Hearthstone Betting - our guide provides all the info you need about betting on hearthstone, alongside with best promo's and Bookmakers

Top 10 Hearthstone Betting Sites (2024)

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Hearthstone is a free-to-play, pay-to-win turn-based card game that is available on all mobile and desktop platforms. The gameplay is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering in that you seek to kill your opponent’s life points with minions, spells, and trap cards before he destroys all of your life points.

The card pool in the game, which was released in 2014, is constantly growing, with well over 1500 cards in the game presently. The core 1-on-1 game is divided into two modes: “Wild,” in which any card released can be used, and “Standard,” in which the basic set and the last two years’ expansions are used. Standard is a competitive format in which available cards change on an annual basis. For the competitive scene, this means that depending on how the Meta looks under this year’s Standard set, different pros will be stronger or weaker.

Hearthstone Betting : HEARTHSTONE ESPORTS

The competitive environment in Hearthstone is fairly vibrant, with frequent weekly high level games from three regions: North America, Europe, and Asia.

There is enough of competitive action to analyze the Meta and who is good with a pyramid system starting with the online ladder and qualifiers, live events, and eventually the Grandmaster Tournaments hosted weekly over the course of 8 weeks. And, while there is certainly an element of RNG in Hearthstone, comparable to Poker, it is still necessary to play your hand well.


Like other competitive multiplayer games that have made it to the big leagues of esports, there is a considerable amount of game lingo and terminology used by professional players and popularized by the devoted fans. If you need to brush up on the terminology, we’ve compiled a list of the terms you should be familiar with before viewing and wagering on a standard Hearthstone esports match.



AdaptChoose one of three bonuses.
BattlecryDoes something when you play it from your hand.
ChargeCan attack immediately.
Choose OneOddly doesn’t have an official in-game definition, but you are offered two options to choose from. This is currently limited to the Druid class.
ComboA bonus if you already played a card this turn. Currently limited to the Rogue class.
CounterA card that is Countered has no effect. Currently the only card that has this keyword is Counterspell.
DeathrattleDoes something when it dies.
DiscoverChoose one of three cards to add to your hand.
Divine ShieldThe first time a shielded minion takes damage, ignore it.
EnrageWhile damaged, this minion has a new power.
FreezeFrozen characters lose their next attack.
ImmuneImmune characters can’t be damaged.
InspireDoes something after you use your Hero Power.
Jade GolemYour first Jade Golem is 1/1. Each future one has +1/+1.
Mega-WindfuryCan attack four times a turn.
OverloadYou have X less mana next turn.
PoisonousDestroy any minion damaged by this.
QuestStarts in your hand. Complete for a reward.
SecretHidden until a specific action occurs on your opponent’s turn.
Spell DamageYour spell cards deal 1 extra damage.
StealthCan’t be attacked or targeted until it deals damage.
TauntEnemies must attack minions that have Taunt.
WindfuryCan attack twice each turn.


Because Hearthstone is not the most popular esports title, it will not be available on every single betting site. However, many esportsbooks and large standard sportsbooks do offer Hearthstone bets because they recognize the large population that is betting on Hearthstone.

Blizzard is committed to allowing more players than ever before to participate in their new esports format, which is wonderful for the Hearthstone esports betting industry because it will allow for a larger market and a wider range of bets in the future.

Here are the key markets you will most likely see and be able to experiment with.


This betting market is fantastic for beginners and is a more safer wager than other possibilities. It is likely one of the simplest betting markets available to most people because the odds offered will show the underdog and the favorite, and all you need to consider is who you believe will win that one match rather than the entire Hearthstone tournament.

In this case, betting on the favorite is a good idea because they have a better chance of winning than their opponent. It can be more difficult to win with this betting market if you want to bet on the underdog because they have a lower possibility of winning.

However, each match is unique, and the odds presented will indicate how likely each participant is to win, according to the bookmaker. Doing your own research and analyzing both players’ prior Hearthstone matches to determine their strengths and weaknesses will be extremely beneficial to you and help you place the best wager possible.


The tournament finalist betting market asks you to predict which player you believe will reach the final of the Hearthstone tournament on which you are wagering. This betting market is more difficult than the match winner option since you must analyze all of the players competing to determine who will advance to the final. This can be challenging for rookies and players new to the pro scene because you won’t be able to observe how they performed in a competitive HS atmosphere.

However, if you are familiar with the Hearthstone esports betting scene and are at ease with this betting market, go ahead and try it! If you do your homework, you can obtain a high payoff from this option. To make things easier, you may guess which region the finalist will compete from, giving you a large pool of individuals to pick from.


