Explained: Asian Corners Betting ⚽

The world of sports betting is wonderful and encompassing, and it is expanding at an astounding rate. Not only are more sports and events becoming involved in betting, but there are also more opportunities to wager on currently established betting sports. Asian Corner is one such example, as it was not previously included in the standard football betting markets. It provides a significant profit potential by betting on one of football’s most important elements — corners. To fully understand the idea of Asian Corner betting, we shall first describe corner betting and then handicap betting.

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What is corner and Asian corner betting? 🎯

You’re probably already aware of the large range of corner markets available to soccer fans. Total Corners, Team to Win the First Corner, Corners Race, and more are among them. Furthermore, all of these markets operate on a half-time basis rather than a full-time basis. So, exactly what is an Asian Corner bet? Wagering on this market entails betting on which team will have more corners, with a minor handicap thrown in for good measure. “Wait, isn’t there already such a market, the Corner Match bet one?” you may be thinking. Yes, while the two markets have many similarities, the Asian Corner market has a feature that attracts a lot of people. When you add the word Asian to the bet, what happens is that if there is a tie in the number of corners, your bet is nullified and your deposit is restored. This is in contrast to how the Corner Match bet works, because the Asian Corner market has only two lines, as opposed to the three (1X2) options in the standard market.

Asian corner football vs. traditional corner football ⚔️

If a betting term includes the word “Asian,” you can be certain of two things: For starters, you won’t be allowed to gamble on a “draw” outcome. Second, if the outcome is a tie, you may be eligible for a refund in some cases. The same characteristics apply to Asian corner betting. These two sorts of sports betting appear to be the same at first glance: They both allow you to put a bet on corner kicks. However, there are two major distinctions:

➤ According to Asian corner rules, you may be eligible for a bet return in certain circumstances. In ordinary corner betting, there is no such situation: your bet either results in a “win” or a “loss.” In other words, the refund option is not available with ordinary corner betting: This is the most significant distinction between the two sorts of bets.

However, in exchange for this advantage, you must accept reduced odds. We can nearly always say that traditional corner betting provides better odds.

Asian corners betting allows for half and quarter corners. When discussing the many varieties of Asian corners, we shall explain what this implies below.

Handicap gambling 🥇

We’ve already explained what Asian Corner is, so let’s move on to the explanation of Handicaps in sports betting. In general, bookmakers utilise handicaps to provide more tempting odds in games where one of the teams is significantly favoured. For example, if Liverpool plays Burton Albion, very few people will be ready to bet on Liverpool winning if the odds are ridiculously low, such as 1.05. This is where disadvantages come into play. The bookmakers determine what would be a reasonable handicap point to try to equalise the odds of both teams. Assume the current game’s handicap is set at Liverpool –4.5 goals. This indicates that if the Merseyside team wins 5-0, the bet is a winner. However, if the Reds only manage 4 goals or less, you will have lost that wager. Furthermore, if Liverpool leads 5-0 but Burton scores, the bet is lost once more.

The handicap is the margin by which the favourite must win in order for your bet to win. When it comes to handicaps, there are minor differences. The one we just discussed has a 0.5, which explains why if Burton starts with a 4.5 goal advantage, 4 goals for Liverpool are a losing bet and 5 are a winning bet. In other words, when the handicap is.5, there can be no tie. There are no cancelled bets or returned wagers when there is no tie, so you either win or lose. There are, however, rounded handicap margins. In this case, changing the handicap from Liverpool –4.5 to –5 results in a minor adjustment in the final outcomes. If the Reds win by 5 goals, a handicap bet of –5 means that the imaginary score is 0-0, resulting in a stalemate. Your bet loses in this situation, but it would not have lost if it had been an Asian Handicap bet. You can also wager on a tie with a Classical handicap. Returning to our previous example, a winning handicap tie bet would be Tie –5. In this case, Liverpool will have 5 goals subtracted from their total, resulting in a stalemate.

