How to bet on over/under in sports | Best over/under betting tips & tricks 💸

What is the over/under bet? 😎

Basically, over/under means betting on a certain number of goals/points – over or under a goals/points limit. For example, in football (as in soccer), the standard over/under number is 2.5 goals. This means that if you bet on over 2.5 goals, the overall number of goals in the game should be at least three. The reverse of the situation, under 2.5 goals, goes for a maximum number of two goals scored in that match, in order for your bet to be won.

Where can I find the over/under bet in the betting offer? 💰

You don’t have to worry about where you can find the over/under bet because it’s literally everywhere. Every reputable sportsbook offers it, and you can bet on over/under on almost every sport – even virtual sports betting. Also, this type of bet does not only apply to goals. You can use over/under for certain players’ goals, corner kicks, yellow cards, points, etc.

Another cool thing to mention: the over/under bet is very flexible. You don’t have to bet only on the standard over/under 2.5 goals, for example. The betting line can go for as low as over/under 0.5 goals, or as high as over/under 5.5 goals, depending on the game and the bookmaker.

Punters usually prefer this type of bet instead of the classic (1, X, 2) because sometimes it is more predictable. Spectacular and offensive teams are an easier target than favorites for the gamblers. It more often happens to a big team to screw up against the underdog rather than a game between two extremely offensive teams to end goalless.

What is over/under asian betting 🤔

Over/under asian betting is a bit different and a little more complicated than regular over/under betting. Let’s take a few examples here:

  • Over/under 2 goals is an asian bet. This means that, in order to win an over 2 goals bet, the general number of goals in this games must be at least three. If there will be scored exactly two goals, the stake is returned. If you see this as a safer bet, you are right. Asian bets suppose less risks, but also less profit.

We can go even further here and bet on over/under 2.25 goals. The simplest explanation here is to think about this bet as two different bets – betting on under 2.25 goals splits your stake into the under 2 goals bet and the under 2.5 goals bet. If the number of goals scored in this game will be exactly two, you will get half of your stake returned (because of the under 2 goals bet), while the other half of the stake will be won (because of the under 2.5 goals bet).

Best tips & strategies for betting on over/under 📈

  • Make sure you get your homework done

Deeply researching the right games for over/under betting might get extremely boring, but is also going to be rewarding. Take your time, do not hurry and analyze a certain team for, let’s say, their last five games. Check their form in at least 20 of their last official games, make sure their top scorer isn’t injured, watch out for the head-to-head results before the next game.

  • Think & analyze like a professional gambler

Pay attention to the details. Don’t just watch for the average number of goals scored in your team’s last 15-20 games. Check the single occurrences that might drastically lower the average number without a 100% logical reason. Maybe your team didn’t score for two straight games, because one of the players got red-carded in the first half. Go for the bigger image. It will pay off.

  • When you think the research is done, go deeper

Do not limit yourself to just superficially analyzing the average number of goals in the last games. Conclusions are yet to be drawn. Professional punters go way deeper than this and usually check the number of shots on goal, shots on target, the conversion rate, etc. In this way, you will have a much clearer idea regarding the offensive potential of your target team.

What should you avoid when betting on over/under?

One of the golden pieces of advice that a professional gambler will tell you is to avoid the games played at the beginning of the season. Usually, teams still need to “warm-up” after the break and the previous season’s statistics just don’t matter here.

What should you be hunting when betting on over/under?

One goal can make the difference, and this applies to odds, too. For example, the betting line for over 2.5 goals at Real Madrid – Atl. Madrid is 2.33. But what if you would like to bet on over 3.5 goals and you believe that a total number of at least four goals in this game will be scored? In this scenario, you might get some juicy odds, at 4.60-4.80, close to 5.00 – just for one more goal scored. A bit more risky, but amazingly rewarding.


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