Best betting sites for Darts in 2024 – Complete Betting Guide 🎯 is the greatest website for finding the best Darts betting sites. You’ve most likely shot an arrow once or twice in your life. Dartboards are common enough to locate in a variety of venues, whether it’s a bar or a friend’s garage. Darts have been around for a long time, with roots dating back to the late 1800s, and are a favourite choice for many sports bettors. We’ll quickly get you up to speed on all you need to know about darts betting in this darts betting tutorial. We’ll show you the darts betting technique, popular bets, and the top online sports bookmakers to utilize to bet on darts in the sections below. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible so that you can make better decisions when betting on darts.

Top Darts Betting Sites

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Darts betting sites that are the best 🏆

We have some recommendations for you if you are already aware with darts betting and are just seeking for an online sports bookmaker where you can place your bets. The best darts betting sites are listed here. We double-checked these sites to ensure they were the best of the best. Each of these websites is a reputable establishment that offers a diverse range of darts and betting options.

We have a lot more information below for people who are new to darts betting. If you are not ready to gamble on online darts, we understand. You can come back to this section when you’re ready to start putting online darts bets after learning about darts betting below.

Strategy for darts betting 📈

The method to betting on darts is essentially similar to that of betting on any other sport. We’ll talk about high-level darts betting strategy in this part. Under no circumstances will this assist you in becoming a successful darts betting overnight. This material, on the other hand, will assist you in developing a solid knowledge of a fundamental arrow betting strategy.

Recognize the fundamentals

Before you start betting on the arrows, be sure you grasp the basics. We’ll go through a few of the points you should be aware of in the sections below. You will be able to make better-informed betting judgments if you are well-informed, which we believe will help you make the right option more often than not.

To begin, you’ll need to learn how to play arrows. Start by researching the game if you haven’t played it before. It should be your goal to understand how the game works. You can learn more about how the game works by doing a few Google searches.

  • Work on knowing more about some of the game’s players once you’ve mastered the game itself. It’s a good idea to start by looking at their past and historical statistics. You can also look at statistics from previous head-to-head encounters to see how well they’ve fared in the past.
  • Injuries and form are two other aspects to look into when it comes to players. Injuries happen in any sport, and they can have a big impact on how players play. Knowing when a player is injured and using that information to make better betting decisions should be your goal. Check their form of play in addition to injuries.
  •  The shape of an arrow player can have a big impact on their performance consistently. You can find out what shape players have and how possible bets might change this with a little investigation.
  • Finally, before betting on tournaments, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tournament formats. It’s important to note that some tournaments operate in a different way than others. As a result, you’ll want to know the tournament’s general structure as well as the structure of the one you’re betting on. Make sure you’re aware of stuff like the number of legs and sets in a match.

Begin slowly and modestly.

If you’re new to arrow betting, we recommend starting cautiously and gradually increasing your stakes. While it may be tempting to go all-in, it is wise to stroll before running. Before you put a cent on the game, make sure you grasp the fundamentals. Use smaller stakes on more basic bets once you’re ready to get started. As you gain a better understanding of the game and how to wager on it, you can increase the amount you bet and the types of bets you utilize.

Keep track of your funds.

Bankroll management is an integral component of the overall picture in any kind of betting. The bankroll, for those of you who are new to sports betting, is the amount of money you have set aside for sports betting. If you do not correctly manage your bankroll, you may run out of money before you can continue betting on darts or anything else.


According to bankroll management theory, you should never bet more than 1% of your bankroll on a single bet. If you had a $1,000 betting bankroll, you would never bet more than $ 10 in this case.

When it comes to bankroll management, there are numerous theories and strategies to consider. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to cover all of them in this article. We recommend that you conduct some research to get the best bankroll management option for your betting needs. If you’re already implementing a bankroll management strategy, you’re probably in good condition. However, if you are not currently utilizing one, we encourage that you do so in order to assist you increase your betting amount.

Darts’ most popular wagers 🔥

The most popular darts bets will be highlighted in this section. If you’re new to arrow betting, this is a wonderful location to learn about all of your possibilities. For those of you who are already expert darts bettors, this is a great chance to learn about new types of bets while also improving your skills.

