When Overwatch was first published in 2016, it perfectly combined two popular esports genres. It was the perfect marriage of MOBA and FPS and it started a revolution, growing quickly and becoming a top-tier competitive series within days of its launch. It would later give rise to a vibrant esports industry, and today we’re focusing on a significant aspect of that by examining Overwatch betting and how it all functions.

It’s ideal for esports betting because it has one of the most active and diversified communities in the industry and a year-round competitive season. We discuss the enormous potential of Overwatch esports, the nature of the game, and how spectators and players may participate in the ecosystem at large in this book.

We’ll also explore Overwatch 2, which was launched in 2022 and further developed the franchise’s esports sector.

Overwatch betting -  all you need to know about betting on overwatch, including bestm promotions and best Bookmakers

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The top esports bonus offers available right now are practically a requirement if you plan to take advantage of the finest Overwatch betting sites:



One of the most jam-packed esports calendars in the industry, Overwatch is jam-packed with competitions, events, and tournaments. The Overwatch League betting opportunities, which are the top tier in Overwatch esports, are listed at the top of the table. You should also keep an eye on the Overwatch Contenders, the Open Division, and Trials if you’re looking to wager on Overwatch.

Franchises promote stability

The Overwatch League is the highest level of Overwatch competition. Either a sizable investment group or a traditional sports organization owns each of the League’s 20 teams. Numerous high-profile investors in Overwatch include the New York Mets, Cox Enterprises, Kraft Group, Cloud9, Immortals Gaming Club, and Misfits. As a result, a competitive system that is stable and long-lasting is created.

There are a ton of betting markets available to bookmakers.

Overwatch has a distinct edge in that it appeals to fans of MOBA and FPS alike. The Overwatch betting markets provide some unusual exotic bets that no other betting market can offer. Bookmakers and players are significantly utilizing the chance to construct the ideal Overwatch bet slip.

Overwatch Betting: Get an Advantage with Overwatch Betting Tips

The top Overwatch teams in the field will be familiar to you if you already follow the hugely popular ecosystem. Perhaps the best place to begin learning how to wager on Overwatch is here. It is easy to determine which companies are the major players in the industry because there is a clear talent gap between the top-tier teams and the new rivals.

It is advised to observe some of the top Overwatch streamers play the game to understand how it is played from the ground up. You’ll have a lot more success betting on Overwatch in-play or exotic markets if you can spot critical plays, potent characters, and distinctive strategies.

You’re already in an excellent position if you’re entering Overwatch betting with a well-thought-out plan. Consider playing safer markets like outright winners, which arguably don’t require any further information beyond the Overwatch odds shown on the Overwatch betting site you’re currently utilizing. If you use websites like EsportsBets.com, you’ll frequently get the best Overwatch betting advice online because we normally analyze every Overwatch tournament in advance.

We’ll provide you with information on the events that are excellent for Overwatch betting later on in this guide.

Finally, we’d advise becoming a fan and playing the game itself. You’re more likely to be involved and comprehend every play as a tournament progresses if you do this. Fortunately, the ecosystem has gone completely free-to-play with the release of Overwatch 2, so you may participate for the princely sum of nothing.



Overwatch has a more active weekly schedule than other esports games like CSGO or Dota 2. The possibilities for accumulator or system bets is unmatched in the Overwatch League alone, where up to 16 games are played each week. League of Legends merely covers a portion of the market space occupied by Overwatch’s closest rival. This would imply that you could create at least three Overwatch bet slips for each bet slip you make for any of the other three games, eliminating the need to double-up on a single match.


Overwatch betting is not just restricted to straightforward match results. Since several of the four map types are used to select each match-up, it is possible to wager on particular outcomes and even particular hero kinds. Additionally, there are exotic bets available on certain in-game goals or player performances. Overall, Overwatch wagers provide opportunities for even the most nitpicky punters.


Overwatch betting is offered by practically every service provider on the market because to its enormous popularity. You can always find an alternative no matter where you look, though availability and options may differ between suppliers. Additionally, some bookmakers allow you to cross-match wagers on Overwatch and other esports, which should give your bet slip more variety and flexibility.



