Pre-match betting: What are pre match bets?

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What exactly are pre-match bets?

Pre-match bets are wagers placed before to the start of an event. Either one day, one week, or one month before. Even one minute prior. All bets placed prior to the start of the relevant match or event.

This betting category also includes prospective or long-term bets such as the tournament, League, or competition winner.

Pre-match vs. Live Betting

There are differences, as well as advantages and disadvantages, between the two major betting groups.

Pre-match bets typically have more markets than live bets. For example, in major league football or basketball, and at bookmakers with a wide range of markets, we may find bets on statistics, handicaps, goals, points, corner kicks, cards, scorers, and so on.

Furthermore, some pre-match festivities or contests are not available live. This occurs in situations where it is impossible to observe the game live (and so accept bets) or where coverage is limited. Also excluded are events where live betting is not possible owing to sporting situations, such as politics, TV awards, surfing, or swimming.

On the other side, live betting gives us the advantage of being able to watch the match unfold and determine which club or player is superior. Although this advantage is usually reflected in the odds, this is not always the case, and attractive possibilities can sometimes be discovered in real time.

Other than odds, there are no significant variations between pre match and live bets because the houses normally have the same payout (commission) in both categories.

Calculated Risk in Pre-Match Betting

Pre match betting - everything you need to know regarding the pre-match betting and the best bookmakers to do so. Best bonuses included.

Pre-match betting is the more conventional kind of betting, in which you place a wager on the game before it begins. To make a better informed selection, punters can use this strategy to analyze facts such as team performance, player injuries, history stats between the teams participating, expert comments, and more.

These are some of the most important factors to consider while placing pre-match bets:


Pre-match betting necessitates substantial research, which include devoting time to examining head-to-head records, team performance, weather conditions, home advantage, and injuries. This method is ideal for bettors who want a more structured betting technique.

Better Chances

Pre-match odds are frequently higher than live-to-bet odds because bookmakers have had time to consider all of the above considerations before setting the odds. As a result, bettors should expect higher profits on their wagers.

Management of Risk

Another advantage of pre-match betting is that it allows for more effective risk management. Bettors can choose to place a single wager using accumulators or employ tactics like handicap betting to reduce losses.

For The Thrill, Live Betting

Those who have played live casino games at online casinos like as Vulkan Vegas understand how exciting it is to get fast outcomes. Live betting, sometimes known as in-play betting, is quite similar. This thrilling betting technique carries some danger, but it also adds a level of excitement and involvement to the betting experience.

Some of the reasons why adrenaline seekers may like this betting method are as follows:

Real-Time Betting

Bettors can adjust their bets in real time to the shifting dynamics of the game. Before placing a wager, punters can watch the action unfold and evaluate the players’ performance, any tactical changes, and the game’s momentum.

Immediate gratification

Live betting provides fast results and speedy payouts, however pre-match betting may need you to wait a few days for the conclusion of the match or game before you can enjoy your gains. Live betting is the way to go for people who want fast satisfaction and think on their feet.

More wagering options

With live betting, the betting alternatives expand since bookmakers provide various specific betting opportunities, such as next-to-score, minute-specific events, number of yellow cards, or match winner, that are not accessible with re-match betting.


A bookmaker releases an action line with odds a few days or even weeks before the commencement of a sporting event. Some players evaluate a match in advance, determining the most likely results for bets and placing them. Although there may be anywhere from a few days to an hour before the start of a competition.

Adherents of live can even look at the match before a game, do a preliminary analysis, but make no decisions. They only start watching video and/or interactive live broadcasts when the beginning whistle blows. Decisions and bets are already made in the live-line, on the betting website, based on timing or events occurring in the competition.

We examined the arguments of those who support betting before and during events. The main arguments revolve around the following points: forecasting time frames; decision making speed; expectations and reality; the relevance of information for forecasting; knowledge of team composition; odds size; margin size; bets in the land office; excitement and emotions; compatibility with accumulators; special features.

So we’ll go through each section, comparing and indicating the superiority of one or more approaches.

The timing and speed with which decisions are made

Pre match betting - everything you need to know regarding the pre-match betting and the best bookmakers to do so. Best bonuses included.

When a player attempts to pick a bet on a match ahead of time, they are dealing with a speculative image. First, a bet will be placed, and only after a lengthy period of time will the activity begin. A bettor has a lot of time for formation and decision-making. You can weigh everything carefully, calmly, and appropriately rank all of the variables.

It appears that a player who prefers live has this time as well, and they can even make preliminary predictions. They usually do, although not always and not always. When the game begins, the situation can evolve in one of two ways. First, what is happening on the sports field may or may not correspond to or contradict preliminary forecasts.

Second, the game has taken a completely different turn. In the original edition, a player who is waiting for a live simply confirms that the prognosis is true and places a wager. Second, they are forced to make a quick decision: quit the bet entirely since an early prognosis failed, or quickly change shoes and wager in light of the new circumstances.

