The best websites for Starcraft 2 online gambling

Since the beginning of esports, StarCraft has been around, and the sequel to one of the most popular strategy game franchises has been doing well. Is StarCraft 2 betting still recommended, though?

Simply said, absolutely. Even though the game has aged a bit over time, with more than 500.000 active players still competing for rewards above $50.000, SC 2 betting is still very lucrative.

In this way, you may locate a lot of current data and fantastic pools to place your StarCraft 2 wager in competitions like the World Cyber Games and the National Electronic Sports Open.

The fundamentals of StarCraft 2 and the top StarCraft 2 betting sites are covered in this article.

Starcraft 2 Betting - all the info you need regarding bestting on starcraft 2 along side with the best Bookmakers and promotions


A reliable StarCraft 2 betting site should at least have the following qualities: security, good welcome bonuses, usability, and withdrawal flexibility. However, when you go to place your bets, an additional two elements could make a difference:


While some brokers will only provide you with the standard method of selecting the potential winner, it may be feasible to apply all of your information in other bets inside the statistics. Additionally, relying on additional StarCraft 2 betting options can be advantageous because they typically result in fewer winners splitting the pot.

LIVE gambling is the second feature you should think about.

Being able to place live bets is advantageous since it enables you to play along with the action, which is amazing if you have prior knowledge and experience of the game.


The most skilled players in Starcraft II must have coordination and multitasking abilities due to the game’s rapid pace. Competitive StarCraft II is a one-versus-one game played over three or five different maps. Unlike many other esports that include large teams and numerous players, in Starcraft 2 Betting the winner of the first two or three maps wins the match and the prize.

Every SC II match begins with both players selecting one of the three species—Protoss, Terran, or Zerg—to represent: Each faction sets out to acquire resources, construct their base, train their forces, and attack the other with their own distinct aesthetic, abilities, units, advantages, and drawbacks. The game is played from an isometric vantage point over a huge battlefield, and there are numerous ways to eliminate the enemy.

The main goal of a StarCraft II match is to destroy the enemy opponent’s base by carefully managing resources, creating the right units, training them in the right specializations, and employing them in the right combat scenarios to counter potential threats. Each player starts the game with a base and 12 workers.

To succeed, you must carefully select your faction and play to their advantages. The Protoss troops deliver huge damage with high production costs, the Zerg generate many of units for low costs but with lesser damage output, and the Terrans have high mobility and great defense but poor damage output. Because everything is played in real-time, quick movement and giving orders are essential for expert play. Each faction’s units have unique abilities (the Protoss Zealot can dash forward and reach enemies quickly, for example), which require the player to know them inside and out in order to properly micromanage and successfully defeat the opposition. And you can use our Starcraft 2 Betting information to place a bet.


StarCraft II has the huge advantage of having an established competitive gaming playerbase and fan base in its predecessor StarCraft: Brood Wars when it first arrived in 2010. The StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS), which was established by Blizzard (the game’s developer), attracted millions of viewers via live-streaming websites and television to watch professionally compensated players compete against one another in South Korea, where the game and franchise are most well-known. Later, North America and the rest of the world were also included. StarCraft II and its expansions, SC II: Heart of the Swarm and SC II: Legacy of the Void, continued to be played at a high level throughout the world even though the transition period took longer than anticipated. Brood Wars, meanwhile, is arguably still as popular as StarCraft II and its expansions, SC II: Heart of the Swarm and SC II: Legacy of the Void, if not more so.

The launch and subsequent dominance of the Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre and disputes over broadcasting rights with South Korean esports associations are the main causes of SC II’s dwindling prominence in the mainstream esports landscape in recent years.

MOBAs were first introduced by the now-dominant esports franchises League of Legends and Dota 2. These games are similarly tactical and fast-paced, but they have a larger player base, more teams, and a much higher level of sponsorship and esports organization investment than SC2. While StarCraft II continues to be most popular among older players who are familiar with the original 1998 game and its booming LAN scene and who may not be as committed in the current esports environment, they have also found an audience with younger followers.

Dramas with South Korean broadcasting rights first appeared in 2012, and their effects can still be seen today. The Korean e-Sports Players Association (KeSPA), which had promoted and broadcast StarCraft-related esports events for more than a decade, basically refused to work with Blizzard Entertainment, the company that created the game, to split the profits from airing competitive StarCraft-related competitive games. As a result, KeSPA was unable to legally broadcast any of Blizzard’s intellectual property without paying royalties. A cooperation between Blizzard and competing South Korean television networks and esports organizations GomTV, MBC Television, Ongamenet, and Starleague would eventually be established, but KeSPA’s demise resulted in a decline in the region’s professional play and viewership.

The StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) has been promoted by Blizzard as the primary esports competition for their game. The WCS regularly offers prize-pools over US $150,000, which is significantly less than the million dollar prize pools seen in other comparable international esports competitions like The International for Dota 2. The competitive environment is still incredibly entertaining to watch, while not being as absurdly lucrative for pro players, and the leading esports betting sites continue to provide markets on all significant SC II events in 2023.


Like in other performance-based activities, there are a ton of statistics available to gauge any worthwhile information. Esports is no exception, either. With each competition that ends, competitive online video gaming is being treated with more seriousness.

Just take a look at the awards given out at StarCraft competitions. According to a statistic, since 2010, 6062 tournaments have been held in the StarCraft 2 Pro League, the league with the longest history in the globe.

But when it comes to Starcraft 2 Betting , there are a few straightforward surface stats that can help you decide where to make your bet.

SC2 victory rates are simple to determine and provide a reliable assessment of a location’s performance. Further investigation into a player’s most effective maps and even preferred race matchups is possible if victory rates are broken down even further.

In Starcraft 2 Betting , you can only gain from any statistic you can obtain. There are many nuances to the gaming, but just as Esports develops, so does player gameplay.

Four arguments to bet on SC2

  • A real classic and the original esports game, SC 2 is an esports classic. There are several options because StarCraft 2 is still incredibly popular and hosts hundreds of competitions every year, ranging from Major to Minor.
  • There are many opportunities. Community is close-knit since StarCraft 2 has a well-established esports scene.
  • StarCraft is a game with frantic action that is still simple to follow.
  • One of the most intense strategic esports in the scene is created by the high levels of macro and micro gameplay. StarCraft is a surprisingly enjoyable game to watch, despite how quickly they command armies being mesmerizing to watch.

Different ways to gamble on SC

Event or tournament winners – Here, your wager will be on who will win the contest outright. It makes no difference if it’s a quick weekend event or a full IEM Major. You decide who to play. You require them to prevail.

The winner of a series or a map is the subject of this wager. You won’t typically need to select a precise score. Choose the winning team rather than the team that will lose.

Winner of each match – The same as above. You must pick the outcome of each match or map in Match Winners. You could therefore be able to make multiple bets on the same series.


When it comes to SC2 betting, eSports betting sites provide a range of betting options and markets, however these may vary based on your selected bookmaker.

Starcraft 2 Betting - all the info you need regarding bestting on starcraft 2 along side with the best Bookmakers and promotions

When it comes to SC2 betting, just like with an RTS, it’s crucial to find a style of play that best suits your game expertise and time constraints. It makes sense that some gamblers might not have the time to watch a whole SC2 tournament, let alone a single match, given the length of the average SC2 game.

Fortunately, there are many different ways for you to become involved.

Live betting vs. pre-match wagering For live betting to immediately profit from changing odds and upsets during live games, a deep understanding of the game is required. Pre-match betting can offer a more comfortable pace of play to build your skills and plans or simply make an evening a little bit more thrilling if you are a novice or feel less confident betting live. Having said that, we suggest reading our post on StarCraft II live betting if you enjoy the sound of it, consider yourself an expert player, or just want to learn more.

Simply defined, you are placing a wager on the outcome of the current match. Who do you anticipate winning? Always keep in mind that in SC2, the match will be scored based on the number of victories each player receives across various maps. For instance, in a “best of five” match, five maps are played, and the winner is the player with the most map victories.

Outright Winner – If you’ve been watching a competition and have faith in a particular participant, you could want to bet on them to win the whole thing. Remember that if you bet on a “outright winner,” you usually aren’t betting on the specific game at hand, but rather on the person you think will win the tournament as a whole.

Betting on the ultimate score of a game isn’t quite as sophisticated or lucrative as live betting, but it can still produce some thrilling outcomes and is a relatively straightforward idea. The main objective is to forecast the outcome of a game. For instance, you could want to place a bet on the final score being 3-2 for better odds if the odds are poor for a straightforward “Match Win” wager.

Betting on a handicapHandicaps, often known as “spread betting,” are a flexible but difficult way to participate. They are frequently preferred when a game’s result seems extremely predictable since they put new rules, or the aforementioned “handicap,” into place that increase odds in the case of obvious outcomes.

Check out our essay on StarCraft II Handicap Betting if you enjoy the sound of it, consider yourself an expert bettor or particularly skilled thinker.


The eSports scene has experienced unheard-of development in recent years. Crazy sponsorship agreements, enormous prize pools, and the emergence of “professional gamers” similar to their athletic counterparts have all been witnessed.

The number of eSports bookmakers has also increased, which is good news for bettors and enthusiasts. The wide range can be a little intimidating, especially for newcomers or bettors used to traditional sporting bookies, despite the fact that it offers greater freedoms, alluring bonuses, and an unmatched diversity in betting types and markets. Because most eSports bookmakers are young and unproven, how can you be sure you’re in good hands?

