Lucky 31 Bet in Horse Racing [2023] – How to place a Lucky 31 Bet 🏇

A Lucky 31 bet is made up of 31 identical bets on five different events: five singles, ten doubles, ten triples, five fourfolds and a five-fold accumulator. We go over the mechanics of a Lucky 31, as well as the perks and downsides of this sort of wager.

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In a Lucky 31, you only need one of your picks to win to get paid. As the various multiple bets are triggered in doubles, triples, quadruples, and fives, your payoff can climb dramatically with each additional winner. It is the most popular bet among horse racing bettors.

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What is a Lucky 31 bet and how does it work?

The 31 bets on a Lucky 31 encompass the following five options:

Why should I place a Lucky 31 bet?

If you have five bets on separate events and want them all to win, a Lucky 31 is a great method to support them all while also increasing your chances of making several winnings, even if one or two fail you. It’s also quicker and faster to place a Lucky 31 than it is to place all 31 bets separately.

Are there any drawbacks to a Lucky 31?

The biggest disadvantage of placing a Lucky 31 bet is that each of the 31 bets must be identical (unit bet). As a result, you’re not able to stake more on your doubles than your five-fold, or stake more on the multiples that involve your most-fancied selection.

If you want to make your wager more personal, you can put all of the bets separately to your betting slip. This would also allow you to rely more on the singles and multiples that include your most imaginative choices and less on those that have longer-lasting choices.

How can you figure out how much you’ll win if you bet on Lucky 31?

Using our Lucky 31 betting calculator is the simplest way to figure out how much you’d win in every Lucky 31 result exchange. Here’s how you can solve it on your own:

  • To convert fractional quotas to decimals, divide the top and bottom values by one and add one. (For example, 2/1 turns into 3.0 and 9/4 turns into 3.25.)
  • Simple wagers: yield = decimal odds x stake (including stake)
  • Double wagers: 1 odds selection multiplied by 2 odds selections equals return (including stake)
  • Trebles: a single selection 2 x alternative 3 equals return (including stake)
  • Four-fold: selection one option of x two x options three times the selection four equals return (including stake)
  • Five-fold: selection one x selection two x selection three x selection four x selection five = return (including stake)

How does an each-way Lucky 31 bet work?

All of the bets in a Lucky 31 in each direction are bets in that direction. Because a Lucky 31 in each direction has 62 bets, the total stake is double that of a conventional Lucky 31. Each horse that places, as well as each horse that wins, will pay you with a Lucky 31 in each direction.

In horse racing, bookmakers normally offer 1/5 of the winning odds for betting in both directions. This means that a £1 wager in each way (costing £2) on a 5/1 horse will pay out evenly if the horse is placed, i.e., your profit of £1 plus the stake of £1 returned for the winning placing bet.

As a result, it is logical to focus on selections with a payment each seat that is more than the initial wager. Otherwise, even if your horse is placing, you may find yourself losing money on some of your bets.

What makes a Lucky 31 different from a Canadian?

The “full coverage” variant of the Canadian bet is a Lucky 31. Singles that appear in a Lucky 31 are not counted by Canadians. There are 26 bets in total: 10 doubles, 10 triples, five fourfolds, and one accumulator. A 1 GBP Canadian will set you back GBP 26. A Canadian is a better multiple than a Lucky 31 if you wish to gamble on five short-odds picks. If the yield on your singles isn’t great, you might choose to increase the overall stake. based on multiples, which might result in bigger payouts!


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