Horse racing markets are available on all major single meets throughout the racing season on the UK’s online betting site every day. We feature Cheltenham Betting options for the largest show of the year, as well as betting tips, including Cheltenham Betting tips and Royal Ascot Betting tips, in addition to betting on the normal meetings. If you want to browse day-by-day meetings and schedules, select the horse racing tab on the left-hand column, where you will find all betting markets and race details. When you stake £10, you will receive £30 in free bets from Bet UK. This promotion is only accessible to new customers.

Horse Racing Predictions & Odds 📈

There are a number of elements to consider before putting any horse racing bets. Form is obviously crucial in horse racing, with good form being a significant consideration in selecting a horse to bet on. Aside from form, the trainer and jockey of each horse are important considerations. An great trainer combined with an experienced jockey may turn an average horse into a winner. Finally, weight and age should be considered, albeit they may not have as much of an impact as the other two. If you want to get into racing betting but don’t care about form or trainers, simply pick the horse with your favourite name; it’s as simple as that! The horse racing odds will be given as fractions at first. For example, 1/4 would imply that this is a ‘odds on’ horse and so a favourite. This means that for every four units you wager, you will receive one unit back plus your stake if you win. You can also choose to display the odds as decimals.

Types of Horse Racing Bets 📊

When betting on any Horse Racing event, it is critical to understand the most popular types of bets. The standard wager is a single stake on a single race, which is often where gamblers use their free bets. However, there are a number of bet kinds that players can employ on events such as the Cheltenham Festival, which are as follows:

Each Method Accumulators – Each Way accumulators are a terrific way to back numerous horses for a little bet. You can bet on all of the races on the same day and as long as each horse finishes in the top three (often extended to five) spots, you’ll get your money back!

Forecast Bet – A useful bet at large odds on chosen events such as the Epsom Derby, and this wager allows players to bet on both the winner and the horse that finishes second.

Trixie – A bet with three picks that totals four wagers, three doubles, and a triple. To make a return, two picks must be successful. This is frequent when there are three overwhelming favourites racing on the same day.

Patent – A bet with three choices and a total of seven bets, three singles, three doubles, and one treble. Similar to the Trixie, but with singles. When your three options are all over evens, this is the preferable option.

Yankee – A wager with four selections and 11 bets, including six doubles, four trebles, and a single fourfold accumulator. This means that in order to provide a return, two selections must win.

A lucky 15 bet consists of four selections and 15 wagers, including four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and a fourfold. This wager is similar to a Yankee bet, but it includes singles. This selection, like the Patent bet, is preferential when all bets are over evens.

Canadian/Super Yankee – These bets include five selections and 26 bets, including ten double bets, ten trebles, five fourfold accumulators, and one fivefold accumulator.

Lucky 31 – A bet with five selections and 31 wagers, including five singles, ten doubles and trebles, as well as five fourfold and a five fold acca. This is an improved version of the Lucky 15 bet.

Heinz – A bet with six selections and 57 bets, including 15 doubles and fourfolds, 20 trebles, six fivefolds, and one sixfold accumulator.

Lucky 63 – A bet with six selections and 63 wagers, including six singles, 15 doubles and fourfolds, 20 trebles, fivefolds, and one sixfold accumulator. This is a step up from the Lucky 31 bet type.

Super Heinz – A bet with seven options and 120 bets! There were 21 doubles and fivefolds, 35 trebles and fourfolds, seven sixfolds, and one sevenfold accumulator.

Goliath – A bet that consists of eight picks for a total of 247 bets. There were 28 doubles and sixfolds, 56 trebles and fivefolds, 70 fourfolds, eight sevenfolds, and one eightfold accumulator.

Have you made any of these wagers? Or are you looking forward to the Cheltenham Festival? Why not use our betting calculator to see how much you can win with each of our bet types?

The Most Important Horse Racing Betting Events ⚠️

Horse racing events are always centred around the sport’s biggest festivals when it comes to the biggest betting events. These festivities take place every year and draw tens of thousands of racing fans. Every March, the Cheltenham Festival takes place, with some of the most important races taking place over the course of four days.  A selection of the world’s greatest horses will take to the course at Cheltenham, providing you with an excellent betting chance. The Grand National betting is one of racing’s most popular events, with around 50 horses competing each year. The Grand National is well-known for horse racing betting, and it is frequently the most bet-on race on the racing calendar. Every June, Royal Ascot is the next big racing opportunity for bettors. Royal Ascot, the royal family’s favourite celebration, is the oldest festival still in operation today.

