Quinella Bet – What is a Quinella Bet in Horse Racing [2023] 🏇🏿

Quinella bets are the most straightforward of all exotic horse racing wagers! Simply pick two or more options, and as long as you have the first two – in any sequence – at home, you win! Keep reading our article and find out how to properly use this type of bet in order to maximize your profits!

quinella bet

What is a Quinella bet? 🤔

Quinella bets are straightforward: pick two horses to finish first and second. You’re a winner as long as they’re the first two to finish – in any sequence! Yes, this is the same bet as an Exacta Box, but it is part of a distinct betting group, so Quinella bets have a different payout.

What is the smallest bet you can make on this type of bet?

The minimum stake usually is $1, while some pieces have a minimum of $2. The minimum stake for Quinella online bets is the same as for Quinella track bets.

How much money can I win if I bet on Quinella?

Winnings are limitless and determined by a peer-to-peer mechanism in which all winning tickets share a common pool of money (minus the money the track takes as a commission). Because the odds and payouts are so similar to an Exacta bet, it can be difficult for casual race watchers to tell the difference. See this guide for extra information to help you make a better-informed decision.

Is there a difference between Quinella and Exacta betting?

Pretty close, but not quite identical. Your selections in an Exacta must end in the correct order, but they can end in any order in a Quinella.

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