Types of Bets – Examining the Various Sports Bet Types

You’ve come to the right site if you want to find out more about the various sports bets. This article was created with the intention of assisting sports bettors of all experience levels in learning whatever they require to know about the topic. You’ll have a solid idea of your betting options and how they all work once you’ve read through our in-depth introduction to the various bet types. The first thing we’ll do on this page is explain all of the popular sports betting categories to you.

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Types of bets - Here you will find the most comprehensive collection of betting types' guides from various sports. Start betting today!

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Types of Bets – The most common types you will find

We’ll provide you a high-level overview of the most common sports bet kinds in this area. In addition to each explanation, we’ve provided a link to a comprehensive page that is jam-packed with even more details regarding each sort of wager. You can delve deeper into the topics that most interest you using these sites.

Use the jump links below to go directly to that section if you’re looking to learn more about a certain sort of betting. However, if learning about various sports bets is your aim, be sure to read each of the sections below so that you may take in as much information as you can.

Types of Bets – Moneyline and Win Bets

Win and moneyline bets can be combined. They both signify the same thing even though they are phrased differently. However, it may go by a different name depending on where you live. Most people in the US refer to this kind of play as a moneyline wager. A win bet is the term used to describe the same type of wager everywhere in the world.

Whatever name you give it, this form of wager is the most fundamental one there is. You’ll just choose who you think will win the game or match you’re betting on when you place this kind of wager.

You would need to decide which team you believe will win if you were to place a wager on an upcoming NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. You will place a win bet on Miami if you think that team will triumph. You’ll also be a winner if Miami goes on to win the game! It’s that easy!

We’ve included a link to our website devoted to this kind of wager below if you’d want to find out more details about moneyline and win bets. To explore an in-depth analysis of this wager type, simply click the link below.

Types of Bets – Totals as well as Over/Under wagers

over under betting

There are two alternate names for this kind of wager as well. The term “total” is more frequently used in the United States, whereas “over/under” is more frequently used elsewhere in the world. Again, both terms relate to the same kind of sports wager regardless of the names. Another very straightforward bet that is perfect for beginners to employ in conjunction with win bets is the totals market. The sportsbook will provide a specific total for a sporting event when a totals bet is placed. This sum frequently depends on how many points were scored throughout the game. You must decide if you believe the total will truly be higher or lower than the value set by the sportsbook before placing this kind of bet. Let’s examine a case in point. Returning to the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls matchup, a sportsbook can set the totals line at 199 points. You will wager on the over if you think that the combined total of points scored by the two teams will exceed 199. In contrast, you would bet on the underdog if you thought the teams’ combined score would be less than that. Your totals wager will be successful if you make the right choice. If you’re unfamiliar with over/under wagers, we’ve created a page with further information if you’re interested in finding out more.

Types of Bets – Betting on the point spread and handicaps

A point spread wager is another form of wager that you can make on numerous sporting events. In the US, bets of this kind are placed often. In several regions of Europe and other areas of the world, a different comparable type of wager is also popular. This kind of wager is known as handicap betting in certain locations.

Both of these bet types are conceptually identical. The first step in the process is for a bookmaker to choose the team they believe is more likely to win the game. Once they’ve completed that, they’ll then assign a total number of points that team is expected to win by.

The choice made by the sportsbook is then up to you to choose if you believe it to be overstated or understated.

Here is an illustration to help you picture this: In an upcoming matchup between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls, a bookmaker has established a point spread that is 5 points in Miami’s advantage. Simply put, that indicates that the oddsmaker anticipates Miami to win by that many points. You would need to decide whether you think the sportsbook is high or low if you were making a point spread wager on this game.

You will place a wager on Miami if you predict that they will win by at least five points or more. However, you would bet on Chicago if you think the team will win or lose by 4 points or less. You must correctly choose one of the two possibilities listed above in order to win this sort of wager.

Don’t skip the link below to have a better grasp of these different forms of wagers. You may learn more about point spreads and handicap betting in this section.

Types of Bets – Both futures and outright wagers

Futures bets and outright bets have the same meaning in the world of sports betting. You’ll be picking the winner of a general tournament, contest, or league with this kind of sports wager. You often choose your wager far in advance of the actual sporting event. Because of this, these bets are often referred to as “futures.”

For instance, you might wager on the NBA Finals champion before the new season really begins. Another example is placing a Super Bowl wager before the first NFL game of the current season has even been played. In both of these cases, you are betting long before the event actually occurs.

It can be challenging to make the right choice in most of these outright bets because they are placed so far in advance of their conclusion. Prior to the start of the season, it is difficult to predict how well a specific team will perform when you are placing a sports wager. As a result, the rewards related to them might be exceedingly generous. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that despite the tempting profits, these are risky wagers.

Additionally, we’ve created a website specifically for futures and outright wagers. If you’d want to start making these bets as part of your sports betting strategy, you can use this website to learn more about them.