The Overwatch League (OWL) is the largest event for Overwatch bettors. It truly is the only ‘top-tier’ event, gathering twenty of the best Overwatch teams to play on a succession of big stages. Given that the Overwatch World Cup was canceled in 2019, it is also effectively the world championship event for the Overwatch esports sector.

Many people wondered if Overwatch League was dead for a time, but with the release of Overwatch 2, the ecosystem has been given new life. If you’re going to wager on Overwatch 2, this is the competition to watch. As of 2022, the Overwatch League is divided into seasons (with splits), mid-season tournaments, and, finally, the Playoffs. There’s also a big prize fund at stake – almost $4 million on average.


Without a large Contenders season beneath it, the Overwatch League would not exist. Every prominent Overwatch player that has recently entered the league has honed their skills in an Overwatch Contenders season.

While Contenders is undoubtedly the’second-tier’ tournament, there may be a few Overwatch betting sites that offer markets for the tournaments held in the space. After all, it serves as a testing ground for the world’s finest players. Throughout the year, the Overwatch Contenders circuit is typically divided into hundreds of sub-tournaments held all around the world, each with a diversified roster, separate prize pool, and unique qualification procedure.

For those interested in Overwatch 2 betting, it all starts with Contenders.

How do you play Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is a first-person fighting arena title focusing on ‘hero characters’ at its most basic level. These are playable models with distinct traits and abilities, many of which are intended to tip the battle’s balance one way or the other.

Overwatch betting -  all you need to know about betting on overwatch, including bestm promotions and best Bookmakers

Overwatch originally had a six-vs-six structure, however with the release of Overwatch 2, this was changed to a five-vs-five model. This is true for ‘public play’ as well as competitive games. There are four main game modes to consider for competitive players – if you’re betting on Overwatch, you’ll need to grasp how these modes are played.

Game ModeMapsOverview
EscortCircuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, Route 66, Watchpoint: GibraltarEscort is one of Overwatch’s most recognizable game variants. In this game, attackers must successfully protect and transfer a payload to its destination, which varies per map. When players get close to this payload, it moves easily. The defenders, on the other hand, must use all means imaginable to prevent the payload from reaching its goal.
HybridBlizzard World, Eichenwalde, Hollywood, King’s Row, Midtown, Numbani, ParaisoIn theory, hybrid is exactly what it sounds like. It combines two game modes to produce something new. When the game begins, participants are placed in an Assault-style round, with both sides attempting to capture points. When this stage is finished, an Escort objective begins, and players must either protect or destroy a payload while it travels to the final goal.
ControlBusan, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, OasisControl is a well-known game style in modern gaming, and it exists outside of Overwatch. In this game, players must compete for control of a single capture point, with each team earning points over time as long as they’sit on’ the goal and keep the enemies away. This mode is played in a best-of-three format, with both teams having the option to rush to 100% point dominance and secure the win.
PushColosseo, New Queen Street, EsperancaPush is a brand-new game mode that debuted alongside Overwatch 2. It’s a popular enough mode that’s gaining traction as a wonderful way to get started in the Overwatch esports environment. Push pits two teams against each other for possession of a robot that gradually pushes an objective into the enemy team’s spawn location, effectively trapping them. There are two ways to win: either push the robot to the opponent team’s spawn or get further than the other team before the game ends.

Overwatch 2 Characters: Discover Their Roles

Here’s a quick rundown of the Overwatch characters, which are the game’s distinguishing feature.

In many other competitive games, players take on the role of a faceless character. While they may have a unique skin tone or uniform, they are ultimately disposable, have no significant past, and are characters that anyone can pick up and understand. Characters in Overwatch are often attached to a central, branching tale, connected to the lore of the Overwatch universe, and significant in their own right.

Overwatch characters, called ‘Heroes,’ have a skill set that is deemed unique to that character. They’ll have two primary skills and an ultimate ability that can be used to influence the course of a battle or provide a tactical opening during the game.