Terms Used in Horse Racing Betting 📢

Following Horse racing may be rather perplexing due to a plethora of various terminologies that may or may not be obvious to understand.

Accumulator – An accumulator bet consists of numerous selections bundled into a single bet. All picks must be winners or places for this bet to win.

Best Odds Guaranteed – This is a Bet UK offering that applies to select horse racing betting. This means that if a bettor takes an early price and the SP (Starting Price) has superior odds, you will be paid out at the higher odds.

Flat Racing – Any horse race that does not entail fence jumping.

NAP – A word used in horse racing advice websites to refer to the greatest bet of the day for anyone betting on horse racing.

Places – Depending on the number of horses competing, each race will have a set number of places. Places are frequently up to 3 or 4, so that horses finishing up to 4th may be paid out on each-way bets.

Each Way – Each way bets divide your horse racing wager between the outright winner and the placings. This implies that if your horse wins, you will receive the full amount. If your horse finishes second, you will lose half of your bet but will still receive money from the other half. With this bet, you can win even if your horse isn’t the first to cross the finish line.

Horse Racing Betting Odds  🔥

Typically, horse racing betting markets are limited to wagers on the horse’s finishing position. Generally, bettors can put wagers on the outcome of horse races. However, a number of horses appear to be good outside bets, and this is where some gamblers may want to place Each Way bets. Bets on horses finishing in the top three of a race are permitted with each way betting (sometimes expanding to top five depending on the race, Grand National is an example of a race that expands). For smaller races, you may want to consider other horse racing markets such as tri-cast and fore-cast. This is where you try to correctly predict the top three horses in a race. For most horse races, this is an extremely risky bet because you’re relying on the performance of three horses rather than just one.

Horse Racing Frequently Asked Questions 💭

Q: How can I interpret Horse Racing Odds?

Horse Racing odds in fractional, decimal, or American bet forms can be read in the same way as any other odds. However, if you want to determine how favourable the betting odds are for a certain race, you should use the information offered on the website, such as the form and past races. For example, if you locate a horse running a 2l race where it is unbeaten and all of its defeats have come in a lengthier format, you’ll usually get the greatest racing odds for that horse, as its form isn’t great but it performs well on a specific length of track. This is only one of many factors to consider when placing race bets.

What is the best horse racing bet?

The best bet is heavily influenced by the horse racing betting odds. For example, if you’re betting on a 20-horse race, it’s a lottery, so we recommend opting for horses with slightly higher odds, but you’ll probably see three or four horses you like before the event.

For smaller races, it’s likely that there will be a horse rated as under evens in the odds; if this is the case, you’re better off predicting the horse that will come second and placing an each-way bet; this way, if a shock occurs, you’ll pick up a big win, and if the horse comes second, you’ll still make a profit due to the seismic odds of your chosen horse.

What is the term for betting on four horses?

A Yankee bet is a four-selection wager that comprises of 11 bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and one four-fold. This is also one of the smaller multiple bet options, so if you’re betting on a small number of horses, you might want to check for this bet. If you’re confident in a selection of horses but their odds aren’t as high as you’d like or you suspect one selection will let you down, this is an excellent strategy to hedge your bets so that even if one selection loses, you still hope to make a profit.

When does the National Hunting Season begin?

The National Hunt season never actually ends because jumps races take place throughout the year, however the majority of National Hunt events take place during the Autumn and Winter seasons. The larger meetings begin at the end of October, which is commonly regarded as the legitimate start of the season, and run all the way through to the end of April, which is regarded as the official finish of the campaign when flat racing takes centre stage.

What is SP in horse racing stand for?

SP stands for starting price, thus if you put an outright bet on a horse before the race, you’ll always get the starting price, even if the horse has better odds. It is a valuable tool for those who bet on horse racing months before an event because it may be used to match bets from just before the race but allows you to win with higher odds.

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