Win Reverse Bet: A Complete Guide to How a Win Reverse Bet Operates [2024] ✅

There are various forms of sports betting, some of which are more unusual than others: In this situation, a win reverse bet is among the most unusual bets available. Making a reverse win bet can, when done correctly, be one of the greatest ways to bet on sports since it helps you manage your money effectively and reduces the risk you are incurring.

Win Reverse Bet - Check our definitive guide and find out how to place a win reverse bet

Nevertheless, the majority of gamblers aren’t even aware that such a possibility exists, which is why we chose to create this “win reverse bet explained” betting guide. We will teach you everything you need to know about this idea and provide an example of a win reverse bet.

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Describe the Reverse Wager. How to Place a Reverse Bet. 📝

Another type of “exotic bet” that can be found at sportsbooks all around the world is the reverse wager. One of the simpler varieties of unusual bets is the reverse bet. A reverse bet is one in which two or more bets can be combined. Similar to a boxing exacta, your action is covered in both directions with this. Reverse wagers can consist of merely two teams, three teams, or even four teams. In the reverse bet, you can wager on as many as four teams.

Take the National Basketball Association as an illustration. Consider placing a two-team reverse wager on the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks. You are essentially placing two distinct if bets. You stake $55 on each wager in hopes of winning $50. You will give $200 back and receive $310 if the Bulls and Knicks both triumph. This is the $110 at risk and $200 for winning. If just one of your teams triumphs, you will lose $60 ($55 from the first bet, $5 more from the second, and $50 back) and win $50. You will forfeit the entire $110 you bet if both of your teams lose.

All of the main sports offer reverse wagers, but they are more common during football season. Sports gamblers frequently place multiple if bets and reverse bets on the NFL play on Sunday and the action in college football on Saturday. Additionally, the NBA, Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League all accept reverse wagers.

Reverse wager payouts can change based on the real odds of each game. Your payment will not change if you are betting on odds and everything is -110. Betting on teams that are underdogs on the money line will boost your payout on a reverse bet. For instance, a reverse bet with the New York Jets +125, St. Louis Rams +150, and Detroit Lions +145 would pay out significantly higher than a wager with those clubs’ odds stacked against them.

Check out Reverse Bets for sure. It’s one additional method to vary how you wager on the activity, and it also increases your odds of winning beyond a straightforward wager. You’re putting yourself in a better position to win more money for less!

You need to be careful not to bet too much while placing reversal bets. When you place them all in one wager, you like your odds of winning some money, but you also run the risk of losing money. Because one loss would significantly reduce your winnings in the reverse bet, it is better to make sure you favour all of the teams. Of course, if you believe that each team you are betting on will win, you should place a reverse bet on it in order to increase your chances of winning.

Parlay versus winning reverse bet ⚔️

At first look, parlay betting appears to be comparable to if bets. There are several possible outcomes from a single wager. Bettors put separate bets for many matches by calculating each likelihood using tools like a parlay calculator. This wager must be successful throughout the board.

The parlay bet will be cancelled and no payment will be issued if even one of the games is a loser. As previously mentioned, a win reverse bet enables you to keep the initial payoff from a successful first pick. Therefore, you are entitled to a specific amount of money even if your other options are unsuccessful.

Parlay wagers are quite widespread and can be found on almost all dollar betting websites. One may conclude that, particularly on US betting sites, it is one of the most well-liked betting categories. Despite being riskier, they pay out more than a reverse win wager. Reverse win bets are typically better suited for gamblers who prefer to avoid significant risks. Parlay bets may be preferred by gamblers who only like long odds.

Action reverse wager versus win reverse wager 

These are fairly comparable to one another; the only difference is in the terms of the winning. Here’s an illustration of a reverse win wager:

  • I’m placing a wager that Team A will triumph first, followed by Team B, but I’m also placing a wager that Team B will triumph first, followed by Team A.

You are making two bets, yet they both depend on “winning.” For instance, if one of these teams’ match ends in a tie, there is no “win,” so your wager is lost. Because of this, it is known as a win reverse bet: Win reverse bet regulations state that winning is the only condition when putting two if bets in reverse order; there cannot be any other outcomes.

You still place two if bets in reverse order with action reverse bets, but winning is no longer the only requirement. An illustration of an action reverse bet is as follows:

  • I’m wagering that team B will triumph, tie, or be eliminated before team A, and then I’m wagering that team A will triumph, tie, or be eliminated first.

In essence, any “activity” is sufficient to win the wager: There are several conceivable outcomes besides winning. You still triumph even if Team A’s match is called off and Team B’s match triumphs. Action reverse bets are typically employed as a college football betting strategy as well as for NFL football betting (for more information, visit the NFL’s official website). Of course, you may still place an NFL victory reverse bet, but since ties and cancellations occur more frequently in American football, action reverse bets are the most popular on NFL betting sites. Don’t forget to read our post titled “Is the NFL Rigged?” as well. where we discuss why the NFL might rig games or not.