Not to worry. We have your back. It need not be as challenging to pick an esports bookmaker as pushing a payload in a Grandmaster match. Continue reading to see what you can do to be prepared and safeguard your interests when it comes to SC2 betting!

Your top priority while looking for SC2 Betting Sites should be trustworthy bookmakers with excellent usability, honest bonuses, and a wide selection of markets. Always keep in mind that if anything seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Licenses. Make that the bookmaker you choose accepts payments in your country’s currency and has the appropriate licenses from the UK, EU, or California-based regulatory organizations. It’s likely that a bookmaker doesn’t operate in your area if they don’t accept payments in your local currency or don’t name your nation when requesting payment information. This is crucial because, even if you win, the operator could decide not to pay out after verification. However, trustworthy casinos will typically cancel your account and repay your first wager.

Coverage. A bookmaker’s selection of betting options and coverage is a solid sign of whether they are worth your time. This is a common issue with traditional sportsbooks – their coverage is terrible! The offered bets are few and unspecialized, and they hardly ever stream the game you’re betting on.  at general, you are at the right place if there is excellent coverage.

Promotions. Look over their promotional offers page to check if there are any active promotions. You can tell how capable a bookmaker is even from past promos. The weeks prior to the event you have in mind are typically when SC2 betting offers, such as a free bet or specialized promotion, are offered because they typically run concurrently with a tournament. These can be excellent, low-risk methods of participating in the competition and honing your tactics for more difficult games.

Odds. After you have identified a few suitable bookies, check the odds on the websites before making your first deposit. At first sight, SC2 betting odds frequently seem reasonable and carefully calculated, but the complexity of the game mechanics and the wide range of player skill leave plenty of possibility for surprising results. Once you are familiar with the game, look for “value bets” that you think might be especially profitable.

We suggest reading our post on the subject if you’re seeking for the best SC2 Odds, want to learn how to spot “value bets,” or want to find out how to get the greatest SC2 Odds.

Selecting an esports betting site may not be difficult, but selecting the best site for you may prove to be a little more complicated. Since each customer has different wants, expectations, and preferences, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Fortunately, we’ve put up a solid selection here to get you going. However, always use caution when exploring new territory.


Similar to traditional bookmakers, you can anticipate payout times of 24 to 72 hours. Your bookie, your payment method, and the amount of money you are attempting to withdraw all have a significant impact on the waiting time. Generally speaking, processing will take longer the larger the amount.

Additionally, it’s frequently necessary for you to confirm your identity before withdrawing with a different form of documentation that matches your card. Generally speaking, this is done to prevent fraud and is standard practice among most online bookies.

Contrary to popular perception, payouts cannot be sped quicker, however they do typically vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. There are no shortcuts unless you’re ready to switch bookmakers totally. Some are infamous for taking the whole 72 hours, while others are praised for taking less than 24 hours.


You should also compare the quality of customer service offered by various eSports betting sites. This is crucial when considering the area in which your preferred bookmaker is located: When you’re most likely to be betting, is customer service reachable? If so, what methods of communication are offered?

Even though you shouldn’t need it, competent and reputable bookies typically offer a live chat option that is available around-the-clock as a safety precaution. It’s best to have that choice available in case things don’t work out, so keep a look out and quickly peruse reviews so you know what to anticipate practically.

It’s crucial to sign up with a bookmaker that places a high priority on the caliber of their customer support. The easiest method to judge their customer care is to look at the number of communication channels they have, or even test them with a straightforward inquiry, if reviews are difficult to gauge, as is frequently the case.


eSports betting sites are constantly vying for the deposits of new players. Offering big deposit bonuses or holding tournament promos is one of the most well-liked methods they use to draw enthusiasts and gamblers.

In order to receive a bonus from a website that offers one, you as the player must normally make a deposit first. Frequently, the bonus is given as a percentage of your deposit. When taking advantage of these incentives, you should read your “wagered terms” carefully because many free bets, matched bets, and tournament promo codes come with a set of guidelines that ensure that profits are equitable for both the customer and the bookmaker.

For instance, if you use a promo code to enter a tournament and receive a “bonus balance” or “matched balance,” your wagering requirements might state that you must wager 10 times your initial deposit before the bonus balance “rolls over” into your “real balance,” where it becomes withdrawable.

These bonuses should be used carefully and wisely because they can be extremely enjoyable when you reverse-engineer a technique to fulfill your wagered requirements.

We suggest reading our post on SC2 promo codes, free bets, and promotional deals if you’re interested in the subject. We decode tricky bookmaker jargon in it, making sure you’re equipped with techniques and the greatest betting advice and hacks!

