does have positives, though, because most Call of Duty betting companies fail to provide accurate CoD odds on live markets, allowing you to locate a plethora of fantastic betting possibilities.

However, you must know how to discover those possibilities, which you can only do if you have prior experience betting on CoD. Furthermore, if you want to bet on Call of Duty live, you must register with Call of Duty betting sites that offer live streaming choices, as only this manner will you be able to follow the action and wager accordingly.


Because Call of Duty is one of the oldest Esports titles, it naturally has a thriving Esports scene. And, while there aren’t as many CoD events as there are CS:GO tournaments, there are more than enough to satisfy any bettor.


The Call of Duty competition is a professional Esports competition for Call of Duty that debuted in 2019 and replaced the former CWL as the scene’s major and only competitive league. It is structured similarly to the Overwatch League and other professional North American sporting contests, with city-based teams supported by independent companies.

All Call of Duty betting companies will provide CoD odds as the key competition in the CoD competitive arena. So, if you want to wager on Call of Duty League, you can be confident that all Esports bookies will provide you with an opportunity.


The Call of Duty League Majors are part of the CDL and are some of the most important events of the season. There will be four CDL Majors in 2023, omitting the CDL Kickoff Classic.

Majors welcomes all CDL teams to fight in a double-elimination bracket for the majority of the prize pool and CDL points, ultimately leading to the CDL Champions. Although less prominent than the CDL Champions, Majors remain one of the most important tournaments for CoD League bettors.


The CDL Champions, the last event of the Call of Duty League and the most popular tournament for Call of Duty bettors, is similar to the Call of Duty World Championship. It welcomes eight of the regular season’s best teams to compete for the largest share of the $2.550,000 prize pool and the title of CoD global champions.

CDL Champions, as one of the world’s largest and most popular Esports events, is highly widely covered by all Call of Duty betting services and even some regular bookmakers. Furthermore, most betting companies will give special bonuses and promotions throughout the CDL Champions, making Champs betting something that any Esports bettor should do.


There are numerous CoD teams in the Call of Duty League and the Challengers division. Still, the primary focus is on the CDL’s 12 franchised CoD teams, which include Atlanta FaZe, OpTic Texas, New York Subliners, Toronto Ultra, Los Angeles Thieves, and others.


When betting on Call of Duty, no technique will guarantee a profit, but some methods can boost your odds of winning. Here are some betting tips and methods for CoD that every bettor should know.

  • Take advantage of any betting bonuses available to you.

Although it may seem obvious, you should always take advantage of any bonuses, promotions, and other CoD betting offers. These are the greatest and simplest ways to obtain more value for your money, and because most CoD betting sites provide some sort of bonus, you should try to take advantage of as many as possible.

  • Never chase after your losses.

Betting can be mentally draining, especially when you’re on a losing run, which you won’t be able to avoid no matter how skilled you are at CoD betting, and the sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be. The trick, though, is not to try to prevent losing streaks, but to learn how to deal with them and not let your emotions take control, which leads to bettors wanting to chase their losses, ultimately digging themselves a bigger hole.

  • Always bet with the greatest odds possible.

It is critical to have accounts with various Call of Duty betting sites in order to take advantage of as many betting incentives as possible and to price shop. So, before you put your bets, make sure to check all accessible markets and wager with the greatest odds available.


Many gambling websites provide CoD odds, guaranteeing that you have a wide range of alternatives and payment ways to pick from. When looking for a CoD wagering site, there are plenty of Esports bookies to select from, including Neteller betting, PaySafeCard betting, Bitcoin betting, Trustly betting, and even Skrill betting sites.

Notably, all of the finest Call of Duty betting sites will have a plethora of payment alternatives, including the most popular methods, cryptocurrency deposits, and skin payments. So, while choosing a bookmaker that accepts the payment method you choose is vital, it’s not something to be concerned about when looking for a CoD bookmaker because most accept a variety of payment ways.


As of 2023, the ability for consumers to wager via their phones is a necessary feature that all Call of Duty Esports betting services should offer, and most do. All bookmakers will have a mobile version of their website, and some will also have a Call of Duty betting app.

Assume you want to gamble from your phone. In that scenario, you should sign up with a bookmaker that has a Call of Duty betting app, which is significantly more comfortable to use than a mobile website and is unquestionably the best alternative. They’re more dependable and user-friendly, and they occasionally provide app-only betting incentives.

Most mobile betting apps provide live broadcasts, which are not always available on mobile websites. Another reason why any mobile bettor should utilize a bookmaker that has a mobile app is that it is more convenient.


The live streaming option for CoD matches is a vital component of all Call of Duty betting sites, which explains why it is accessible at all Esports bookmakers. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, which require you to bet on the game before you can view the live stream, Esports bookies offer free broadcasts of CoD matches, owing to the fact that you can watch CoD live on Twitch or YouTube for free.

Unfortunately, not all bookmakers provide live streaming, which may not be a deal breaker for most CoD bettors. However, if you intend to bet on live sports, you should prioritize registering with a bookmaker that offers live streaming, as you will only be able to watch the action and wager on games this way.


We’ve provided a list of the finest Call of Duty betting sites, but here’s a quick look at some of the greatest odds available. If you want to wager on Call of Duty, you need know what the odds are and what potential the markets have. Fortunately, betting on Call of Duty is one of the simplest things you can do, given the ecosystem has relatively few special markets and even fewer tournaments!

Having said that, it’s still thrilling, and there’s still the chance to win large.


  • Can you wager on COD?

Yes, you can bet on Call of Duty with the majority of online bookies. Despite not being the most popular Esports title in the world, Call of Duty remains one of the most popular video games with a strong online Esports betting market.

  • How do you place bets on Warzone?

Some bookmakers, although not all, will enable you to bet on CoD: Warzone competitions. Because most Warzone contests feature popular broadcasters and the rare pro player, they aren’t as well covered by online bookies.

  • What is the greatest Call of Duty online betting site?

There is no top online betting site for Call of Duty, but there are numerous excellent online bookmakers from which to place CoD wagers. 22Bet, Betway, LVBet, and Fansbet are some of the most popular Esports betting platforms.

  • Who is the man behind Call of Duty?

Call of Duty was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, which later became Activision Blizzard, on October 29, 2013.

  • How many Call of Duty games exist?

There are 18 Call of Duty titles available as of 2023, not including Warzone, Call of Duty remastered games, DLCs, and platform-exclusive CoD games. There are 47 CoD titles in all, including DLCs, mobile games, and other releases.

Is betting on COD allowed in the United States?

It depends on where you are betting in the United States. This is due to the fact that each US state has its own set of regulations governing what types of internet gambling are permitted.

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