Goliath bet in horse racing [2023] – How to place a Goliath bet 🔍

A Goliath bet is made up of 247 identical bets on eight different selections: 28 doubles, 56 triples, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, eight seven-folds, and one eight-fold. Here’s how it works and when it’s appropriate to use one.

goliath bet

To earn a profit on a Goliath bet, at least two of the eight teams must win. If you get more than two winners, your payouts start to increase in big steps as you win multiple bets but taking into account the number of bets. 

Triple, fourfold, fivefold, sixfold, and sevenfold means that if you get more than two winners, your payouts start to increase in big steps as you win multiple bets, but taking into account the number of bets. To make a profit, you’ll normally need a few winners. The most common application is in horse racing betting.

What is a Goliath bet and how does it work? 🧐

The 247 Goliath bets can be summarized as follows:

Why should I wager on a Goliath? 🤔

A Goliath bet is a good alternative if you have eight picks in separate events. It guarantees you a guaranteed profit even if only two of those selections are successful. However, in order to start making money, you may need more winners.

If you have eight selections on your betting slip, this is usually one of the numerous betting possibilities available, and it is far more convenient than supporting all 247 bets separately.

Goliath’s disadvantages ⛔

There are two major drawbacks to placing a Goliath bet. The first issue is a lack of stakes flexibility. It is not possible to bet more on bets with your safest picks and less on those with your most uncertain decision, for example, because all 247 bets must have the same bet.

Second, because of the enormous number of bets in a Goliath, there is a trade-off between picking a unit stake that is small enough to keep Goliath affordable and one that is large enough to reduce the multiples (for example, double, triple) to gain.

What is the formula for calculating Goliath betting winnings? 📐

Our Goliath betting computer is the simplest way to figure out how much you’ve earned, but you may do it yourself by following these steps:

To convert fractional quotas to decimal quotas, divide the top number by the bottom number and then add one. (For example, 2/1 turns into 3.0 and 9/4 turns into 3.25.)

Multiply the decimal odds for the relevant selections together for each of the many disparities, then multiply the result by the unit’s investment.

How does a Goliath Each-Way bet work? 📝

A Goliath Each-Way bet is a sort of Goliath in which each of the 247 bets is placed in a different direction. As a result, an each-way Goliath’s total stake is double that of a conventional Goliath bet. The advantage of a Goliath Each-Way bet is that you will profit not only from winning horses, but also from placing horses. However, due to a large number of bets, merely placing horses will not result in large winnings unless the odds are favorable. In most cases, bookmakers pay around a fifth of the winning odds for the each-way bet As a result, it’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions for the each-way bet in the offer before putting your bet and to focus on selections where the payout for each place is greater than your initial stake.


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