How to Place a Superfecta Bet ✅

One of the most popular exotic bet kinds among horse racing fans is the superfecta. The main reason it’s so popular in the horse betting world is because of the possible profits you can receive without risking a huge number of money. A superfecta bet has the potential to pay out tens of thousands of dollars for a $1 wager. In rare situations, the rewards can even exceed a million dollars, which is why it’s so popular. At the 2005 Kentucky Derby, one lucky bettor came away with an impressive $864,253 on a $1 superfecta wager, making it one of the largest superfecta payouts in history. Can you fathom winning such a great quantity of money on such a small bet? The sole disadvantage to a superfecta bet is that it is practically difficult to win. You don’t have to be a serious handicapper to put this type of bet, thankfully. Even a total novice has the potential to strike it rich and win a huge quantity of money. We’ll go over superfecta bets in detail, including how they operate and the many sorts of superfecta bets you’ll find online or at the track. We also look at the history of the superfecta bet, answer a few frequently asked questions, and focus on the calculation and payouts of this popular bet type to dramatically enhance your confidence and your chances of winning big the next time you bet on a horse racing event. Let’s go…

Superfecta bets come in several varieties 🏇

In this part, we’ll look at the various superfecta bet types you’ll see at the racecourse or when you place a wager online. Straight superfecta, superfecta key, superfecta full wheel, superfecta half wheel, and superfecta box are the superfecta bet kinds we will cover in this section. Because we’re kind like that, there’s also an example of each superfecta bet type to help you comprehend it.

Superfecta in a row

A straight superfecta bet is one of the most basic and popular types of superfecta bets. This is because you only need to pick four horses from a single race and forecast the exact order in which they will finish. A straight superfecta is normally $2 in most betting establishments.

Assume you pick horse No. 3 to win the race, horse No. 4 to finish second, horse No. 8 to finish third, and horse No. 9 to finish fourth. Your bet ticket will look something like this: Superfecta for $2 (3-4-8-9)

Key to the Superfecta

A superfecta key bet entails picking a key horse to win the race as well as any combination of three or more horses to finish in the top four spots. However, you will not be expected to guess the horses that will finish second, third, and fourth.

Assume you choose horse No. 6 as your key horse to finish first, ahead of horses Nos. 1, 3, 8, and 10. A superfecta key bet costs $1 and pays off if horse No. 6 wins the race and any of your other selected horses finish second, third, or fourth.

Full wheel superfecta

This superfecta bet is made when you are confident in one horse to win the race but not confident enough to predict which horses will finish second, third, and fourth. This wager type will be used to cover all potential straight superfecta combinations involving the horse you anticipate will win the race.

Assume you pick horse number eight to win the race and utilise this bet to cover all potential combinations that include horse number eight winning. The price of this bet is determined by the number of horses in the race. A wager on six horses will cost you $60, while a bet on twelve horses will cost you $990.

Part wheel superfecta

You will essentially avoid covering all potential places with a superfecta part wheel bet, which you would cover with a superfecta complete wheel bet. Instead, you will only cover the combinations that include any horses that you feel will finish second, third, or fourth in the race.

Assume you believe horse number eight will win, and horses numbers one, three, six, and nine will be the only horses to finish in the top four positions. You will then put a superfecta part wheel bet with No. 8 in first place, as well as combinations that only comprise the four horses you choose in the next three positions. This wager will cost you $24 because you must cover 24 different combinations.

Box of superfectas

This is the simplest of the superfecta bet kinds because you just need to pick four horses who will finish in the top four spots without specifying the order in which they will finish. Please keep in mind that you must account for all conceivable combinations of how the four horses will finish in the top four spots. The more horses you choose, the greater the price. For example, four horses will cost you only $24 for 24 combinations. However, seven choices cost $840 for 840 possibilities, while 12 choices cost $11,880 for 11,880 combinations.

Assume you choose Nos. 3, 6, 9, and 12 to finish the race in the top four spots. Because there are a total of 24 combinations with the four horses you choose, this bet will cost you $24.

