Horse Racing Nap – What Is A NAP In Horse Racing? [2023] πŸ‡

There is a lot to learn and absorb when it comes to the world of horse racing and betting on horses placing in races! There are hundreds of different bet kinds to learn, different track surfaces and their conditions to consider, and all of the new and complicated racing and betting words to learn. When you first start out in the sport, it can appear as though bettors and bookmakers are speaking a different language. To say the least, this can be pretty intimidating. In this article, we will look at the term NAP and answer the question, “What is a Horse Racing NAP”?

horse racing nap

What exactly is a horse racing nap? 🐴

If you feel lost in the countless terminologies and abbreviations in horse racing, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

The phrase ‘Nap’ in horse racing is one of the simplest terminology; it refers to the tipster’s greatest horse racing tip of the day; they only receive one nap every day, and that horse is the one they believe has the best chance of winning out of all their horse racing advice.

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Why do gamblers take this betting advice? πŸ€

Marking a runner as today’s Nap aids 100Gamblers tipsters in highlighting the runner they believe has the best probability of winning on the day. Meaning, if they post numerous advice, you can tell which one is today’s sleep and thus their best bet for the day just by looking at them.

This is a horse racing term and action that is utilised throughout the racing industry, not only by our tipsters. If you hunt for Newspaper racing advice, you will also locate Newspaper naps. This contains all of the well-known TV and newspaper tipsters, such as Alex Hammond, Racing Post, Templegate, and Marlborough.

You may compare these newspaper tipsters to our own by going to Sportinglife to check their returns and the newspaper naps for today, and then going to our own Naps table to see our tipsters’ returns, and you’ll realise exactly how good our tipsters are!

What exactly are Horse Racing Nbs? πŸ“

So we know what Naps are, but what about horse racing Nbs?

In the horse racing industry, the term ‘Nb’ refers to a tipster’s Next Best bet of the day. That is, you have their Nap as their best bet of the day and their Nb as their second best bet of the day.

Using these signs shows the tipster’s best two bets of the day. It also implies that if their Nap does not run, you know which runner is next in their confidence pecking order.

To put it simply, a Horse Racing Nap is a tipster’s best bet of the day. On the other hand, a Nb is a tipster’s second best bet of the day!


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Backing a horse with gigantic odds through a Lucky 15 or a Place Longshot is the type of bet you should consider if you want to potentially scoop some significant rewards if it goes your way. A NAP is nothing like this, yet that doesn’t stop a big number of punters from backing them. Nothing you bet on will ever be set in stone, and prudent gaming must always come first.

NAPs are the most dependable bets to back in horse racing since the odds are significantly lower and a variety of factors support why it’s a worthwhile nag to back. They’re a vital element of our daily routine when it comes to deciding on our tips because we wish to provide NAPs every day.


The entire premise of a NAP stems from selecting our best bet from the entire day’s racing, so it’s bound to be a favourite from one of the day’s many runs. That’s not to imply we pick a random favourite; the present form and a range of common elements all play a role in determining the best NAP for each individual day. Depending on the type of race, our NAPs are usually chosen based on weight, form, win ratio, and any other quality that makes the horse attractive to win their chosen race to a level of reliability that we can trust enough to tip on site. NAP chances are often low, sometimes as low as 1/2, but they can sometimes reach as high as 1/1, making them all the more appealing to individuals new to backing NAPs.


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