Tournament winner betting markets, also known as futures markets, are only available before the start of your chosen Hearthstone event. As the name implies, you must guess who you believe will win the entire competition.

Because Hearthstone is a one-on-one game in which only one player can win rather than a whole team, it is a more specialized betting market than most people realize. This is not a betting market for beginners because it may be a very risky decision if you are inexperienced with the Hearthstone esports scene and players involved. However, if you have been betting on Hearthstone for a while and have been following the scene for multiple seasons, this opens the door for you to bet Hearthstone more confidently.


These bets allow you to anticipate how many turns a match will take before someone wins. This is another Hearthstone betting market that we would not recommend for beginners because it is quite specific and requires extensive knowledge of Hearthstone to place a successful bet.

To safely bet Hearthstone on this market, you must understand not only the foundations of Hearthstone, but also the complexities involved. To accurately anticipate the overall number of turns that will be played, you will need to examine the different deck types that are played in each given match, such as aggressive, midrange, and control. To assess how long the game may possibly last, you will need to understand the current meta and how the deck types utilized can be countered. Not to mention the particular players competing and how they fare against different deck types to give you a better idea of how the match will go.

This betting market can be incredibly thrilling and provide a large return, but it also carries a high level of risk.


Special bets are the most specific bets in Hearthstone betting. This betting market allows you to wager on several scenarios that may occur during a match. For example, you can wager on specific Hearthstone cards appearing throughout the match, which player will finish an in-game assignment first, and a variety of other events that may occur.

Again, betting on HS can be enjoyable if you appreciate the game and understand what is going on during the match to a great degree. However, due to the uniqueness of this betting market, make sure you are familiar with Hearthstone betting and understand what is going on during matches before placing a wager.


Hearthstone betting is fundamentally comparable to traditional sports betting. You choose a wager to place, anticipate the outcome based on the betting market you choose when betting on HS, then wait for the results before cashing out your profits.

You must, of course, be able to read the Hearthstone odds displayed precisely, as even minor mistakes might cost you. Not only will correctly understanding Hearthstone odds make your life easier and save you time researching what they indicate, but it can also help you make predictions.

Let’s look at how each of these odds is provided, how you can calculate your possible profits, and how you can use the odds presented to your benefit.


In the United Kingdom, Hearthstone odds are displayed in fractional form, reflecting the likelihood of your prediction in fractional form. This is simple to understand and converts to a percentage rapidly.

A reliable method of comprehending fractional odds is to determine which player is the favorite based on the numbers supplied. If the number on the right of the fraction is greater than the number on the left, the bookmaker believes the team on which you wish to wager is the favorite in the game. If the number on the right is lower, the guy you want to back is the underdog.

Let’s take a look at the Hearthstone World Championship 2020 odds. A fractional odd between glory and Jarla would be as follows:

Bet on glory to win: 80% probability of winning if you bet 1/4.

Jarla’s win odds are 4/1, which means she has a 20% chance of winning.

The following are the calculations:

glory: 1/4 = 4/(1+4)* 100% = 20%

Jarla: 4/1 = 1/(4+1)* 100% = 80%

According to the bookmaker, glory has a much better probability of winning this fight. This makes Jarla the underdog and glory the favorite. You would simply need to look at the data again to compute the payoff here. The number on the left is the amount you’ll earn if the player you’ve bet on wins, and the number on the right represents the amount you’ll need to gamble to profit. For example, if you bet £4 on glory, you will receive £1. However, for every £1 wagered on Jarla, you will profit £4.

Betting on the underdog or the favorite has advantages depending on the betting market you are betting on. While betting on the favorite is a safer bet because the bookmaker believes they are more likely to win, betting on the underdog can result in unexpected gains, better odds, and large profits. Of course, bookmakers may and do make mistakes when forecasting the favorite and underdog, so if you detect something is incorrect with the odds offered, this could be your chance to profit.


Decimal Hearthstone odds are gradually replacing fractional Hearthstone odds in the UK, so knowing how to read these is essential if you are betting in the UK market. When you compute your decimal chances, it mixes your stake and winnings rather than emphasizing earnings like fractional odds do.

Decimal odds are simpler and easier to comprehend than fractional odds, so you’ll have no trouble using them. To get the favorite and underdog with decimal odds, simply divide 100% by the value given. Look at the displayed number to immediately see what the decimal odds indicate. The smaller the decimal, the more likely the bookmaker believes the player will win.