Overwatch characters are classified into the following groups:

Class TypesExample HeroesOverview
SupportBaptiste, Kiriko, Lúcio, Mercy.Support characters provide the backbone of a team, and they’re usually in charge of doing damage while also keeping their teammates healthy and ready to fight. They’re adaptable characters who can easily mean the difference between winning and losing if the player controlling them knows how to perform the role correctly.
TankD.Va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt.The Tank Class in Overwatch (and, of course, Overwatch 2) is responsible for dealing and absorbing as much damage as possible. They’ll gladly put themselves in harm’s way to protect weaker, more agile comrades as they work towards a goal. The Tank Class was altered for Overwatch 2, and now only one Tank can be present on a squad at any given time.
DamageAshe, Echo, Genji, SojournIf the Tank Class is in charge of absorbing damage, the Damage Class is ultimately in charge of dealing it in large volumes. No class in Overwatch 2 is more favored for its production potential than the Damage Class, which is comprised of a series of Heroes designed to be the game’s biggest hitters. If a squad is battling alongside a veteran Damage Class player, the game will almost certainly finish in their favor.

Can Overwatch characters be changed in the middle of a game?

In contrast to most other shooters, players can swap between Heroes as the game progresses. It’s an important part of the Overwatch ecosystem, allowing the’meta’ to ebb, flow, and eventually alter as the battle progresses. It guarantees that the game remains as dynamic as possible, but it can make Overwatch betting a rather confusing experience.

That is why it is critical to at least learn the fundamentals of the Overwatch Heroes. That way, while you’re watching a tournament, you’ll notice when a change is made and, more importantly, you’ll understand why that adjustment was made and how it will affect the game’s pacing.

It may appear strange, but there are no restrictions on Hero duplication. In Overwatch 2, each team has two support class characters available, and these characters can be the same if the players so wish. To keep the competition as clean and fair as possible, many tournament organizers establish regulations that prohibit overpowering combinations from forming.

On what platforms may Overwatch be played?

Overwatch 2 is a cross-platform video game, which means that players from PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch can play in each other’s games. It’s a forward-thinking, innovative feature that ensures the largest, most seamless community imaginable to exist. Currently, practically all Overwatch esports leagues and tournaments are played on the PC platform, as is the case with almost every other esports title.

In the end, this matters very little when it comes to Overwatch betting, except from knowing which players are the greatest on the PC platform. If you’re watching an Overwatch streamer and they’re playing on a PlayStation 5, you can probably assume they’re not an esports participant.


Here are a few of our top Overwatch betting tips:

  1. Never wager more than 15% of your total budget on a single wager.
  2. Accumulator and System bets are excellent for Overwatch betting.
  3. Overwatch odds differ drastically between providers; read and choose wisely.
  4. The “riskiest” Overwatch bets include Trials, Contenders, and Open Division.
  5. Expert bettors can check into Overwatch League arbitrage betting.
  6. Favorites do not always win; stay up with the current Overwatch news on a weekly basis; and 7. Always look for special Overwatch betting site deals.
  7. Always have a good time


Overwatch is one of the most popular esports for wagering. Finding a good bookie for your bets is not difficult. Finding the best bonus and odds, on the other hand, is a laborious effort. Fortunately, our detailed study into the greatest esports bonus offers should help you make your decision. First and foremost, let us look at the best bonuses available. While we go through the bonuses on offer, we’ll take notice of what distinguishes some betting sites from the others.


Overwatch betting is a fast-paced and exciting activity. It is a fantastic choice for people wishing to wager on esports. Overwatch, unlike any other competitive esport, delivers a cross-genre experience, regardless of your betting style in-play or outright. Because the Overwatch League or Overwatch Contenders provide weekly action for several months, you may stay interested with the title for extended periods of time.

As a result, anyone looking to place progression or system wagers should consider Overwatch as their leading competitor. Finally, exotic markets are popular in Overwatch for those interested in betting on in-game goals.


Can I place a bet on Overwatch?

Yes, you may wager on Overwatch using the majority of the esports betting platforms listed on our site.

What kinds of Overwatch bets can I place?

Overwatch betting options include match winner, tournament winner, map winner, first kill, and much more.

How can I tell whether an Overwatch betting site is secure?

By ensuring that the betting site is properly licensed. We only featured fully licensed and regulated esports betting sites.

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