Alphabet Bet in Horse Racing [2023] – How to place an Alphabet Bet 🏇

An Alphabet bet is a combination of numerous bets. Its name comes from the fact that each Alphabet bet consists of 26 different bets. Beginner bettors may find alphabet betting difficult because it demands them to not only comprehend a few different sorts of bets, but also a very big stake. Placing an Alphabet bet is now easier than ever thanks to the emergence of online bookies. In this article, we’ll go through how Alphabet bets operate and how to place them.

alphabet bet

What does an Alphabet bet entail?

An Alphabet bet is made up of the following:

There is one accumulator with six bets.

These wagers are placed on a total of six separate betting markets, such as six different betting markets on football matches.

For an Alphabet bet to pay off, only one selection must win. The table below shows the breakdown of alphabet bets.

What is an Alphabet bet and how does it work?

To place this type of bet, you must first choose six options from which to base your wager.

The first and last selections should ideally be the ones you have the least faith in, while the second through fifth selections should have a higher chance of winning.

This is done to improve your chances of winning the Yankee component of the alphabet bet, which has the most sub-bets and is possibly the most profitable portion of the bet.

You’ll need to build each of the sub-bets separately on a betting slip once you’ve picked the six picks.

When placing an Alphabet bet, you’ll normally concentrate on one sport and one sort of market. You can, however, combine bets from different sports and market types.

We’ll use a basic example to demonstrate how this works:

A bettor picks a winner in six separate horse races and ranks them from 1 to 6, with the two least-favored selections placed first and sixth, respectively:


  1. King Athelstan
  2. Nearly Famous
  3. Tiar Na Nog
  4. Couldn’t Could She
  5. Azor Ahai

He then adds one to three horses to a betting slip, chooses the patent option from the betting slip’s many betting kinds, and enters a stake for his first patented bet.

He continues the process with 4-6 horses to make another patented bet once the bet is put.

After placing the two patents, the bettor chooses 2-6 horses from their cards and chooses the Yankee option from the betting options on the betting slip. He makes a wager and enters a stake.

Finally, he adds all six horses to the betting slip, selects the accumulator option, and enters the wager for that bet.

The alphabet bet is now complete, and the participant can await the results of his or her bet selections.

Which bookies provide this type of bet?

If gamblers add six selections to a betting ticket, no major bookmaker currently detects and places whole bets in the alphabet. However, on the following major bookmakers, alphabet bets can be created using the four sub-bets:

  • Paddy Power 
  • William Hill 
  • Boylesports

Simply add your picks to the betting slip at these bookies, and you’ll be able to choose the sub-bets you’ll need to complete your wager. Please be aware that bet365 does not presently provide patent betting as a multiple bet option, therefore you should not use this operator to replace your Trixie betting patents, as these are a distinct form of wager.


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