Super Flag Bet in Horse Racing [2023] – How to place a Super Flag Bet🏇

A Super Flag bet is a combination bet that contains all potential multiple bets that may be put on five selections in five distinct events. It is popular among horse racing and football bettors.

The name Super Flag comes from the fact that the many betting permutations in a conventional Flag bet can be visualized using the diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines found in the British flag.

Although the Super Flag bet appears to be hard, it is simple to understand when broken down into smaller bets.

They also have the ability to generate a profit on just two winning selections, unlike many other large combination bets, without requiring high-risk bets.

In a Super Flag bet, how many bets are there?

A Super Flag consists of 46 distinct bets put on five different selections using six different types of multiple bets.

These are some of them:

  • ten double bets
  • ten treble bets
  • five four folds
  • a five fold accumulator
  • ten up-and-down bets (comprising a total of 20 any-to-come bets)

Every selection appears with each selection in at least one of the five types of bets used in Super Flag betting.

What is a Super Flag bet and how does it work? 🤔

A Super Flag bet begins as all other wagers do: in the betting markets.

You must first choose your selections before placing your bet.

While selections can be used in any of the five sports, most bettors will stick to one form of bet per sport. Placing five bets on the winner of five different horse races, for example.

If you bet online, the opportunity to put a Super Flag bet may appear on your betting slip after you’ve completed five valid picks.

If not, you may need to contact the bookmaker and request that a Super Flag be placed.

Placing the Super Flag by placing each of the component bets is not recommended. To begin, you’ll need to place 46 bets, and to make matters more difficult, you’re unlikely to locate an online bookmaker that allows you to place up-and-down bets.

You might be wondering what the up and down bets are 💡

After you’ve decided on your Super Flag bet, you’ll need to pick how much you want to bet on each of the sub-bets, keeping in mind that the total will be multiplied by 46.

After then, you can sit back and wait for the outcomes of your events.

At least two selections must win their events to earn a return on your Super Flag bet, which will trigger rewards for a double bet and one of the future bets.

Super Flag will normally require at least three of your selections to win, with their average odds more than equal, in order to generate a profit on your bet.

The same cannot be said for betting on five singles at extremely low odds. The low winnings in the winning single stakes will not be enough to pay the cost of the losing single bet in this situation.

Calculator for Super Flag Betting

While bookmakers who provide Super Flag bets on their betting slips will calculate the return for Super Flags in which all bets are won, it is more convenient to use a specialist Super Flag computer to calculate the return for all sorts of bets.

This Super Flag calculator lets you compute payouts for a variety of various numbers of winning selections, as well as alter odds for each selection to see how it influences your payouts.

Which online sportsbooks accept Super Flag bet?

Super Flag betting is not yet available as a standard option with any major bookmaker. To place a Super Flag bet, contact the bookmaker’s customer service department and ask if the bet can be set up for you.

You can contact the following bookmakers:

  • Paddy Power
  • William Hill 
  • Betfair
Frequently Asked Questions about the Super Flag Bet:

Why would you gamble on a super flag?

When compared to putting single bets on the same five picks with the same total wager, placing a Super Flag bet can result in exponentially higher odds and compounded earnings. A profit of £246 can be made by backing five horses at odds in a Super Flag with a total bet of £46. Using singles to back the same five horses at Evens would yield a profit of just £46

. What sports are good for a Super Flag bet?

While horse racing and football are popular choices, the best sport for a Super Flag bet is the one you are most familiar with. The greatest approach to earn in any type of sports betting is to be able to spot and capitalize on odds that do not accurately reflect how probable your bet is to win. This may involve placing a wager on a horse race where you believe a stranger has been undervalued or selecting a winning bet from the football betting markets.

Is it necessary for all options to win a Super Flag bet?

No, to win a payout from a Super Flag bet, you simply need to win two selections. You can even make a profit if the odds of these two selections are high enough!

Is there any other kind of flag wagering?

Yes, with four picks and 23 sub-bets, a basic bet is a smaller and less complicated variant of this sort of bet. As a result, the stake for a Flag bet will be half of the stake for a Super Flag bet, which is equivalent to 46 bets.

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