Sergio Ramos has started negotiations with a new team

Sergio Ramos (37) has a very slim chance of landing another move to a European team in the summer transfer window.

The former Spain international last negotiated with Galatasaray, but turned down the Turkish side’s offer because they did not offer him the salary or length of time he wanted.

Sergio Ramos has started negotiations with Al-Ittihad

With no other options, although he wanted to stay in Europe, Ramos started negotiations with Al-Ittihad.

The Spanish press reports that the Arabs have offered him a much higher salary than at Galatasaray (€6m a year). The deal would be for two years, although Ramos would like at least three.

However, the Arabs’ advantage is that the market period ends on 20 September in the Saudi Pro League, so they have plenty of time to continue negotiations with Ramos.

Sergio Ramos has also failed to reach an agreement with Beșiktaș

Ramos has also recently negotiated with Beșiktaș, the Turkish team that also wanted to transfer Anderson Talisca, Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammate from Al-Nassr.

However, negotiations broke down due to the Iberian footballer’s financial demands, and the Turkish club revealed this in an official statement published on social media.

“Successful footballers Anderson Talisca and Sergio Ramos, who occupy important places in the football world due to their qualities and whom every club, every president and every coach would like to have in their team, were on our transfer list.

In this regard, there have been contacts with both Anderson Talisca and his club and Sergio Ramos. The negotiations, which were conducted taking into account the interests of our club, were terminated due to disagreements of a financial nature,” the official press release of Beșiktaș club reads.


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