In our glory and Jarla example, the decimal odds might be either of the following, depending on the likelihood of winning:

3.5: 100% / 3.5 = 28.6%

1.5: 100% / 1.5 = 66.7%

2.8: 100% / 2.8 = 35.7%

Pay great attention to these instances while placing your bets because they demonstrate the probability computed by the bookmaker. Simply multiply your wager amount by the decimal odd and subtract your wager amount from the total to calculate the reward.


Moneyline odds are how odds are displayed in the United States. Although moneyline odds are not prevalent in other regions of the world, you may come across them along your Hearthstone betting trip, so learning how to interpret them is important.

These probabilities are represented by a value ranging from -100 to 1. The displayed number varies depending on whether the bet you are placing has a high or low likelihood of occuring. The plus symbol (+) indicates who the bookmaker considers the underdog, while the minus sign (-) indicates who the bookmaker thinks the favorite. Moneyline odds can be positive or negative, with the positive (+) indicating your profits if you bet $100 and the negative (-) indicating how much you need to bet to win $100.

An example of how these chances would be given for a game between Jarla and glory would be as follows:

Jarla + 175 splendour – 120

To calculate any moneyline wager, follow these steps:

Stake * (Odds /100) = Your gains if the moneyline is positive.

Negative moneyline odds are calculated as Stake / (Odds / 100) = Your wins.

Jarla’s wager option has a plus sign next to it, indicating that they are the underdog in this matchup and that a $100 stake will win you $175. Glory has a negative sign next to it, indicating that the bookmaker believes they are the favorite in this case. Because the odds are in their favor, you would need to gamble $120 to make a $100 profit.


Nobody can deny that the realm of gaming is a place where chance governs all possibilities. But it doesn’t mean we can’t better prepare ourselves to confront the problems that may be posed to us when we place a wager.

Because hearthstone is a game of chance, you may choose to bet on a player who is on a roll, but it does not guarantee that his opponent will follow suit. Analyze which one performed better in the game, and then put a safe bet.


Seeing the decks that will be used in the game is an important step in the betting process. You can tell if they are balancing their flaws and strengths, or if they are simply competing to see who will die first in the game.

If you notice obvious discrepancies, you’ll know what to do. Betting on the one with the better face and structure in their deck will almost always result in a win.

Recognize the deck’s time.

Balance is frequently seen in the finest Hearthstone decks. Knowing the deck’s times can help you determine whether it will win or lose versus the other.

For example, when the Demon Hunter character debuted in the game in 2020, most formulas based on him were fast and lethal, with high win rates. However, even if a deck managed to take them off the 6th turn, it lacked the power to hit in comparison to most ongoing strategies.

During those first few months, Storm Shaman, Dragon Priest, and Galakrond’s Rogue decks became extremely popular to cope with all of the demon hunters out there.


Before you place your wager, the best esports bookmakers will provide you with transparent Hearthstone odds. However, both the players and the cards are unpredictable. That is why, before wagering openly, it is best to research each individual and club.

Analyze their playing style, decks they utilize, and how they typically do in the game. Furthermore, Hearthstone players, like poker players, rely on two primary variables.

  1. How fortunate they are to obtain the necessary cards.
  2. Their aggressiveness when they get useful cards.

And, just like in poker, if a player goes all-in from the start, he risks running out of ammo for the late game.


Hearthstone is updated on a monthly basis, with three significant changes: Cards have been added, upgraded, and nerfed.

Knowing what is going on in the game is a great way to find out which cards are stronger and which deck is producing results, among other things. So keep an eye out for updates and be aware of any substantial changes to the game.

You may just check up hearthstone news to stay up to speed on both player performance and game changes.


Finding an esports betting site is just as crucial as selecting a player. Hearthstone chances are difficult to understand, so look for a hearthstone betting service that understands its figures. On the other hand, if you want to find simple bets, search for bonuses and little events, as significant players will often participate and smash those.

How to Play Hearthstone

Hearthstone, quickly becoming the most popular collectible card game (CCG), includes developing particular decks based on a common theme of classes from Blizzard’s popular World of Warcraft series. Before you begin betting on Hearthstone, you must first understand the game. Each class has a unique playstyle, with unique cards that are only available to that class (there is also a general pool of cards that any class can utilize). Mages have a plethora of spell cards that deal direct damage, hunters have beast minions, priests have healing and buff spell cards, and so on.

Cards can be common, uncommon, epic, or legendary in rarity and can represent weapons, spells, or minions to place on the board. At the start of each match, participants draw three to four cards from a deck of 30 cards (the player with the second turn each round starts with four cards). The final goal is simple: destroy the enemy player’s 30 health points before they destroy yours.