Types of Bets – Proposition Bets and Specials

Consider making a proposition bet if you’re seeking something a little different from a typical sports wager. These bets, also referred to as specials or prop bets, can be placed on almost anything.

You can, for instance, wager on which club or player will score the game’s opening goal. Other prop bets include the start time of a soccer match’s first goal or which team member will score the game’s first run. These examples only scratch the surface of the various prop bets available. Actually, you may bet on a wide variety of various things utilising this form of wager.

Check out the link below if you’d want to learn more about prop bets and see some examples of them. You can read more about prop bets on our in-depth page by clicking on it.

Types of Bets – Accumulators and Parlays

Things start to become a little trickier when it comes to parlays and accumulators. Because of this, novices shouldn’t use these kinds of sports betting wagers. You will really choose a number of picks as part of one wager while placing these kinds of bets.

You can place an accumulator bet on the winner of six distinct races, for instance, if you wager on horse racing. Your predictions for all six races would need to be correct in order to win this wager. You will lose the wager and your cash if even one of your predictions is wrong.

These bets are highly dangerous because of the string of picks included in parlays and accumulators. This means that while you can potentially make large payments, it is less probable that you would correctly guess them. Because of this, we advise employing these bet types only for smaller stakes.

Types of Bets – Teasers and Pleasers

We reach teases and pleasers by developing the concept of accumulators to increasingly complex levels. Because you’ll be placing numerous selections as part of your wager, these bet types are comparable to parlays and accumulators. But there are some significant variations among them all.

You can choose the string of bets you want to place with teasers. The point spreads can then be adjusted in your favour to increase your chances of winning the wager. This gives you a significant advantage over a parlay-style wager.

Alternately, you may make a larger bet, which would make it more difficult for you to succeed. By placing this kind of gamble, you’ll actually make point spreads less favourable. In this case, your chances of winning are lower than they would be with a parlay bet as a whole. The potential winnings will be bigger if you succeed in winning the wager, despite the fact that it is a harder wager.

We’ve created separate pages for teases and pleasers because they each operate differently. Use the links below to learn more about either one or both of these topics.

Types of Bets – Reverse Bets and If Bets

The if and reverse bets are two of the most challenging wagers to comprehend. These bets are essentially ones where you have to choose various choices. However, how things turn out may vary based on your choices.

For instance, while placing if bets, you’ll start by selecting two or more wagers that are related in some way. If your original prediction is wrong in this form of gamble, all following wagers are invalid. Because of this, if bets are regarded safer options than conventional parlay wagers because your risk is lessened.

Reverse bets are simply two if bets combined into one. You will make an if bet on your first and second choices for the first part of the wager. A second if bet will then be placed for your second option, and then your first. Reverse bets essentially function both ways.

Types of Bets – Betting on permutations

Permutation betting completes our presentation of common bet kinds. One of the trickiest forms of sports betting to comprehend is this one. You will make several picks and place a number of wagers using this wager type by combining the selections. Due to the difficulty of these wagers, beginners should avoid using this form of bet.

Check out the link below for additional information about permutation betting. You will be directed to our in-depth page that is entirely dedicated to this wager type. You may find examples of permutation bets as well as a more thorough description of how they operate here.

Types of Bets – Middle stakes

To ensure that either one of the bets wins or both bets win, middle bets, also known as middling, are a type of arbitrage betting when point spread wagers are placed on both sides of the game at various lines.

As an illustration, suppose you place a one-unit wager on the Carolina Panthers, who are 3.5-point favourites over the Tennessee Titans at one bookmaker.

You place a one-unit wager on the Titans since they are a 4.5-point underdog against the Panthers at another sportsbook.

If you bet on the Panthers/Titans game and the Panthers win by exactly four points, you either win +1.82 units or you lose only 0.09 units. Your three possible outcomes are as follows:

Panthers -3.5, Titans +4.5Panthers 28, Titans 24+1.82
Panthers -3.5, Titans +4.5Panthers 30, Titans 17-0.09
Panthers -3.5, Titans +4.5Panthers 14, Titans 21-0.09

Types of Bets – Live gambling

A wager that is placed after a game has begun is known as a live wager. The fact that the odds change based on what is happening in the game is what makes live betting entertaining.

You can live bet on more specialized bets like the outcome of the next possession in addition to more conventional bets like moneylines, spreads, and totals.

Types of Bets – How do they differ from sport to sport

There are various wager types or variations of common wager types for each sport. I go into detail about each sport’s qualities and how they relate to sports betting below.

NFL Odds Explanation

The NFL is the preferred betting league in the US. Point spreads are the most popular wagers since games are frequently close. Point total and moneyline bets are the second most popular types of wagers.

Player props are very popular owing to fantasy football, but spreads, moneylines, and totals are the most common NFL bets.

Read our in-depth guide to find out more about placing NFL wagers.

NCAA Football

The most popular college football wagers, like in professional football, are point spreads, although moneyline and total wagers are also well-liked.

Player props are less popular in college football because of various state rules, which is the main difference between wagers on college football and NFL games.