Handicap betting in Asian Corner 💰

So, now that we’re familiar with both handicap betting and Asian corners, we can go on to the highly appealing Asian Corner Handicap market. Despite the lengthy name, don’t be alarmed; it’s not much different than standard handicap betting. Many people may believe that it is even simpler than traditional handicap betting.

Asian Section Handicap betting allows you to bet on which team you anticipate will make more corners during the match’s full time. To put this into context, consider our fictitious match between Liverpool and Burton Albion. The Reds have scored 9 corners in this game, while Burton has only managed 3. A handicap of Liverpool –5.5 would be a winning bet in this situation. Liverpool –6 would result in a draw, which would not result in a loss of your wager. This is the most notable distinction between Asian handicap and traditional handicap. As previously stated, ties in Asian handicap markets result in a void bet and a stake return. If the handicap had been set at –6.5, betting on Liverpool would have resulted in a loss.

Why should I gamble at Asian Corner? 🤔

This market is popular among gamblers because it offers a 50% possibility of winning with no preparation. To shift the scales in your favour, all you need to do is a little study before wagering. Check out the league corner statistics for each team, as they are frequently the most up to date and accurate. Bet against teams that play extremely defensively and rarely get to the other side of the field. Also, keep in mind that just though a side is the clear favourite in the match-up doesn’t imply it will score more corners. The favourite may still win the game, but not by a large enough margin to cover the handicap or be granted additional corner kicks. Overall, Asian corner betting provides a wide range of opportunities for you to profit from, but you should always remember to play wisely and responsibly.

Situations in which you should consider Asian corner betting

Following up on our discussion of this market, we’d like to go a step farther. When evaluating a game’s betting possibilities, there are usually clues that indicate to this market being a suitable decision. Let us look at few scenarios where this might be possible:

The chances in standard corner markets are terrible.

Of course, Asian corner betting markets are a twist on regular corner betting markets. However, the latter should still serve as a guideline as to whether you should go down this path or not. This is true if the odds in the usual corner markets aren’t extremely enticing. However, if you specialise on corner betting, you can usually stick with this aspect of the game while getting superior value for Asian corner betting options.

After all, handicap options are by definition intended to level the playing field.

The research backs up the wager.

Because you’ll be predicting the number of corners as a handicap in this game, study is essential. When comparing two teams’ head-to-head records, the number of corners should be displayed. If there is a significant difference between the two teams, you can use this as a guideline to determine which Asian corner market to visit. This is true for any football gamble — the research must serve as sufficient evidence to warrant the stake.

If you can wager on the market with a bonus, you should.

Rather than relying primarily on the numbers and studies, this must also be considered. Why not take advantage of any bonuses you may be eligible for in this market? Because the odds for this market are normally a little higher due to the extra risks, the return on your bet will be larger if the wager is successful. And when you receive a bonus in the form of a free bet, you are not putting any of your own money at risk.

Asian corner bets – Types 🚀

We will explain the regulations in depth while discussing the many sorts of Asian corners, and everything will become apparent as you read them, so don’t worry. As previously stated, there are three fundamental sorts of Asian corners: They are available at practically all major bookies. We’ve listed them all here, along with instructions on how to win them.

Asian total corners

Because this is the most prevalent variety, this section will serve as a mini-guide to explaining Asian total corners. In this wager, you’re attempting to predict the overall amount of corners in a game. In this sense, you have two choices:

  • Whole-corner: a single digit. For instance, Asian corners 9 might be utilised as “Over 9/Under 9 corners.”
  • Half-corner: A half number followed by a dot. Asian corners, for example, have a score of 9.5. It might be written as “Over 9.5” or “Under 9.5.”
  • Quarter-corner: A combination of full and half numbers is employed. “Over 9, 9.5” and/or “Under 9, 9.5” are two examples.

Those who have studied our Asian handicap and alternative Asian handicap guides will be familiar with these terminology. These alternatives have various win/loss conditions:


  • If you bet “Over 9,” you must employ more than 9 corners in that match to win.
  • If you wager “Under 9,” you must use less than 9 corners in that match to win.
  • Your bet is repaid if exactly 9 corners are used.