Betting and streaming for live Starcraft 2

Although real-time strategy games are by their very nature fast-paced, StarCraft is in an other league. Even for those who really play the game, live StarCraft 2 betting may be extremely difficult because things change so quickly during the game. Having practical experience is really helpful because even the smallest acts can have a significant impact on the result of the game. There is typically a delay when bookmakers change the StarCraft betting odds for the live market, giving gamblers a small window of chance.

If you don’t observe the game as it takes place, live StarCraft 2 betting is plain suicidal. Because of this, the top sportsbooks stream the games live so that bettors may make educated choices. In the unlikely event that your StarCraft betting site doesn’t offer live coverage of the games, you should go to a prominent streaming service. The obvious options are Twitch and YouTube because they have contracts with Blizzard for all significant competitions.

Starcraft 2 Betting - all the info you need regarding bestting on starcraft 2 along side with the best Bookmakers and promotions


Like its predecessor, StarCraft 2 is a full-strategy game produced by Blizzard in which players fully commit to building a strong campaign where economy and resource management are prioritized over combat strategy and unit control.

Players typically engage in all-vs-all, 2v2 or 1v1 matches in this game, with the latter two being the most prevalent in meta events like: The StarCraft II global Champion Series is held at THE BLIZZCON, the largest convention for Blizzard.

World Cyber Games: Samsung hosted the StarCraft 2 events in 2019, which attracted a total of over 50,000 participants and over 10,000 viewers.

One of the biggest StarCraft II events presently underway is the National Electronic Sports Open, which is run by the General Administration of Sport in China. However, the prize pool isn’t as large as the ones mentioned earlier.


Before you start placing bets on this game, you need to consider these three crucial factors. The first is that you require accurate and timely information, such as results from competitions, broad statistics, and of course, details about the top players themselves.

You should follow the StarCraft news for this. so that you have all the information you need to make judgments before placing a wager. The platform on which you plan to place your wager is the second crucial aspect to consider. which we have previously overcome.

Your betting approach then begins to work. Here are some suggestions to make your StarCraft 2 betting as successful as possible in order to assist you:

  1. Do your research and learn who the top players in the metagame are.
  2. Keep playing in smaller events; there is always a rising underdog who will give you a bigger betting pool than the typical favorites.
  3. Pay attention to your players’ social media posts; even the finest players could suffer if something happened to them personally.
  4. Keep in mind that past achievement does not guarantee future outcomes.
  5. Think about how updates and modifications to the game will alter your players’ preferred tactics.

ADVICE: SC 2. While placing bets on current top players may result in quick money, the pricing pool for your wagers appears to be unstable. Instead of using a low-risk approach, try betting 10% of your gambling money on up-and-coming athletes.


Finding your SC2 Bookmaker should ultimately let you wager with confidence. You want to discover a bookmaker that acts in your best interest and cherishes your business, whether you do this by reading the wagering terms or by looking at their licenses and customer ratings.

Prepare the ground. Start small, take your time during research, and pick a bookmaker with ethical business procedures and reasonable odds. Going into it blind is risky, much like gambling. So that you may gamble with confidence, break down the site at hand and make sure you have a plan of action in place.


How can I make a StarCraft II wager?

Starting an eSports betting account has never been simpler, especially for SC2! There are numerous articles published by specialists that are available online that will assist you with the betting procedure and developing your own techniques because the game already has a huge betting scene. To ensure the best odds, simply select one of our suggested websites or carry out the appropriate checks on your current bookmaker.

Our gaming specialists have already done the legwork for you by locating and suggesting the best SC2 betting sites on the internet. You can rely on us to offer you the highest odds, greatest payouts, and safest online gambling environment in 2023. With the aid of our in-depth esports guides, we can even assist you in learning how to improve in online games!

How do StarCraft II betting odds work?

Bookmakers use the databases they maintain about rivals, such as past match results, current player form, and more, to determine the odds of a matchup. Depending on the location of the bookmaker you’ve selected, these odds are presented in a variety of ways. We advise reading our betting guides if you’re curious to learn more.

Do bookmakers provide esports betting throughout the year?

Famous SC2 competitions are held all year round. Even though coverage changes based on the season’s competitions, there is always something airing. Tune in with Strafe; we offer a wide range of streams 24/7 and strive to make you feel at home!

Are all SC2 online gambling sites completely secure?

 No. Although the majority of esports betting sites are secure, we can say with some degree of certainty, you should always be wary when contemplating a new bookmaker. First and foremost, make sure you do your homework before inputting any bank information. Check out the reviews, think about the area, and look at the licenses. However, for the most part, RNGs (random number generators) and SSL encryption provide sufficient security and protection, making it nearly impossible for would-be hackers to access your sensitive information.

In other words, you shouldn’t be concerned if you use well-known esports betting sites. However, if you’re currently utilizing an unproven betting site, it might be time to change to a more reliable one.

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