NBA Odds Explanation

Basketball is the second most popular betting sport in the United States, right after football. Spread bets are the most popular wagers for the NBA since the results of these bets typically come down to the final few possessions of the game.

Moneyline and point total bets are very popular bet types because they are narrowly decided as well.

In the NBA, player props are less common because player performance varies dramatically from game to game.

NCAA Basketball

The most common college basketball wagers, like the NBA, are spread wagers. Since college basketball games tend to be more lopsided than NBA games, college basketball spreads are likely to be even more popular than NBA spreads. Because various teams play at different tempos, point total wagers can be fascinating.

Due of college sports’ regulatory structure, player props are not as in-demand as they are in college football.

MLB Wagers – Explanation

Baseball moneyline bets are by far the most common because the outcome of games is frequently in doubt. Run total wagers are also common.

Baseball spread betting is also available, although the spread is known as a “run-line.” Due to baseball’s tendency to produce few scores, run lines are typically only set at 1.5 or 2.5 runs.

Given that each MLB team fields a starting lineup of nine batters and a starting pitcher, player props can be appealing.

NHL Odds Explanation

Baseball is played on grass, whereas hockey is played on ice, yet they are strikingly similar in terms of betting. Even though hockey spreads are referred to as the “puck line,” both sports have moneylines. In the NHL, total goal wagering is also common.

Golf Bets Explanation

You should enjoy betting on golf if you enjoy the concept of player props. Which golfer will win a tournament is the most common golf wager.

It’s also common to place head-to-head wagers, which pit two different golfers against one another.

Tennis Bets Explanation

Like golf, tennis is primarily about the individual players. Unsurprisingly, tennis is the sport where moneyline wagers are most common.

Tennis futures bets and wagers on which player will win a specific set are two more popular wagers.

Soccer Betting – An Overview

Soccer is similar to hockey in terms of betting because both sports are low-scoring. The primary distinction is the increased frequency of ties.

The most common type of soccer wager is a three-way moneyline wager, in which you can wager on either team to win as well as on a draw being possible.

In addition, total goals, spreads, and two-way moneylines are common wager types.

Explaining MMA/UFC Wagers

Moneyline wagers are the most widely used wager type for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) leagues like UFC. In addition to this, a common wager is on the overall number of rounds.

Additionally, common MMA wager kinds include fighting props like betting on the method of winning or whether a knockout would occur. Examples of these props include the winner’s strategy or whether a knockout will occur.

Boxing Wagers – An Overview

Moneylines are the most common wagers in combat sports like boxing and mixed martial arts. It’s also customary to wager on the winning strategy and the total number of rounds in a game.

Match duration is one key distinction between the two. Due to the fact that boxing fights typically last longer than three rounds, there are more wagers available on whether a knockout or a decision will decide the winner.


Hopefully you now know more about the different forms of bets than when you first came. If this is your first time on our website, we strongly recommend that you explore all of the other fantastic sports betting tools that we offer. This website was created to assist gamblers of all levels in taking their wagering to entirely new levels. Thank you for visiting, and good luck with all of your upcoming sports bets!


I have never bet on sports. Which form of wager should I place first?

Those of you who are new to sports betting should stay with simpler wagers until you fully comprehend how it operates. We specifically advise starting with bets on the winner, moneyline, spread, and over/under. You can then think about some of the more complex bet kinds, such as parlays, once you feel comfortable with these bet types.

What should my wager be?

We are unable to offer a solution that will satisfy everyone who reads this website. Your recommended stake on each given wager will vary depending on a number of variables. Your level of risk tolerance, the kind of wager you’re placing, and the sum of your betting bankroll are a few examples of these variables. We would strongly advise you to create a bankroll management plan as soon as possible if you don’t currently have one. Plans for managing your bankroll will help you decide how much to wager. You’ll wager a tiny amount of your bankroll to help it last longer rather than your full bankroll all at once.

Do I need to make each of these types of bets?

Without a doubt. It’s acceptable if you prefer to wager utilising just one of the two sports betting options mentioned above. Which wager types you include in your sports betting strategy are ultimately up to you.

Are any of these wager categories offered on every sport?

No. Different wager kinds will be connected to various sports and sportsbooks. The best course of action for you is to visit an online sportsbook and see what alternatives are offered for the sports you want to wager on. It’s usually a good idea to check out a few sportsbooks to determine which one offers you the most varied selection of betting alternatives because things can differ across them.

What types of wagers are the riskiest?

Parlays, teasers, pleasers, if, reverse, and permutation bets should all be avoided if you want to stay away from dangerous sports wagers. Each of these bet types has a higher risk than the other sorts of wagers because it needs you to make more than one choice. Permutation betting is usually the wager type with the biggest risk because of the way it is set up.

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Types of Bets - Examining the Various Sports Bet Types
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Types of Bets - Examining the Various Sports Bet Types
Types of bets - Here you will find the most comprehensive collection of betting types' guides from various sports. Start betting today!
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