Correct answer

To begin with, the correct score bet is one of the most common darts wagers. You will attempt to correctly forecast the ultimate score of a game using this form of wager. You’ll be able to choose anything like this when you place your bet: Player A has a score of 7 while Player B has a score of 11. Because predicting the specific score of a match is more difficult than predicting the overall winner, bets with the correct score have greater odds, which means you will win more if you chose them properly.

The match’s winner is

The winning bet of the match is one of the most basic darts bets. You will simply have to choose which of the two players you believe will win the match in this bet. To win the overall match, you must pick either Player A or Player B. You will win the bet if you make the correct choice.

It’s worth mentioning that in some tournaments, a draw option for this bet may be available. In this situation, you will have three options: Player A wins, Player B wins, or the game will be drawn. You bet that the match will result in a tie using this tie option. In general, darts events with a draw option are hard to come by. However, we wanted to make sure you were aware of this if it happened to you throughout your dart betting excursions.

The tournament’s overall winner

This bet works in the same way as the winning bet from the previous match. You will, however, select the player you believe will win the entire tournament for this wager. Rather of picking between only two players in a match, you will have the option of selecting from all of the participants in the tournament. You must properly predict which player will rise above the rest to win the event in order to win your wager.

Total 180s

If you’re new to arrows in general, one thing to keep in mind is that the best score you can achieve with three arrows is 180. Because this is the highest attainable score, all players strive to achieve it as often as possible. You can also gamble on the 180s if you’re a sports bettor.

You will wager on the total number of 180 hits during a match if you place a total bet of 180 years. This wager is an over/under wager. The following is how it works: The sports bookmaker will print 180 copies in total, which I believe will occur throughout the match. You can bet if you believe the total number of 180 seconds will be greater or lesser than this.

For example, in a certain match, a sports bet could publish a total of 8.5 for the projected number of 180. You bet on under if you believe the total will be less than that. To win that bet, the total number of 180 must be fewer than 8. You can bet over if you’re on the other side of the equation. You’ve won if you guess the total number of 180 will be 9 or higher.

The beauty of this wager is that you don’t have to be precise. You just have to wager against the number announced by the sports betting firm when using the over / under bet setting. Because there are just two possibilities, this is a simple gamble for beginners.

Most  180s

Another option for betting on 180 is to place a maximum bet. You will select which of the two players in the contest you believe will score the most 180 seconds during the match with this bet. There is also the prospect of a tie if the two players have the same amount of 180 seconds during the match. In a nutshell, you’ll have three choices: Player A, Player B, or Draw. You don’t have to know how many 180 seconds the players will have, thankfully. You simply need to be more selective in the assistance you provide to others.

Player 180

This darts bet is quite similar to the Total 180s bet mentioned above. Instead of betting on the overall number of 180 seconds for both players in the match, you will wager on an individual player’s total number of 180 seconds. The Player 180s bet, like the Total 180s bet, is an over/under wager. As a result, the sportsbook will display the total amount of 180 that I estimate the player will win during the match. You must next decide whether you believe the player will score more or less 180s than the published total.

First 180

The first bet 180 is the last sort of bet you may make with 180. This wager requires you to pick which of the two players in the match you believe will win the first 180 minutes. You only have two alternatives when it comes to this bet: It’s either Player A or Player B. You will win the bet if you accurately predict who will win the first 180 minutes of the game.

Nine Darts Finish.

Nine arrows is the smallest number of arrows a player can use to win a stage of an arrows game. You wager on a Nice Dart Finish if you believe there will be nine arrows left standing at the end. It’s a simple yes or no situation for this wager. Choose the one you believe is correct, and then cross your fingers that you are correct.

Handicap Two Way

Spread betting is definitely something you’ve heard of if you’re a regular sports bettor. In a football game, for example, the favorite team may have a -8 point spread. Sports betting handicaps the best team and calculates the best estimate of how much they will win using this spread.