  • If you bet “Over 9.5,” you must employ more than 9 corners in that match to win.
  • If you wager “Under 9.5,” the match must have fewer than 9 corners to win.


  • If you bet “Over 9, 9.5,” you must employ more than 9 corners in that match to win.
  • If you employ exactly 9 corners, half of your stake is repaid (you lose the other half).
  • If you use fewer than 9 corners, you forfeit your entire stake.
  • If you wager “Under 9, 9.5,” the match must have fewer than 9 corners to win.
  • If you employ exactly 9 corners, half of your stake is repaid (you lose the other half).
  • If you use more than 9 corners, you lose your entire stake.

Asian handicap corners 🏆

There are other half corner and quarter corner possibilities in this bet, but you primarily wager on which team will employ the most corners. So, instead of estimating the overall number of corners, try to anticipate which team would employ the most of them.

In the half-corner option, teams are assigned handicap points ahead of time, and these points are added to the total number of corners at the end of the match to determine which team won. Bets will be cancelled and returned if both teams have the same amount of corners. This is fairly similar to handicap betting, with the addition of the “refund” option.

Here’s an illustration of how the quarter corner option works:

  • In a game between “Team A” and “Team B,” Team A is the favourite, and you bet on it.
  • Assume the option you chose is “0.5, 1.”
  • You win the bet if Team A uses two or more corners from Team B.
  • If Team A uses only one corner more than Team B, you lose half of your bet and receive a refund for the other half.
  • All other outcomes result in a loss of the bet.

Asian corners in the first half

This is presented as an Asian total corners bet by default, thus it is subject to the rules we discussed before. It is, however, decided at the end of the first half, not at the end of the game.

Beginner’s Asian Corners Betting Strategy 📊

Remember that you may use all of these choices in real time. In other words, live Asian corner betting is possible, and it is a good idea to read our guide on live betting systems. Similarly, study our Asian handicap in-play guide. Asian corners are eerily similar to Asian handicap betting, so read our tutorial on Asian handicap techniques as well.

👉 The number of corners can be increased or decreased depending on the weather: In snowy or sloppy conditions, the ball is more likely to go out of bounds. As a result, stay up to date on the weather.

👉 Examine the shot-per-game statistics for both sides. These figures can be found online in a variety of places. Corner shoots are used more frequently by teams with a greater shot per game ratio. Similarly, statistics on crosses per game are crucial.

👉 First-half Asian corner wagers frequently have better odds. This is due to the fact that bookies are primarily concerned with the entire game. As a result, choosing solely first-half bets will provide you with better odds.

What should you expect from Asian corner betting? 🔥

  • You can request a refund in some results
  • This option is available practically everywhere: all bookies offer it
  • It is possible to use bonuses with it.


  • Regular corner betting provides better odds;
  •  Some types can be perplexing.


It’s fun to bet on most corner markets. Increasing the value of your bet necessitates competence and thus greater participation in the challenge. The ability to recover your bet if your handicap is wiped out and there is no winner keeps you interested in this market. Asian corner betting is a means to heighten the thrill of watching the game while also using skill to construct the bet and feeling well treated even if you haven’t officially lost. This is why you should look for the Asian corner betting market.


What exactly does Asian total corners imply?

In a nutshell, you’re attempting to predict whether the total number of corners will be less than or greater than a given quantity. In some cases, you will receive a refund if the outcome is exactly that figure.

What does Asian corners greater than 10.5 mean?

In Asian total corner betting, this is an option. It means you’re betting on a match having at least 11 corners.

Which is better, Asian or traditional corner betting?

Corner betting gives better odds but no returns. Asian corners betting has lower odds but offers refunds: You have an option.

In soccer, what are Asian corners?

Because they are unique, Asian corner bets are some of the most interesting sorts of bets in betting markets. With an asian corners, for example, each team is assigned a handicap. In short, the host team begins the game with 5 corners in their account.


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