Is there a winning approach for beating the bookies?

Beat the Bookies – You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that completing your homework before betting on sports can lead to smarter decisions and more profits. For most bettors, scanning through the Saturday afternoon schedule and picking out a few bankers is rather simple, but it won’t put any real money on the table. To increase your chances of making consistent earnings, you should diversify your bets and take advantage of the several markets offered at the top online bookmakers.

Beat the Bookies-read our tutorial on how to be the best at beating the bookies

By the end of this Beat the Bookies tutorial, you will have learned:

  • How to develop a winning betting strategy
  • How to acquire an advantage over a bookie
  • The kinds of bets required to make a large profit
  • How to Improve Your Betting Consistency

You Should Remember These Betting Strategy Suggestions in order to Beat the Bookies

If you want to make money from sports betting, you must be willing to either devote a significant amount of time to it or choose a higher-risk strategy that can provide greater benefits. Most of the time, the former is the best option because research can assist in making informed bets. However, this is not a foolproof approach, so here’s a betting guide to assist you avoid some costly blunders.

For sports such as football, horse racing, cricket, rugby, or tennis, there is no viable betting strategy. Even the most well-researched and dependable approach will occasionally fail to deliver, just as there are no perfect horse racing advice. If there was a technique to always win in betting, bookmakers would go out of business; after all, their money derives from other people’s losses. However, many punters have discovered that tactics such as up and down bets, four-fold bets, round robin bets, lay betting, and Goliath bets have helped them win big.

It is not correct to say that you will never be able to beat the bookies in the long run. You can surely come out ahead with the right techniques and the courage to implement them, as long as you’re a realist and understand that there is no entirely risk-free sports bet.

Any successful bettor will urge you to always wager with money you’ve already won. When you start filling your betting accounts with money from your home budget or savings, it can rapidly become a desperate technique, and you could find yourself without money in no time.

As a preference, bet online. There are considerably more possibilities accessible on the internet for sports such as football, horse racing, and cricket; you can spend more time creating a bet, and you have greater control over your odds of winning.

Football Predictions Can Make You Rich: How To Beat The Bookies

The first advice for beating the bookies is deceptively simple: know the sport on which you’re betting. Of course you should — isn’t that self-evident? To have a chance of beating the bookies and generating a profit in the long run, you must be aware of it. Nothing beats doing your homework to help you make informed bets and reduce risk.

If you’re a football fan, most of the country knows something about the game, making it more difficult to get one over on the bookies. However, if you’re a bit of a nerd about an obscure league — say, the Estonian MeistriLiga – there’s a decent chance you know more than the folks who determine the odds.

Alternatively, if you’re a lover of a less popular sport, such as volleyball, you don’t have to be too obscure with your wagers. You should be on the lookout for instances where the oddsmakers have placed too much emphasis on a team’s good league position and declared them odds-on favourites despite recent injury difficulties.

You’d be shocked how frequently good odds appear in more obscure markets. From one week to the next, everyone knows who will be in the Manchester United squad and what their strengths and shortcomings are. Flora Tallinn of Estonia, for example, is not in the same league.

Accumulators: The Best Way to Outwit the Bookies?

Accumulators are one technique that gamblers try to make a lot of money on a small risk. If you have £5 to wager and want to make a large profit, you must accurately anticipate a few outcomes on the same bet. This can work for you if applied correctly, but keep a few things in mind first in order to Beat the Bookies.

  • Building a super-sized accumulator with twenty or thirty different teams on it may appear to be a recipe for large returns, but even if those twenty teams are relatively sure things, one of them will almost certainly lose or draw. Given that all it takes for one result to go against you, it’s simply not good value for earning a long-term profit.
  • Avoid padding accumulators with obvious long-shot bets. Even ten of these bets in an accumulator may result in odds of only 3.50 (or 5/2). For any significant profits, you’d need a large stake, and that’s contingent on one person experiencing the kind of nightmare that everyone experiences at least once in their lives.

How to Win Football Bets Consistently: Use Your Head, Not Your Heart

Having a wealth of football knowledge and converting it into a winning approach do not always go hand in hand when it comes to Beat the Bookies. We all have favorite teams, and it can be tempting to go all-in on the squad we’ve been following all season when determining who to back. However, successful bookies rely on the large number of bettors who do precisely that every week.

You may have been following your team and have nothing but faith in that fantastic striker who scores every time he gets a chance; you’re unlikely to have watched the opponent half as much, and football matches feature two sides, so beware going too far with your emotions here.

That being said, if you keep an eye on your team and have a player that constantly looks to be in the thick of things, you may always back them to score at any time throughout the game. Even the most dependable attackers are frequently available at odds of 2.30-2.50, and it’s far more likely that your player will score (and your team will lose) against the league leaders than that your club will win.

How to Frequently Beat the Bookies: Shop Around

Setting up an account with an online bookie can be time-consuming, and you definitely don’t want to do it more than once. In the betting market, brand loyalty is simply not wanting to establish another account.

However, you should register multiple accounts because the best betting strategy is to take advantage of every advantage that the betting market has to offer. They aren’t going to give you many, so take advantage of any free bets or incentives you can find. More accounts open imply:

  • More free bets and welcome bonuses. Most bookmakers will match your first deposit or bet with a free bonus of up to three times your first investment. If you read the terms and conditions, you may discover that you are unable to withdraw the funds. Instead, you must use it to bet, but if you use your free bets well, you can make a lot of money. Free bets are the simplest method to turn an ordinary bet into something spectacular.
  • Additional free bets and exclusive bonuses. Bookmakers will not give you free money, but if you haven’t bet in a while, or if you signed up and haven’t bet at all, you may receive a special offer that can be utilized to beat the bookies. Some will offer longer odds on a favorite for a limited time; others may refund your money if an accumulator is let down by one component, and so on. You’ll get more offers if you have more accounts. Simply read the terms and conditions of your free bets. Free bets typically have time limits and qualifying odds, so make sure you read the fine print.
  • More options for odds. Taking the longest odds available is one definite technique to beat the bookies. No one bookmaker is more liberal with odds than another, but it’s unusual to see all bookmakers offer the same odds for the same event. Check them all out before you bet, and always go with the best odds.

Recognizing the value afforded by odds

The probability of an event is not represented in a bookmaker’s odds. Because each bookmaker has their own margin, the likelihood of an event is never equal to the real probability. A punter must be knowledgeable enough to identify odds that offer value on paper. These decisions end up making a difference in the long run, since minor increases in revenues help offset losses on poor days.

Of course, there are numerous methods for increasing the value of odds. The user will be able to sign up with bookies who are renowned to give a consistent supply of deals in order to Beat the Bookies. These deals can work in the user’s favor and assist in areas where it is tough to discover a lot of value. Because of the fierce competition among bookies, punters can exult in the deals they receive.

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