On the one hand, hurrying is always harmful and dangerous. In this aspect, there is a benefit to betting before a match because there is no time constraint. A player who lives here, on the other hand, has an advantage. After all, if the preliminary forecast was erroneous, the pre-match bet is very certain to lose in some way. A live player has the option of replaying everything, but this requires swift action.

In general, nothing prohibits the player who made the pre-match wager from somehow blocking or securing it in real time if something goes wrong. This is where the interdependence of these two strategies becomes apparent. You can gamble before the match, but you cannot control the game in real time. You can only forecast before the game without wagering, but you can make your ultimate decision live. In any event, the usage of live makes the game more diversified and safe in this regard. Pre-match analysis is always beneficial, and no one pushes you to bet right immediately.

Expectations versus reality

As previously stated, when comparing betting tactics over time, the game might grow in a variety of ways. What happens on the ground does not necessarily conform to the predicted path of the conference. It is easy to conclude that a player who bets only before the game places a bet on a phantom based on a picture they created. This speculative technique is plainly inferior to the live game, in which the player can see what is going on and where everything is headed.

Yes, it is possible to misinterpret what you saw. The game’s trajectory can be altered. Rivals have the capacity to change the course of events multiple times. As a result, such a “swing” can eventually lead the bettor to a dead end, to the erroneous conclusion, and the initial projection will come true. However, we believe that seeing at least a portion of the genuine game with one’s own eyes is preferable than starting from one’s own fancies, a self-constructed speculative picture. In this aspect, the advantage of live bets over pre-match bets is obvious.

Relevance of information

You can play a different time gap before the match. It’s one thing to place your bets a few days before the event, and quite another to do it in an hour or less. A professional analyst examines information in the relevant media for news that may alter the course and outcome of the match while assessing chances and predictions. The closer you are to the game, the more complete the image, which means your bets will be more precise and justified. As a result, overly early bets may fail if circumstances change.

In this aspect, there is no significant difference between betting one hour before the match and betting live. Nothing will change in terms of understanding the balance of power, lineups, and other news. Of course, earlier bets offer advantages, which we will discuss further below.


Pre match betting - everything you need to know regarding the pre-match betting and the best bookmakers to do so. Best bonuses included.

When it comes to team sports, understanding the compositions is critical for assessing the potential, strength, and readiness in a specific game. Starting from an average level, as demonstrated by teams, is the wrong approach. The best players may leave the club, causing a severe distortion of the game and a reduction in the team’s powers. If this is not taken into consideration, you can pay with money.

What does the bettor know about the compositions at various points before the match? Consider the sport of football. Official procedures with the names of football players are served and made available to the public around an hour before the event. An experienced bettor, on the other hand, is already aware of the approximate set of performers.

If the game is important and has a clear tournament motivation, the analyst can be confident that only the best will compete. Because the team’s composition is known, it is possible to predict it with a high degree of accuracy. If there are any disqualifications, they will be revealed in a few days and there will be no shocks on the eve. If a player received a yellow card or a red card and misses a future match, this is made apparent at the end of the previous round.

In an extreme instance, statistical services might help to clarify the picture by identifying players who will undoubtedly miss the forthcoming match. The same is true for chronic injuries. There is data on who and when is recovering, according to the participants. So the only surprise may be a player getting hurt in practice in the midst of the week, or illness, or some scandal or disciplinary breach.

If you look back over the last ten seasons, how often did a key player miss a game due to a force majeure? Cases that have been isolated. Typically, all problems were pre-learned. And if someone left at the last minute, in 98% of situations, they were not leaders, but performers who were easily replaced.

We can deduce from the foregoing that understanding the chemicals is critical. However, excessive shaking as a result of them is not acceptable. An experienced bettor who closely observes the teams on which they bet understands the team makeup for the following game in 5 days. Beginners who are unsure about this element should take a step back and wait for the official process.

So there isn’t much of a difference in lineups between live and pre match.

The only difference is that you can observe some nuances in real time, such as if the team leaders are in a good mood, whether they are moving well, or if something has been knocked out of their regular conduct on the field.

Sizes of odds

Quotes in a sporting event’s betting action line alter frequently. As soon as the line is released, it has certain odds, and they might vary dramatically right before the start of the match. In the real world, indicators might change extremely quickly, for example, in relation to goals. Or smooth but steady, in reference to the match’s progress from start to conclusion.

Odds are altering due to betting analysts’ reconsideration of probability, as well as the influx of a big number of bets on certain of the result shoulders. The betting mainstream has a lot more, the odds are squandered there, and it grows on the back shoulder.

The discrepancy between the indications over several days and every hour might be very substantial, ranging from 0.2-0.35 and even higher. This is definitely not an insignificant distinction. Experienced gamers already grasp the trends and which quotes will plummet. A whole branch of sports arbitrage is predicated on such a change of odds. In terms of the traditional betting perspective of drawdown performance on the outcome of interest, it proposes playing it ahead of time till the odds do not decline. This is common when betting on favorites.

If the bettor meant to gamble on an outsider, you should take your time. It is highly likely that the crowd closer to the contest will put so much pressure on the back shoulder that the indicator on the underdog will fly up, allowing you to utilize it to your advantage.