Building a deck with cards that can be used to generate devastating combos or utilized for counter-strategies is vital for more expert players. The current metagame refers to the adaptability of various strategies and popular cards from each patch. Cards can be obtained by spending in-game gold coin or completing specific accomplishments. This in-game gold currency can be gained by daily tasks or purchased with real money.


Hearthstone betting has been popular during tournaments, and this is when most sites will allow you to place a wager. The Hearthstone Championship Tour, which traverses the world looking for the best players and teams to make an epic breakthrough, is the game’s top competition.

Prior to this, there is the Grandmasters Tour and the Master Qualifiers.

Regions, on the other hand, typically hold minor tournaments throughout the year. The Americas Winter Tournament, for example, has a version in each of the other areas.

Prize money in tournaments can often approach one million dollars, especially in major tournaments like the Master Tour or the Grandmasters. Hearthstone, on the other hand, participates in other events such as Ultimate Gamer and, of course, Blizzcon.

Hearthstone Betting - our guide provides all the info you need about betting on hearthstone, alongside with best promo's and Bookmakers


When we discussed hearthstone betting tips, we mentioned the players. The best players are now at the top of the Hearthstone rating system, and their names can be found in the largest tournaments:

  • Hunterace • Seiko • Phenomenon • Jarla • Felkeine

On the other hand, we have the most notable teams at Hearthstone right now, which are:

  • ESC Nightmare • ESC Phantom
  • Team Liquid • Heavenly Wolves Blue • Black Claw

When you bet on Hearthstone with these players and teams in mind, you can take advantage of any esports bonus.

Gambling and Hearthstone

The distinction between Hearthstone betting and gambling is something that many people are unfamiliar with. The terminologies are considerably different in the context of eSports. Hearthstone betting involves wagering real money on professional Hearthstone matches, whereas Hearthstone gambling involves wagering in-game assets such as cards or currency.

Another significant distinction between eSports betting and gambling is that gambling involves the player’s personal performance, usually in a one-on-one game. Hearthstone betting, on the other hand, is a wager on the actions of other players in the game.

When looking for the finest Hearthstone betting sites, or eSports betting sites in general, keep these distinctions in mind, as some services are oriented at brokering 1-vs-1 matches between players looking to wager their decks.


From odds formats and bet types to the fundamentals of the free-to-play digital collectable card game, you now know everything you need to know about betting on Hearthstone. You also understand how to select the betting site that best meets your specific needs, as well as the ideal strategy to take advantage of your chosen bonus offers. So it’s time to get out there and start betting!

If, after reading our evaluation, you’re still not sure if Hearthstone betting is for you, you might want to try your hand at betting on other popular eSports instead. If that’s the case, check out our evaluations on Heroes of the Storm betting or StarCraft 2 betting.


What is the greatest Hearthstone betting site available?

eSports is a rapidly expanding sector of internet betting, with new eSports betting sites appearing on a daily basis. This is even true in the United States, where eSports laws are more tightly enforced. Our top options may be found in our assessment of the best Hearthstone betting sites.

🎮What should I consider before placing Hearthstone bets?

When placing your Hearthstone wagers, you must consider a variety of criteria, including odds formats and bet types, as well as the fundamentals of the free-to-play digital collectible card game. All of our expert tips and methods can be found in our Hearthstone betting sites review. If, after reading it, you decide that Hearthstone isn’t for you, why not wager on Rocket League?

How can I make the most of my chosen eSports bonus offers?

Although bonus offers dedicated solely to eSports are much more rare than their typical sportsbook and casino counterparts, there are still many available; and some of them will be more valuable to you than others. By reading our analysis of the finest Hearthstone betting sites, you can learn our top expert recommendations on selecting the deals that best suit your needs and how to properly take advantage of them.

Where can I find the finest Hearthstone gambling sites?

Hearthstone gambling sites that are approved by a national gambling regulator are the best. We only include licensed and legal operators on our site, thus our top picks can be found in our list of the finest hearthstone gambling sites.

Where can I find Hearthstone betting advice?

We already posted a brief Hearthstone betting tips tutorial. We recommend betting on just one participant during the event. This can significantly increase your cash while minimising your risk.

 Is it legal to bet on Hearthstone?

With a few exceptions, betting on Hearthstone is permissible anywhere sports betting is legal. Before you gambling, always check the local regulations to ensure you’re doing it lawfully. gaming regulators typically impose strict requirements on operators and punters, so make sure you only play at approved Hearthstone gaming sites.

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