Draw No Bet Explanation – What does DNB mean in Betting? 💰

Draw No Bet loosely translated means no bet on the draw. This means you can bet on either the home or away team and if the match ends in a draw, you get your money back. DNB is popular because it lowers the risk of losing money if the match is drawn, but you still get better odds if you bet on DNB than on 1X or X2. Often bookmakers, especially offline ones, offer types of bets that beginners, but not only, do not understand. One of these, especially present at online bookmakers, is Draw No Bet. I have met many punters who have asked what Draw No Bet means.

This is a type of bet with two options: the first is that the home team will win and the second that the away team will win. If at the end of the match there is a draw, the stake will be refunded to your account (without any rollover conditions). Of course, as the odds are 50%-50%, not 33%-33%-33% as in the case of the ”Final result” bet type, the odds for the hosts to win and the guests to win are somewhat lower than in the case of the ”Final result” option.

Which sports benefit from Draw no bet? 🤔

This type of bet is found in all sports where a draw result can be recorded at the end of the match. We refer here primarily to football, but also to handball, basketball, ice hockey, futsal, American football. Obviously, football is the sport in which this type of bet is most common, while in other sports the option is often missing, especially in the case of less important matches. Considering only this type of bet, you can place more events on the ticket, the chances of winning being slightly higher than in the case of a regular ticket whose bets would have the same odds.

Explanations Draw no Bet 💬

So, if after analysing the match you have an opinion about the winner, but you are not 100% convinced that it will be “1 soloist” or “2 soloists”, for more certainty use Draw No Bet. The principle of using this type of bet: a smaller but safer profit than aiming high but losing the money.

Depending on which online bookmaker you choose, this betting market is called “Draw No Bet – Winner”, “No Bet on Tie”, “1 2 (bets will be returned if it ends in a tie)”, “No Draw Result”, “No Draw Bet”, “1 2 Special Bet” and so on.

The DNB selection is similar to the Asian line “0 Asian handicap”. For example, if in the match CFR Cluj vs FCSB you bet on the selection “FCSB 0 Asian handicap” it means that the bet wins if FCSB wins and the stake is refunded in case of a draw. The same goes for “FCSB DNB”.

The advantage is that the DNB market is present in the offer of the overwhelming majority of online bookmakers licensed in Romania. On the other hand, there are not many bookmakers who offer betting on Asian lines with such a wide margin that they always include the “0 Asian handicap” selection.

The percentage by which the odds drop when the “solo” is switched to DNB is not set in stone. The lower the odds on the “1” or “2” bet, the lower the percentage drop. Here are some examples found in the current offer (the rule is the same regardless of the names of the teams playing):

From 1.81 for “soloist”, we have 1.60 for DNB (lower by about 21%)

From 2.36 to 1.61 (lower by about 31%)

From 2.62 to 1.78 (lower by about 32%)

From 2.85 to 1.97 (lower by about 32%)

From 3.37 to 2.22 (lower by about 40%)

From 5.59 to 3.00 (lower by about 48%)

How do we calculate the odds in Draw No Bet? 🧮

For less important football matches, the Draw No Bet option may appear just a few hours before the start of the match. If you want to place this bet, which is obviously safer than betting on one of the 3 final results, you may want to know the odds on that match before it happens. Thus, the odds of the home/away win are calculated according to the following formula: (1-1/draw odds) X normal home/away win odds.

Tips&Tricks Draw No Bet 👇

Here are some tips for successful “no draw” betting:

– Use Draw No Bet for evenly matched matches, even if there are attractive odds for “1 solo” or “2 solo”. If the agency you’re playing at also offers the “0 Asian handicap” selection (which means the same thing), compare the odds and see which selection is better for you.

– You can calculate the odds for the DNB selection yourself, based on the odds for 1, X or 2. This will show you whether the online bookmaker is offering the correct odds for “No bet on the draw”. The calculation formulas are as follows:

DNB Hosts win = (1 – 1 / Odds on draw) x Hosts odds

DNB Guest win = (1 – 1 / Draw odds) x Guest odds

You can also win big if you bet on DNB by placing multiples with more than one of these selections. If one of the matches ends in a tie, that selection gets odds 1 and the final odds will be the product of the other odds on the ticket.

Use “Draw No Bet” on betting strategies, whether it’s Martingale, on odds of 2.00 minimum, or Easy Money or other.

If the team you bet on is leading 1-0, say, a typical DNB bet avoids losing money if the opponent equalizes at the end. If it ends 1-1, and you bet DNB, the stake is returned, so you don’t lose the money, as you would if you chose a straight win.

FAQ DNB in betting

Some bookmakers such as Superbet offer more possibilities to bet on Draw no bet, but the concept is the same. I’ll explain each type of DNB below to make it as easy to understand as possible.

What does DNB1 mean?

DNB1 means that you bet on the home team to win the match and in case of a draw you get your money back. If the away team wins, you lose the bet. | DNB1 means that you bet on the home team to lead at half-time, and in case of a draw you get your money back. If the home team leads at half-time, you lose the bet.

What does DNB2 mean?

DNB2 means that you bet on the home team to win the match, and in case of a draw you get your money back. If the home team wins, you lose the bet.

What does DNB2 mean?

| DNB2 means that you bet on the home team to lead at half-time, and in case of a draw you get your money back. If the home team leads at half-time, you lose the bet.


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