Last minute betting guide | How to place last minute bets like a pro ⏳

Fancy taking live betting to a whole new level? Go for a last minute bet.  Yes, last minute bets are an actual thing and, placed with the right analysis and inspiration, they can get you to financial freedom in the betting world: making a living from sports betting.

What is last minute betting? 🤔

First things first – last minute betting doesn’t have to be taken literally. Placing a last-minute bet doesn’t only count if you placed a bet on the 95th minute of a 90-minutes football game with 5 minutes of added time. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to opt for this scenario. Most online bookies will block the live betting offer in the last 1-2 minutes of added time; simply because there is little to no time left. 

Placing last-minute bets involves any moment after the 80th minute of a game. It surely is risky because time is your main enemy here, but the rewards are so juicy that it’s really worth it most of the time.

Bookies will never drastically change the odds of a last minute bet 🎯

A huge advantage in last-minute betting is that you can enjoy scenarios more likely to happen than the odds corresponding to them. 

For example, Manchester United plays at home against Aston Villa and it’s 1-0 for Man. United in the 81st minute. You watched the whole game so far and, besides United’s goal, Aston Villa clearly dominated the whole game, but they were just unlucky. You decide to place a last-minute bet backing Aston Villa to get a draw. Even though Villa controls the game and can easily find the enemy target, the odds won’t back this scenario. Bookmakers will always rely on the favorite to make it until the final whistle.

Find the edge point ⚽

Don’t make the mistake that most bettors do: seeing a game going for a draw in the 80th minute, many punters tend to place high stakes bets on the draw outcome, thinking that there is no time for any of the teams to score another goal. In most cases, they are wrong.

They may have not even watched the game to see how things are going on the field. Don’t just blindly rely on the odds. When bookmakers are inevitably raising the odds for another goal to be scored, that’s when you can take profit on the edge.

Play it smart and calmly 🏆

Don’t just randomly go for the first live football game in sight and place a last minute bet without even knowing what’s going on there. Take your time to analyze the games before they start, write down the favorites, target the unbalanced games and wait; just wait until the 80th minute and see if the situation can be in your favor. If the favorite is drawing or, even better, is losing (especially at home) against the obvious underdog, a late-minute bet might just be the perfect decision to be made – both statistically and financially speaking.

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