You may also wager on the spread of darts matches with a Two Way Handicap bet. In this situation, the bookmaker will give the two players in the match a spread. For the same sum, the favorite player will have a negative spread, while the underdog will have a positive spread.

For example, Player A could have a -1.5 spread and Player B could have a +1.5 spread. Player A is favored to win the match by 1.5 sets or more in this situation.

You must pick which of the two players will cover their spread in order to stake this sort of bet. If you bet on Player A in the scenario above, he must win with two or more sets for you to win the wager. If you bet on player B to cover the spread, you should either win the match or lose by one set.

Highest Player Checkout

Darts are sometimes referred to as checkout. The last three arrows thrown by a player to end a stage of a match are known as a checkout. It’s worth noting that the checkout must end in a double digit, such as double 20.

You can wager on the size of an individual player’s house during a match by placing a bet on the highest player house. An over/under bet is the framework of this type of wager. As a result, I assume the sports bookmaker will release an amount equal to the player’s highest payment. All you have to do is decide whether the player’s largest residence will be less than or more than this amount. You will win the bet if you make the correct choice.

Highest match Checkout

Rather than picking the biggest house in a single player, you can wager on the biggest house in the entire match. You can bet on what you think will be the biggest house by using the bet with the biggest house. You will receive a publicized amount from the sportsbook if you place an over/under bet. Then you must determine whether you believe the highest house from any of the players during the match will be greater than or less than this amount.

Betting in real time

If you enjoy betting on arrows, you might want to consider live betting on darts. You will be able to gamble on the game’s action using this format. Live betting, unlike pre-match or in-game betting, allows you to wager while the game is in progress. Many of the above-mentioned bets are available in the short term through live betting. Check out live betting if you haven’t already. It is currently one of the most popular betting trends in the industry.

Darts Betting 

Darts betting is a fun method to get even more enjoyment out of the game. We hope that our guide has provided you with further knowledge to assist you improve your darts betting skills. If you’re new to darts betting, start with some of the most straightforward wagers, like as the match winner and the tournament’s overall winner. Some of the more sophisticated bets might be used to help you attempt new things in your darts betting strategy if you’re a more accomplished player. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and best of luck in your darts adventures in the future.

The most important professional darts competitions 🥇

Darts is a sport that is played all year with only a few breaks. As a result, a professional darts event is held nearly every week of the year. The following are some of the most popular darts events each year.

Darts World Championships

In the last quarter-century or more, the World Darts Championship has become a Christmas tradition. This is by far the most important tournament in darts, beginning in mid-December and finishing in the New Year’s final. The World Championships have been staged in north London since 2008, at Alexandra Palace, affectionately known as Ally Pally in darts circles.

World Darts Matchplay

The “other event,” the World Darts Matchplay, takes place every year in July at the Empress Ballrooms amid Blackpool’s famous winter gardens. This event features a 32-person pitch, and the players enjoy it because the supporters are so close to the action. The closeness of the audience to the act produces one of the most unusual sporting environments in the UK.

Premier League of Darts

The Darts Premier League was founded in 2005 and pits the top nine PDC Darts players against each other in one game every week between February and the second May bank holiday. Players earn points each week, which are used to form a table from which some will be demoted and others will advance to the London docks play-offs. The nine regulars are joined by a local hero each week in the initial rounds to make up the numbers.

Darts’ Grand Slam

The Grand Slam of Darts is the PDC’s first major event of the season, and it comprises the best 16 darts players in the world, as determined by the PDC Order of Merit. Since its beginning in 2007, the event has been held at Wolverhampton Civic Hall and is held every November.

Grand Prix of the World

The World Grand Prix is a PDC darts competition held every October at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, in which players must start each leg with a double and, as is customary, conclude with doubles.

Darts Open in the United Kingdom

The UK Open, also known as the FA Darts Cup, is a no-holds-barred knockout tournament that takes place in early March and is decided by an open draw rather than a set route. 160 amateurs and professionals participate in eight stages before the PDC’s top 32 players advance to the fourth round. Anyone can shoot and beat anyone, just like his football counterpart.

