Patent Bet in Horse Racing – How Does it Work [2024] 🏇

Three singles, three doubles, and one triple make up a Patent bet, which consists of seven bets of identical value on three different events. We describe the operation of a Patent and the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of wager. To receive a return in a patent, just one option must be successful. Due to the double and triple odds, your payoff might increase significantly with each subsequent victory when the numerous bets succeed one after the other. Horse racing gamblers most frequently place a patent wager.

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How does a patent bet work?

Your three choices are covered by the seven bets of a patent as follows:

Why ought I to make a Patent wager?

A Patent is a simple technique to add multiples that assure a bigger return if two or three of your picks win if you’ve chosen three selections in different events and you fancy each of them to win.

Problems with Patents

The only drawback to a patent is that each of the seven bets requires the same unit stake.

It is therefore impossible to use your own staking technique. For instance, if the singles and doubles have a better probability of winning while the triple has much higher odds, you might choose to put more money on them than the treble.

How to calculate earnings from a patent bet

Using our Patent Bet Calculator is the most straightforward option. The steps are listed below if you wish to do it yourself:

  • To convert fractional odds into decimal odds, double the top number by the bottom number, then add one. (For instance, 2/1 turns into 3.0 and 9/4 becomes into 3.25.)

Decimal odds x stake equals return for single bets (including stake)

  • Doubles: your choice one odds x choice Return = 2 odds (including stake)
  • Treble: choice one choice from x two x choice three = back (including stake)

How does a patent for each approach operate?

Every wager in an each-way patent is a single-way wager. It therefore has a total of 14 wagers. An each-way patent carries a stake that is twice as high as a conventional patent.

An each-way patent offers significant advantages since it pays out for both horses that place and those who win.

It makes sense to choose bets for which the place payment of an each-way single is at least equal to, if not greater than, your initial investment when placing an each-way patent.

For the placing portion of racing each-way wagers, bookmakers typically pay out roughly 1/5 of the win odds. As a result, a £1 each-way wager (costing £2) on a 5/1 horse pays out at evens if your selection finishes. In this case, your return would consist of your £1 profit plus the £1 deposit that was refunded for the winning place wager.

What differentiates a Patent from a Trixie?

In that you will be choosing three picks, a Trixie bet is identical to a Patent.

The Trixie, on the other hand, only has four bets total—three doubles and a treble—and excludes single wagers.

If you had three choices at short odds, you could choose a Trixie to a Patent since the rewards from single bets would be quite little.

A Trixie allows you to deposit a bigger unit wager over three doubles and a triple since it saves you the stake from the three single bets.

Why Bet on a Patent?

If you wager an accumulator, every option must win for the bet to be successful. With a patent, things are a little different since even if one of the picks doesn’t win, you may still receive your money back. The Patent Bet’s higher possibility of a return is thus one of its main benefits. It is comparable to accumulator insurance.

A Patent bet’s drawback is that, because to its seven bets, a greater investment is needed. The returns will probably be reduced as a result of the greater likelihood of winning.

Is It Possible to Patent in Both Directions?

Yes. Come check out our list of UK betting sites to find out what odds you might wager on. There are fourteen bets in an each-way Patent bet. As shown in the figure above, seven of the wagers are winners. For the picks to place, an each-way wager requires seven further wagers. We have another post that goes into further depth on how each-way bets operate.

What Distinguishes a Patent Bet from a Trixie?

Trixie bets likewise have three options, but there is a significant distinction. Seven bets make up a patent. There are only four in a Trixie bet. Three fewer bets are in a Trixie. This is so because it lacks any of the singles while having all the doubles and trebles of a patent. Accordingly, there are no payouts on the wager if just one of the three choices triumphs in a Trixie. Therefore, patent bets have a larger chance of paying off, but at the cost of a bigger stake.

Other System Bets

Amount Of Selections Description Bet Type “System bet + Singles (Full Cover Bets)”
2 2 picks, 1 bet 3 bets 5 bets
3 3 picks, 1 bet Trixie (4 bets) Patent (7 bets)
4 4 picks, 1 bet Yankee (11 bets) Lucky 15 (15 bets)
5 5 picks, 1 bet Canadian (26 bets) Lucky 31 (31 bets)
6 6 picks, 1 bet Heinz (57 bets) Lucky 63 (63 bets)
7 7 picks, 1 bet Super Heinz (120 bets) 127 bets
8 8 picks, 1 bet Goliath (247 bets) 255 bets

Patent vs. Trixie wager

A patent and a Trixie are only distinguished from one another by singles—more precisely, by three singles. Due to the presence of singles, one wager, the Trixie, is a four wager stake, while the other gamble, the patent, is a seven wager wager. Additionally, you just need to concentrate on three options while betting with the Trixie or its larger relative, the patent, as both bets are constructed around three selections.

