Under 5.5 Goals Betting Market - Complete Strategy

Under 5.5 goals meaning – Whether your beloved side is vying for the championship or suffering relegation, the value of goals will not change. Some teams are jam-packed with talented individuals, while others function as a cohesive unit. Only a few teams have strong players in every position.

With the ‘Under 5.5 Goals’ market, you may capitalise on your team’s habit of winning, losing, or drawing. Because most football matches end with two, three, or four goals, betting on this market increases your chances of winning much more than betting on others.

Under 5.5 goals meaning - everything you need to know is explained in this article, best strategy available


Under 5.5 goals meaning - everything you need to know is explained in this article, best strategy available

If the match ends with fewer than six goals, a wager on the under 5.5 goals betting market will win. 

Meaning of 5.5 Goals

‘Under 5.5 Goals’ is defined by William Hill as a prediction as to whether or not the amount of goals in a match will be less than the number stated. The following is the exact phrase from the bookie’s website.

This means that any matches with fewer than six goals will pay out prizes for bets on this market. If either or both teams score exactly or more than six goals in a 90-minute contest, the bet is lost. 

Here are some examples of winning scorelines for this type of wager:

  • 3-2
  • 4-1
  • 5-0

Each of the above example scorelines has five goals. Goalless games will result in a win for any bets on this market.


There are two approaches to this market. You may play it extremely safe by betting on games in which a mediocre attack faces a good defence, or you can choose games in which a superb attacking line faces a shaky defensive system. The first option should be a weekly winner, whilst the second is less likely to be profitable.

Of course, you can always take the middle path. It’s a bit of a lottery betting on teams you don’t know much about, so do your homework on their previous results and injury history before putting money down.

We’ve created a basic betting strategy to assist you understand the picks you should make and why they may or may not work and understand what under 5.5 goals meaning. Feel free to modify this approach to fit your demands, or to include it into an existing plan in your betting system. Whatever method you choose to use our advice, the main thing is that you stick to a plan. This will give you the best chance of winning.

Weak Attack vs. Strong Defence

Bets on this market are virtually always profitable when placed on this type of matchup. Teams with strong defensive capabilities, such as Liverpool and Manchester City, seldom concede a flurry of goals. They are, however, frequently a terrible choice for ‘Under 5.5 Goals’ because most opponents are worse in practically every regard. 

Instead, consider teams such as Chelsea. In comparison to their opponents, the Blues have a strong defensive, a competent midfield, and limited attacking alternatives. It’s easy to argue that Chelsea’s frontline is the weakest of the Big Six. When they try to beat teams like Wolves and Brighton, they can find themselves mired in a rut. You may find that bookmakers offer better odds on Chelsea games than on games involving other big clubs. 

Other clubs to keep an eye on are: • Newcastle United • Everton • West Ham United • Roma • Atletico Madrid

Weak Defence vs. Strong Attack

This is where things can get complicated. As seen by the early parts of the 2022/23 Premier League season, big clubs have a history of scoring a lot of goals against poorly organised defences. 

For example, Liverpool thrashed Bournemouth 9-0 at Anfield, while Manchester City thrashed Nottingham Forest 6-0 at the Etihad Stadium. Both the Reds and the Sky Blues had a coordinated offence that was world-class. The strain was simply too much for the inferior opposition.

Bookmakers will provide better odds when clubs like the ones mentioned above, as well as Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona, and other great teams, are participating. This is because they expect dominating teams to score a lot of goals throughout the season. You have the option of taking a risk in return for higher rewards or sticking to more predictable matchups between lower-ranked teams.

SkyBet’s Champions League prices, which are displayed below, demonstrate the clear disparity between these two strategies:

  • Maccabi Haifa vs. PSG – Under 5.5 Goals at 1.17 (17/100).
  • Under 5.5 Goals at 1.02 (1/50) for Bayer Leverkusen vs Atletico Madrid


Although practically every famous UK bookmaker can provide odds on this market, some perform better than others. In our suggestions, we always search for operators who submit their prices early, consistently renew odds, and payout as soon as the match is over. 

The bookmakers we recommend for under 5.5 goals meaning are as follows:

As the figure grows greater, certain bookmakers, such as William Hill, begin to slow down their Over/Under offerings. As a result, we cannot recommend that you visit them before visiting any of the three sportsbooks listed above for ‘Under 5.5 Goals’ wagers.

All three of our selections have competitive odds. To give you a sense of what to expect, we took images of SkyBet, Paddy Power, and Bet365 prices from the same game to compare them. Hopefully, this has given you some insight into how the betting procedure for selections in this market works.


This market might be an ideal starting point for beginner bettors to gather experience. The odds are low, so you’ll need to bet a lot to get a good return, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the market pays out considerably more frequently than its sister markets. The low-risk, low-reward aspect of ‘Under 5.5 Goals’ makes it a simple choice for any new punters wishing to get started with football betting and understand under 5.5 goals meaning.

But it isn’t all smooth sailing for everyone. Some players, particularly those who have never bet on sports online before, may find it difficult to become acquainted with new marketplaces. That is why we have separated each time in the market title.

Starting with ‘Under,’ we can deduce that there is a maximum amount of times something in a football match can occur. In this context, the term “under” might be understood as “below,” “fewer than,” or “less than.” 

Following that is a number. It’s actually a pair of numbers separated by a decimal point in this case. ‘5.5’ marks the highest threshold for which a specific in-game statistic can be accounted for, with statistics like as goals, shots, corners, and bookings frequently included in this form of wager. The bet does not pay out if the total number of occurrences exceeds the given quantity. The bet is won if there are less than six occurrences. 

It is also worth noting that the decimal point ‘.5’ eliminates the possibility of a ‘push’ bet or refund. Such outcomes are only conceivable if the number in your pick exactly matches the number stated in the market’s title by the bookmaker. For ‘Under 5.5,’ the match must contain exactly 5.5 occurrences of a specific statistic. Because football is played in whole numbers, the amount of corners, goals, bookings, and shots cannot equal 5.5. Rather, the numbers five (5) and six (6) are the closest to matching the specified limit.

The market is divided into three divisions. The last slice is critical since it tells us the statistic we’re betting on. The name ‘Under 5.5 Goals’ is formed by combining the words ‘Goals’ and ‘Under 5.5’. As a result, the bet must be won if fewer than six goals are scored within normal time in a football match. It’s a straightforward market with a decent payout rate.

What is the inverse of the betting market for under 5.5 goals?

The inverse of betting on under 5.5 goals is betting on over 5.5 goals in the match.

The market is based on the hugely recognised betting markets of under 2.5 goals and over 2.5 goals.

Block title

A goal is scored when “the entire ball passes over the goal line, between the goalposts and under the crossbar, provided that no offence has been committed by the team scoring the goal,” according to The FA’s official football regulations.

Prior to the advent of Goal Line Technology and VAR (Video Assistant Referee), match officials had to rely on their eyes to judge whether or not a valid goal had been scored. For many years, this resulted in several debates, and, inevitably, a variety of goals were either incorrectly granted or incorrectly denied.

As a result, several bettors were out of pocket for no apparent reason. You will not have such problems today. Because of the technologies available in the game today, punters may be confident that they will almost never lose money that should have been gained owing to a faulty officiating decision.


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Under 5.5 Goals Meaning - Betting Market  Complete Strategy
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Under 5.5 goals meaning - everything you need to know is explained in this article, best strategy available
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