Other well-known competitions

In addition to the aforementioned tournaments, the Gibraltar Darts Trophy and the Modus Icon of Darts are two other well-known and well-loved darts tournaments. For all the latest news, darts odds, and tips, check out our in-depth guides for each.

How to play darts? 🧐

Darts is governed by two professional organizations: the British Darts Organization (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) (PDC). The PDC is by far the larger and wealthier of the two organizations, and it is likely to play any darter you’ve ever heard of. Continue reading to learn about the best dart betting sites!

Darts is a sport in which two opposing players stand up and throw three arrows each in turn. The player’s goal is to get as many points as possible in order to reduce his initial score of 501. Many pros will be aiming their arrows at the thin, medium red ring in the middle of section 20. The score in any of the parts where you land the dart is tripled in this inner ring. On the sheet metal, there is also a double ring that provides double protection. The highest-scoring sector on the board is 20, and a quadruple 20 is worth 60 points. Three arrows falling in the triple 20 add up to 180, the maximum possible three-arrow score.

Any of the 20 components are 1 and 5, which have evident low scores and pose a risk while aiming for 20. Players must finish double when they reach a finish or “checkout.” So, if a player leaves 38 on the board, he can win by hitting a double 19 on his next attempt. If he hits above the line, he will break, and their turn will be over; if he hits below the line, he will have to train. alternative way to get home Nine arrows is the greatest value from 501 that can be made in 9 arrows. Big Fish refers to the maximum possible value of 170.

Score on darts

Points are awarded based on the worth of each area, as stated above. The outer ring doubles this amount, while the inner ring increases it by a factor of two. The bull’s eye in the middle is worth 50, while the semi-circle surrounding the bull’s eye is worth 25.

Darts’ history 📜

Darts evolved over time, beginning in British pubs where they were first employed in friendly contests between rival inns and their proprietors. The arrows were declared legal in a court in Leeds, Yorkshire, in 1908 (prior bets on money had threatened this status), and brewing leagues began to grow in the early mid-20th century as a result. This sparked a surge of public interest, and by the 1930s, it had established itself as a popular national pastime in England and parts of Wales.

Gambling was subsequently outlawed in several areas due to its association with taverns and general drinking. The National Darts Association (NDA) was founded in 1925 to bring some order and discipline to the game, and it dominated until the 1970s, when the British Darts Organization (BDO) took over.

When the World Darts Council was founded in the early 1990s, the BDO’s power was considerably eroded, before it was relaunched as the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The PDC created a separatist organization, bringing with them all of the game’s major personalities, and switched to satellite television. Since 1994, Sky Television has broadcast the PDC’s new World Championship and World Matchplay events, and now holds nearly all of the exclusive rights to broadcast the sport.


Darts was once merely a British pub game, and its professional players from the 1970s and 1980s, such as Jocky Wilson and the first darts superstar, Eric Bristow, relished the smokey atmosphere. Even on TV, there’s beer and beer and beer and beer and beer and beer and beer and The independence of the PDC in the 1990s was a game-changing event that introduced the game to new places around the world. Critically, PDC did an outstanding job of ensuring that, while the game was re-professionalized and packaged for television, it was not taken too seriously, and as a result, the sport garnered a joyful and occasionally foolish audience, who simply profited even more from this excellent game. After all, darts is a thrilling activity to watch and wager on because the odds are frequently favorable and any darter can defeat another. In many ways, it’s ideal.


Is it simple to wager on arrows?

Yes, a great deal. Darts is a simple sport to grasp, which makes betting on it simple as well.

Which is larger, the BDO or the PDC?

BDO was once known as PDC, a company that split from the first in the early 1990s and developed a repackaged version of the arrows that became quite popular. The PDC is by far the most popular today, with massive TV deals and big prize cash, whilst the BDO clings to life.

Is it possible for BDOs and PDCs to merge?

Yes, it is , with the Grand Slam of Darts being the best example.

What is the definition of a new darter?

A new arrow, also known as a nine-arrow finish, is throwing a flawless leg that only requires nine arrows to check from 501, as little as feasible.

What does it mean to be a “large fish”?

The large fish is a 170 to check a foot score.

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