Is Lionel Messi the best player to ever play the game?

Messi - is he the best player that football had ever seen? Read our analysis and find out for yourself if Lionel was indeed the GOAT
Messi has so far enjoyed success in the MLS.Copyright 2023 / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez All rights reserved. The AP.

Along with Media City Qatar. Lionel Messi has started a new adventure in the MLS after winning the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will always be remembered for Lionel Messi’s performance there. After an exciting penalty shootout, Argentina was declared the world champions. Argentina is still on a roll and will be strong through 2023.

Following a terrific tournament, Messi returned to France, and the media immediately began to highlight how unhappy he was at PSG.

Numerous major teams with the budget and need for a star like Messi made offers for the player. So, when he said he would join a lesser-known squad in Florida, it stunned the entire globe. Messi inked a contract with Inter Miami FC in the United States of America after leaving Paris Saint-Germain in June. David Beckham, a former player for England, Manchester United, and Real Madrid, is in charge of the new MLS expansion team.

The signing was a wise investment off the field. The Major League Soccer was now squarely in the spotlight of the footballing globe. The deal sparked so much interest that the Messi jersey for Inter Miami sold out in just 24 hours, shattering all previous records for sports jersey sales held by Cristiano Ronaldo.

There were no promises that the 36-year-old signing would change the club’s fortunes on the field. But once more, the man referred to as “La Pulga” (Little Pea) is displaying incredible talent. Inter Miami won their first-ever trophy under Messi’s leadership. After winning the League Cup, he was awarded the Golden Boot. Not to mention, he received the Player of the Tournament award. The domestic campaign has resumed after a six-week pause. Prior to Messi’s arrival, the Herons were at the bottom of the standings, but his MLS debut, which included a magnificent goal and victory, was the ideal way to turn things around.

After barely three months, going to the US has proven to be the right decision, despite receiving substantial offers to play elsewhere. Following the recent signings of international talents like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Neymar, the Saudi Pro League reportedly discussed a €370 million-per-year contract with Messi. That amount would be far higher than Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary at Al-Nassr, a team located in Riyadh.

Many people hoped that a trip back to Barcelona was also planned. After a tearful farewell in 2021, that transfer would have provided the former captain with closure on a magnificent 21-year tenure.

Romàn de Arquer, a supporter of Barcelona, recalls, “We were devastated.”

He had been there for a very long time and had been crucial to our success. We definitely wouldn’t have had any of these amazing times without him. Therefore, it was quite difficult. Barca and his father had numerous conversations, but nothing materialized. And it was heartbreaking once more. However, we must ultimately go forward. How can we help? Leo Messi left us with a lot of memories, but I’m confident he’ll return to the team eventually, even if not as a player.” Romàn

Messi - is he the best player that football had ever seen? Read our analysis and find out for yourself if Lionel was indeed the GOAT
Messi holds the record with seven Ballon D’Ors.The AP, 2019 Francois Mori/Copyright. All rights reserved.

Could Messi add to his record-breaking collection by taking home his seventh Ballon d’Or trophy in France later this year as the football awards ceremony draws near? The superstar will cap off another fantastic year if he is named the most important person in football.

Managing Messi’s playing time will be challenging for manager Gerard Martimo, co-owners David Beckham and the club, as well as Beckham himself. He cannot participate in every minute of every game at the age of 36. Trying to please the fans is their toughest challenge. For match-day tickets, Miami Ultras supporters are willing to spend up to 460 euros. To catch a sight of the man they consider the best player of all time, many fans will travel vast distances. Lionel Messi has had a great start to life in the United States thus far. Not just for Inter Miami and Major League Soccer as a whole, it has completely changed the game.


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