In horse racing, how does superfecta betting work? 🧐

An example is the best method to explain how a superfecta bet works in horse racing. Assume you’re interested in a 10-horse race and have a good idea of who will finish first, second, and third. You next pick that the top four runners will finish in the following order: horse Nos. 4, 7, 9, and 10. You next decide to put a superfecta wager with the following odds: 4-7-9-10. To be a winner, your chosen horses must finish in that exact order.

You can also boost your chances of winning by changing the top-four combination you first selected. For example, you can spend more money on a superfecta bet and include combinations like as 10-4-9-7 or 9-10-7-4. This simply increases your chances of winning a superfecta bet, especially if you believe you know who the top four finishers will be in a 10-horse race.

What exactly is the distinction between a superfecta and a superfecta box? ⚔️

The primary distinction between a straight superfecta bet and a superfecta box bet is that a straight superfecta bet requires you to select four horses to finish in an exact order, whereas a superfecta box bet only requires you to select four horses to finish in the top four positions without specifying the order in which they will finish.

It’s also worth noting that a straight superfecta bet will cost you far less than a superfecta box bet because a superfecta box bet requires you to cover all possible positions, whereas a straight superfecta bet only requires you to cover the cost of the four horses you chose to finish in an exact order. A straight superfecta bet has much fewer combinations to contend with.

How to Work Out Superfecta Odds and Payouts

Superfecta bets and payments are calculated in a completely different way than ordinary horse racing bets. All superfecta bets are based on the well-known pari-mutuel betting method. This essentially means that the payouts are not based on odds. Instead, superfecta payments are determined by the number of winning tickets and the size of the betting pool as a whole. To assist you comprehend, let’s look at a simplified scenario.

Assume 10,000 bettors each purchased a $1 straight superfecta ticket for the upcoming race. The cost of each ticket is then placed in a betting pool, resulting in a $10,000 betting pool. The payment will be $10,000 if only one bettor wins. If two bettors make the correct choice, they will each receive $5,000. If there are four winners, each will get a $2,500 prize.

Other exotic bets vs. superfecta

Once you’ve mastered each exotic bet type in horse racing, you’ll know that a superfecta bet is one of the most difficult to place. As a result, it is also one of the most rewarding bet kinds. When comparing the superfecta bet type to other exotic bets, you will observe that a superfecta bet requires you to select more horses than any other exotic bet in horse racing.

An exacta bet, for example, requires only two selections in a single race event, whereas a trifecta bet requires three selections in a single racing event. The only other exotic bet that necessitates a larger selection is a Pick 6 bet. This, however, necessitates picking a winner in six consecutive races.

The biggest superfecta bets in history

At the 2013 Kentucky Derby, one lucky lady put 120 different $1 superfecta bets on the race’s top four finishers, resulting in one of the largest superfecta payments ever recorded. She went on to win $28,500 at the event, which is even more astounding given that this was her first experience betting on horses.


In horse racing, what exactly is a superfecta bet?

A superfecta is an exotic horse racing wager in which you must choose four horses from a single race and predict the order in which they will finish to be considered a winner. The four chosen horses must finish in the top four slots in the exact order in which you predicted they would win.

What is the smallest bet you can place on a superfecta?

When it comes to superfecta bets, the minimum stake is usually around $1. However, due to the difficulty of this bet type, some establishments may accept as little as $0.50 or even $0.10.

What is the maximum amount I can win on a superfecta bet?

This is heavily dependent on the price of a superfecta ticket and the number of bettors that buy a superfecta ticket for the event. A superfecta bet employs the pari-mutuel betting method, in which ticket purchases are placed in a betting pool, which is subsequently distributed among those who hold winning tickets after the race.

Which is better, the trifecta or the superfecta?

Due to the fact that superfecta bets require an additional horse pick, there is no doubting that a superfecta bet will pay more than a trifecta bet. Because it is more difficult to execute, this type of bet will yield significantly greater odds than a trifecta bet.

What did the latest Kentucky Derby superfecta pay?

The superfecta bet in the 2019 Kentucky Derby paid out an incredible $51,400.10 on a $1 bet.

In the Belmont Stakes, how many superfecta combinations are there?

When it came to superfecta picks, the Belmont Stakes had a total of 26 potential combinations.

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