When comparing early pre-match and live odds, it is evident that some events can be taken for favorable odds in a matter of days. When there is little time remaining, or at the start of the game, playing with such an outcome may no longer be profitable. Herein lies the benefit of preliminary forecasts. If the bettor is skilled enough to predict the outcome, they can place a wager on the best conditions.

Live odds for some events are gradually increasing, while odds for others are declining. As a result, until the score is opened, the indicators for a draw and total under continue to plummet. As a result, the probabilities of winning and going over increase. And adjustments in the score have an impact. Such motions must be anticipated and effectively captured at the peaks.

Pre-match and live bookmaker margins

Another distinction between pre-match and live bets is the magnitude of the bookmaker’s margin. Shops take a portion of each sale. As a result, we will never see odds of 2.00 by 2.00 with a probability of 50/50. Each shoulder will always have a slight pinch. We’ll see something around 1.88-1.95. And different stores “bite off” in various ways.

The margin discrepancy is not limited to various shops. Interest varies depending on the sport and the type of consequence. But what we’re really interested in right now is the change in margins before and after the match. It varies each shop, but on average, the margin before the game is lower than in live, and it is considerably higher in live. As a result, the odds in live are artificially chopped.

This is to combat live arbitrage players and other forms of arbitrage players. It turns out that some bets are actually more profitable to play before the game, with a margin of 10% rather than 2-3%.

Finding out the margin before and during the game in the betting shop of your choice is simple. You take the indicators from the pre-match list and feed them into a particular online calculator, which you may discover on the Internet using search engines. When the live begins, repeat the operation. So you’ll find out if your bookmaker keeps an equal margin (there are some) or makes a skew and cuts the live stronger.

Reception point wagers

Some gamers prefer to gamble offline, with cash, at bet reception stations. It is obvious that getting the time and coming to bet a few days or hours before the event is not difficult. As a result, pre-match wagers are most suited for interacting with instructors. But things aren’t going so well in real life. The match’s events are evolving at a quick pace.

First, you should hang out in the bookmaker’s office. It is not pleasant. The crowd there isn’t always friendly, and you won’t sign up for it there. Setting bets in live through the cashier will take time, and there may be a queue; during this period, the situation on the field may change. In general, living and working are incompatible. This sort of wager is intended for use on the Internet.

Emotions and excitement

The thrill and emotional exposure of the players is one of the biggest drawbacks of live gaming. Seeing what is going on in the action is certainly beneficial. However, one must still have sufficient experience to appropriately analyze what they witnessed. Emotions can overpower players, causing them to make mistakes that lead to losses.

The problem does not have a single solution. We are all unique. Someone is quite old psychologically, steady, and is not thrown off by the ups and downs of a sporting event. Another person may overreact emotionally to everything and place rash live bets.

The first type can be very successful live, but the second should perhaps focus on game methods that involve betting before the contest. Predict, set, and wait calmly for the outcome. It is really unpleasant to be unable to view the live broadcast or to insure on live. However, for some beautiful guys, such a sacrifice is preferable than merge everything in live over and over again. So, decide for yourself how you will react to this betting style and make the greatest option for yourself.

Express compatibility

Accumulators are used in some methods. Of course, they are easier to collect before the game, when no one is rushing. However, many stores allow you to accumulate such combos in real time. Of course, there are drawbacks.

To begin, the same increasing margin. This is crucial in a single bet, but not as much in an accumulator, since there is a multiplicity of indicators. More heavily pressed by margin live-odds will result in a much lower number of the full accumulator. It’s painful and unpleasant, and at the same time, you’re losing a lot of money.

Second, everything changes quickly in real life. If we’re talking about an accumulator, you’ll need to track numerous events at once and guess when to act. You may not have time since recording many outcomes takes time. In such a stressful situation, even medium accumulators are difficult to collect meaningfully. Nonetheless, none of us have an infinite supply of operational attention.

Special tricks

One of the primary advantages of live betting is the ability to place bets that would be impossible to do prior to the game. All of this is because the course of the game and timings have a huge impact on quotes. You can, for example, boost the odds on a favorite winning. Prior to the game, they could only provide 1.50. However, if no goals are scored after 20-30 minutes, you may immediately pick the indicator 1.70-1.80. Then, gradually, to 2.

You can also record moments when a favorite fails. Then, even with a zero handicap, you can catch a very “bold” indicator on their comeback. You can also play frenzied odds for another goal in the last minutes of the game.

So there’s a lot of live variability here. On our website, you can find an explanation of the various game strategies. Many of them are oriented exclusively to bets placed during the event.


To put it simply, there are no better or worse bets. There can be good and disastrous pre-match and live bets in both categories. The main thing is to study each projection, wager wisely, and have a clear approach.

Live betting can be exciting if you are an experienced punter, but if you are new to sports betting, you may not be able to manage everything that happens in a live match, therefore it is recommended to start with pre-match or pre-match bets.

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Pre match betting - everything you need to know regarding the pre-match betting and the best bookmakers to do so. Best bonuses included.