Guidelines for placing a winning reverse bet


  • Use a calculator for win-reverse bets. These tools can assist you in determining the odds and whether the result will actually result in a profit.
  • Based on how many win reverse bets you plan to make, divide your bankroll into equal portions. For instance, divide your win reverse bet in half and use each portion to place a new bet if it features two teams.
  • Learn the rules of win reverse bets by practising with free bet offers. You cannot just employ a teaser betting approach because these are not parlay or teaser bets. Before you fully comprehend how reverse win bets operate, do not gamble with real money.

Should you favour straight bets or win reverse bets?

By making two straight bets on “Team A wins” and “Team B wins,” you can also reduce your risk and completely cover your bases. Straight wagering, however, is very straightforward, and payouts never approach those of exotic wagers. You can also just win one of these wagers, in which case you will undoubtedly lose the other and have a lower chance of actually turning a profit.

Win reverse bets always pay out more than straight bets, and they let you wager on several outcomes without needing a large budget.

Reverse Betting Technique

Reverse bets are mainly used by recreational gamblers, or those who are simply trying their luck, to leverage their bankroll with a smaller projected loss than 2-team parlays do. Professional gamblers do, however, occasionally use this type of wagering.

When placing correlated wagers, the most obvious tactic to use is correlation. However, be aware that 5Dimes has zero tolerance for taking shots. These bets will be rejected if you place a wager that is blatantly connected, such as the pitcher striking out more batters than a specified amount and the opposing team going under their declared team total. Initially, maybe not, but if 5Dimes catches you doing this, be prepared for consequences. Less evident relationships are also betable.

Consider the latter part of the NFL season. If the opposite team triumphs, one team is eliminated from the playoffs. You might want to think about placing a reversal bet at this point because the other team’s fourth-quarter motivation may alter if they are crushing their opponent.

When placing a gamble on a good position quickly and without enough time to deposit up additional cash, a professional may also use action reverses. The passing of Brett Favre’s father and Ben Roethlisberger’s motorbike tragedy occurred decades ago. I recall that the announcement came while the books were closed for the night. You can find yourself in this predicament now if you need to place a wager quickly but don’t have the time to submit more money. By using action reverses with various different games, you may make use of this.

Of course, having two good positions is another reason experts would place this type of wager. Another is to try to get around any betting restrictions. There are undoubtedly more causes as well. Just an explanation of reverse betting’s operation and some tactical suggestions were all that this essay was meant to offer. All things considered, we at Online Gambling really hope you found this knowledge useful and wish you the best of luck applying it during this betting season.

Reverse betting

While a reverse bet resembles a parlay bet, it is essentially a collection of if bets where the action takes place both forward and backward in time. Consider the NBA basketball odds for two games: Chicago Bulls -3 vs. Orlando Magic +3 and Boston Celtics -4 vs. Lakers +4. We make the decision to wager on the Lakers +4 and the Bulls -3. If we did this in a $100 2-team parlay, we would receive $264.64 if both teams triumphed and would forfeit our entire $100 bet if we went 0-2 or 1-1. If we were to place a reverse wager, it would be as follows:

  • Place a $50 wager on Lakers +4 -110 to win $45.4545.
  • If Bulls win, push, tie, or the game is cancelled, the odds are $50 to win and $45.4545.

Bulls -3 -110 $50 to earn $45.4545 on bet #2.

  • In the event of a victory, push, a draw, or a cancellation, Lakers +4 -110 $50 to win $45.4545

Using a reverse bet wagering option, an online bookmaker places the two bets mentioned above on the same ticket. This is a “double if bet,” as you can see, utilising the same choices. If the Lakers win, push, tie, or are eliminated, wager $50 more on the Bulls. If the Bulls win, push, tie, or cancel, wager an additional $50 on the Lakers. Do you now comprehend why this is referred to as an action reverse?

The potential outcomes:

  •         If both teams lose your $100 stake is lost= -$100
  •         If both teams win you win $45.4545 four times = +$181.82

·         If one team wins and the other loses you win $45.45, but you moved your $50 return of stake to the team that lost which you had another $50 stake on that also lost. So (+$45.45)+(-$50)+(-$50)= -$54.55.


Overall, action reverse bets are complicated and difficult to grasp, so you need at least have some betting experience before trying one.

However, you can begin by making straightforward straight bets, advance to the if bet, and then go on from there.

Additionally, today’s essay aims to give you an overview of action reverse bets, explain how bets operate, and offer a few fundamental starting ideas.


Any sportsbook accepts win-reverse wagers, right?

The bulk of sportsbooks do, in general, provide this choice. Only a few of them, though, support different kinds of sports for it: For the most comprehensive coverage, choose our suggested bookmakers.

Can you win reverse bets and profit from them?

As long as your first option succeeds, you will unquestionably receive and keep a compensation. The chances determine if that dividend will be sufficient to generate a profit.

Reverse win bets are they difficult?

Not much, although if you’re a beginner, they could seem difficult. In essence, you are making two separate bets, each of which is subject to factors that have an impact on the other.

Should I favour win reverse bets over action reverse ones?

Although action reverse bets pay less than win reverse bets, you are more likely to win them. It depends on your financial situation and goals.

Are win-reverse wagers profitable?

If you want to cover all your bases, they are worthwhile. If the odds are in your favour but your initial choice fails, you lose the entire wager. This issue can be solved by reverse bets.

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