Is Horse Racing Fixed – Truth or Myth? 🤫

Many individuals worry if horse racing and other sports are tampered with or corrected. Due to several publications, news reports, and media investigations into abnormal betting patterns, shady Asian betting companies are pulling the strings behind the scenes, and jockeys and coaches are doping, receiving bribes, and engaging in other illegal actions. It’s easy to imagine that the entire world of sports and betting is tainted… but is this truly the case?

Some sports are easier to fix than others; team sports, for example, are obviously more difficult to regulate than individual sports. Horse racing is fundamentally an individual sport, and while determining the winner of a race may be difficult, it is theoretically extremely straightforward to ensure that a certain horse does not win. This is why many people believe that horse racing is fixed.

With many low-key races paying out modest sums of money and the average “rank and file” jockey earning a pittance, it’s understandable that the temptation exists.

is horse racing fixed

Putting money on a horse 💸

Betting has become possible thanks to the introduction of betting exchanges, which means that anyone may act as a bookmaker and accept bets on horses, effectively betting against the winning horses themselves.

Many people wondered when betting initially got popular: why bother trying to win a race for £ 5,000 in cash rewards when it’s easy to ensure a loss and collect considerably more? Of course, the BHA (British Horseracing Association) does all possible to prevent such unethical behaviour, including collaborating with the police, betting exchanges, and bookies to examine anomalous betting patterns and safeguard the sport’s legality and integrity.

A number of people have been found stretching their own horses or horses with which they are involved, and have received a variety of sanctions, including warnings, fines, suspensions, and bans, while the jockey has faced more serious charges. For his role in manipulating nearly 100 races, Kieren Fallon was charged with “conspiracy for fraud.” This type of action is extremely rare in general, thus we can safely state that horse racing is not fixed in general.

Insider knowledge 🧠

Of course, it’s more of a cure than a simple lie, and while skulduggery is thankfully uncommon, it can’t be denied that those closest to the sport have a significant information advantage over the typical gambler. Those closest to a horse, jockey, or trainer, of course, are the most knowledgeable about it and when it is likely to run well or not. There may be occasions when this benefit is perceived as unfair, immoral, or even unlawful in specific cases.

Extremely Rare Interference 👁

After all, racing is generally clean and fair, and setting and controlling races in a sport with so much uncertainty is not as simple as it may appear. After all, the animals are the main actors in this sport, and the unpredictability that comes with it means that betting on races will always be a bet, even for aficionados – as it should be. These being said, you’ve got your answer on this controversial question: “Is horse racing fixed?” – the answer is “No, it is definitely not”.


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