Bets on Permed Patents

Now that you know the basics of what a patent bet is, you can place one. However, you should be aware that there is another type of wager known as a permed patent bet. A permed patent, which might consist of four, five, or six different choices, is a larger variation of the wager. Up to 28 wagers—again, consisting of singles, doubles, and trebles—can be placed on permed patents. Again, the singles’ inclusion makes it a complete cover bet, which implies that only one successful pick is necessary to generate a return.

Patent Each-Way Bet

You are effectively double your stake whenever you put an each-way bet, as with any other bet. You must thus change your shareholding to reflect this. An each-way patent wager now has a value of 14 wagers. That equals seven “to win” wagers and seven additional “to place” wagers.

Consequently, if we were to double the stake we would have specified in our patent example above and substitute a £1 each-way patent, the total cost would be £14. Alternately, we might make each of the 14 bets worth 50p to maintain it at the £7 we feel comfortable with. Ultimately, pick a stake that is comfortable to you, but keep in mind that an each-way patent consists of 14 bets.

Each-Way Patent Bet Illustration

This time, let’s choose three horses and put them in an each-way patent.

High Definition, Indigo Girl, and Kameko

We have three singles, three doubles, and a treble like previously. However, this time, each of these seven wagers has the luxury of relying on a top three or four finish in order to payoff rather than an outright victory.

The only change is that we now have more luxury because we doubled the seven-bet patent to 14 bets to account for place finishes.

How to Bet on Patents

Step 1: Choose three options and add them to your online betting slip.

Step 2: Determine if you want your patent to function both ways and the stake you are comfortable with. Put your selection in the appropriate box.

Step 3) Place your wager, relax, and have fun.

The Formula for a Patent Bet

If you’d like, you may manually figure out each single, double, and triple bet using your investment multiplied by the betting odds. This entails solving each of the three single bets (5/2, 7/1, and 9/4), then solving the three doubles (5/2 + 7/1, 5/2 + 9/4, and 7/1 + 9/4) before summing these seven equations to find the total payout—your return on investment.

You may also use a patent bet calculator, which is what many people choose to do.

Why Bet on a Patent?


  • It adds intrigue to a treble.
  • You just need one winning pick to ensure a return.
  • A patent includes singles, so even if the other six legs of your patent bet falter, you are still protected.
  • Above all, they are interesting and enjoyable to gamble on, so you don’t have to bet with enormous stakes to win big.


  • A patent may occasionally need a bigger investment than other system bets, depending only on your odds.

Which Sports Make Good Options for Patent Bets?

Pick any sport to consider. conceived of one? That’s fantastic; it will work for a patent bet. In fact, you may choose from more than two other sports, which is much better. Think about Rafael Nadal winning Wimbledon, Gerwyn Price winning the Darts Premier League, and Bryson DeChambeau winning the US Masters. Any three options, although not necessarily both ways, can be used for a patent.


When you have three choices you are extremely excited about but want to wager more than just a treble, patent betting is fantastic. This is so because, while though patent bets indeed include a treble, they also include three single bets and three additional double bets for a total of six different wagers. In other words, all of those combinations add up to a single payout depending on anything between one and seven wins. It makes sense why patent betting is so common.


Which Betting Sites Are Best For Patent Betting?

Paddy Power, Betfair, and Bwin are the top betting sites for patent wagering.

How many picks are required to place a patent wager?

A patent bet just requires three options.

Are Singles Included in a Patent Bet?

There are three more bets in a patent than there are in a Trixie bet because, yes, patent bets do contain singles.

Is There a Singles-Free Version of The Patent Available?

Yes, the wager you’re searching for is known as a Trixie wager, which again consists of three picks and four wagers. This is so because a Trixie does not contain singles and is not a full cover bet. Even if there are fewer bets to finance as a result, at least two of your picks still need to win.

Can I File a Patent for Each Way?

Yes, usually, but only if the sport you are betting on accepts each-way wagers. You can file an each-way patent if it does.

Does Patent Betting Apply to All Sports?

They will, indeed. Three options are all that are required. In fact, you may mix and combine the sports you like. However, keep in mind that doing so could eliminate your ability to wager both ways.

What distinguishes a Patent Bet from a Trixie?

A Trixie bet and a patent bet are different from one another in that the latter contains singles while the former does not. This means that while both bets call for three picks, the Trixie bet only requires four, while the Patent bet requires seven. The patent contains three singles, which results in the additional three bets.


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